Monday, September 28, 2009

Zombies, Gangsters, and Pretty Pretty Princesses.

My welcome home present from the state of Washington has thus far been a stuffy nose and a congested brain. Thanks, home.

My return to Seattle has been fun, and busy, and kind of non-stop. Which is good. I haven't had time to slow down and think about how much I miss certain people really. I've already made some new friends here. I've bonded more with my roommates Ben and Justin in these 4 days here at home than I ever did before I left for London.

The last two days have been completely occupied with Zombie stuff. I was on crew for this big two-day shoot in downtown Seattle for Night Zero, which essentially means I got to wear a red t-shirt that said "CREW" on it and hand out colorful pieces of paper to the extras to color code them into their places for the shoot. And when everyone was registered and checked in, there wasn't much left for me to do so I basically ended up talking to this guy named Josh… all day. We pretended to be busy by taking still production photos for awhile, but eventually we just gave up and went to Top Pot so I could re-experience real Seattle donuts.

Highlights of the day included my good deed of the month, when I helped a rather large elderly lady into a honey bucket, and what had to have been some sort of subliminal message experience when on the drive home, Justin, Josh, another girl named Kelly and I all NEEDED Taco Bell. It was bizarre. Or maybe I have just been watching Josie and the Pussycats. xD
Which, coincedentally, is how I spent Saturday evening with Justin. Every time Tyler walks into the living room, Justin and I are in the exact same spots watching something on our big screen tv. I think it's just funny timing, but Tyler is starting to think there is something wrong with us.

Day two at the Zombie shoot was much like Day one, except that Josh was given a real job doing lights so I lost my conversational buddy. Instead I was still on the registration table, and I spent most of the day chatting with Katherine, who is incidentally one of the girls I met up in Edinburgh when I visited Eia. So that was fun. I have really enjoyed this whirlwind superfast way I have just thrown myself back into life in Seattle. Justin used to invite me to things back before I went to London but a lot of times I just turned them down, because I had videos to film or a British boy to talk to on skype or something.. I'm not going to do that this year. I was telling Katherine this - I have lived in Seattle for a year now without actually living in it. I don't have many friends here, I rarely go out, and if I were to show someone around the coolest places in Seattle, I'd have no idea where to start. So I'm going to make an effort to change that this year.

In fact I have spent the last three years of my life kind of just ... anticipating the next trip I was going on. Conferences, wrockstock, impromptu journeys to LA, visits from Alex, YouTube gatherings, etc. It wasn't really a problem until I realized the time I spent at home between these events was kind of just grey space. I don't want to live like that anymore. I want the best of both worlds, to quote everyone's favorite Disney popstar. I want to be involved with things and like it here too.

After the zombie shoot ended we went home to change our clothes and take brief naps and buy $1.99 10-piece chicken nuggets and things, but then I went with Justin to his friends Alexander and Tara's apartment down by the stadiums, and we had the best games night ever. I was starting to get a cold and my head was all congested, but it didn't matter because I was having a blast. First we played this game called Space Alert, which is the most complicated game I've ever been taught how to play. Basically you have 10 minutes to have all six players run the ship together, face enemy attacks, and not blow yourself up. Each game we played added more complications.. including broken parts of the ship, having to wiggle a computer mouse during each phase, and a synchronized light/fog machine/strobe-light that they'd set up specifically for making the game ever more stressful and exciting.

Then we played Cash and Guns, which is a game where you're a gangster and you point these orange foam guns at other people in the game and depending on what cards you play, you either kill or get killed for whatever amount of money is in the middle. And the game progressed to have undercover cops and superpowers for the players, which just made it way more hilarious.

The last game we played was probably really only enjoyable for the girls… we played Pretty Pretty Princess in teams. There were 6 of us, so each girl was paired with a boy and the girls played the game but the boys wore the jewelry. I don't understand why this isn't the way the game is ALWAYS played, because it was so much more fun.

Now it is Monday, and I have woken up with my cold now a million times worse and I don't think I am getting out of bed for awhile. I think I will watch the pilot of Glee finally, despite Kayley's protests.


VicMorrowsGhost said...

I just read the last three posts AND THEN YOU POST A NEW ONE! I'm exhausted, I'm going to bed.

Oh and I enjoyed reading about your adventures. :)

Sleep time now.

Matt said...

Curious. I've noticed that several friends of mine seem to be entering new stages in their lives. Kind of like a new chapter, or sometimes even a new book, is beginning. Sounds like you've gotten caught up in the fun as well. Congrats, and hopefully the new story is a good one with a happy ending.

Ravenclaw2313 said...

Feel better. Sounds like home is fun. This blog made me realize that I spend a lot of time counting down to things instead of doing things. I think I should work on that too.

Sarah said...

It seems as if you have had a great time at home, even though you're a bit sick. ^^,
I hope you enjoyed Glee! I liked it. It's perfectly silly, and some characters are simply wonderful.
Let's hope life gets better, dear, and that your "new" life turns out the way you want it!

Wyatthaplo said...

And now i wanna play your version of pretty pretty princess :)

Paul Carpenter said...

It's incredible how long you can live in place without ever actually /living/ in it. It wasn't until I moved for uni that I felt that I at all wanted to get to know the city I was living in. Now after nearly two years I'm only just getting to know it - being a proper local and knowing people outside of school and work or whatever is brilliant. Unlimited social circles is one of the best things about being a sort-of grown up.

It turns out that you don't need to travel all that much to have adventures - which I'm sure you'll have realised.

Get well soon and keep having fun. :)

SlytherinSweetie said...

Oh noes! I think I spread my illness around via Internet. I've been feeling super sick. Flu, most likely. Didn't get my flu shot this year. *sigh*


Ariel said...

That sounds like fun! I wish I had Zombie activities to attend.
And enjoy Glee! I'm completely in love with it, and I haven't liked an American TV show in a long time. I've just been watching British stuff recently.

Devin said...

I am so so happy for you! I'm glad you're having fun back in Seattle. Live in the moment!

Also, I think your version of Pretty Pretty Princess should be the official rules on the back of the box. Although I usually enjoy wearing the earrings cause I can't wear normal ones. (:

I think I should mention that my Captcha for this comment is "granny." I'm not sure why I find that funny.

aimée-louise said...

is it strange that i feel happier reading about you being happy? aha. probably, but i care not.
i think it's a grand idea to have more adventures in seattle; so many people don't care about seeing all there is to see in their hometowns, instead choosing to complain about it whilst making plans to go elsewhere. and that's fine, but you'd be surprised what you find when you look beyond your back yard. (i was going to say garden, but edited for you, darlin').

hope you keep having fun, and feel better.
x aimée-lou x

p.s awwh, the captcha code is "butribr": say it fast and it sounds like BUTTERBEER! smiles.

Emily said...

I know what you mean about home. Since I've gotten to New York I've really struggled with the memories that I have from home. Sure, I have a lot of good memories. But not nearly enough. Hopefully the times that I'm at school and the times that I'm at home will be equally awesome because I will be living it up in both places!

Alyce said...

I'm glad that you're ready to start actually living in Seattle, and to hear that the zombie stuff is going well :)

As far as Glee goes, the pilot is great, the next two episodes are kind of . . . bleh, but episode four is outstanding. Really; if you feel let down by the show, just wait 'til you get to that fourth episode. It's great.

janitorbud said...

i love josie and the pussycats! so good. cept my dvd is like the tv censored one, it's weird >.<
i forget what else i was going to say..but now i really want mcdonalds and taco bell. =( i have no idea where either are in this town (i'm at college, in a different state)

ginger jones said...

Oh man your room mates sound so cool. I move out of home on Thursday and have talked to mine for a grand total of five minutes so I'm kinda apprehensive. The girl has a giggle like Moaning Myrtle and the guy is so, so hot. Men shouldn't be allowed to be that beautiful. I hope your life keeps spewing up endless amounts of awesome.

KaraDawlish said...

i really DIDN'T like Glee at all. Make sure you tell us what you thought because i just don't get it i didn't think it was that good and my friends are SO into it. I enjoyed Eastwick though :D Not that they are related at all but you posted about the two somewhere. Twitter i'm assuming...

I hate grey space. i feel like thats the situation with me too. All grey space when i'm home waiting to go out on my next big extravaganza. im sad im missing wrockstock this year =/ I don't have awesome people here though. I'm in 9th grade and i feel like i got plopped right into a really shitty group of kids. they are lacking personality. most of my friends are older than me but the kids i go to school with that are older than me just think of me as a silly freshman and don't really give me the time of day. Ah... i'll live :P

Anonymous said...

I'm happy you're happy, despite your cold =(

And Glee is fantastic <3

JustMargaret said...

No! Don't do it! Don't watch Glee! It's not worth it! WE CAN'T LOSE YOU TO GLEE, KRISTINA! THAT'S NOT OKAY!

eibbore said...

That's awesome that you have stuff to keep you busy now your back doing nothing after coming from another country where you are really busy is the worst.

amyg_girl said...

haha finaly your blogs are entertaining me again, not that they weren't before but these are filled with more awesome, if that's an appropriate discription and NOOO don't watch Glee avoid it like a zombie plague.

Anonymous said...

OHMYGOSH Pretty Pretty Princess was like, the best kids game everrrrrrrr. My sister and I and my friend used to play it ALL THE TIME. And we always made her brother play and get the black ring. Good times.
Also, feel better soon!
<3 Becky

Brooke said...

I know what you mean about not really experiencing your city. I've lived here for fifteen years (granted, that's my entire life) and I don't know how to get around downtown Portland. Recently, I've started changing that and I was really excited to read you are too.

Maggie said...

I loved Pretty Pretty Princess! I would enjoy playing it nowadays, but I'm afraid being a 24 year old grown up might make it a tad strange.

I love Glee. Maybe that's 'cause I was a showchoir person back in the day.... I'm curious to hear your thoughts on it. The end of last week's episode made me cry (I won't spoil it, but the scene between Kurt and his dad... awwww).

Glad you're safely back from all your adventures!

Sarah B said...

so i normally agree with Kayley about things but Glee is amazing and i love it so much. I hope you enjoy it :)