Monday, July 6, 2009


Thank you to all the usually anonymous readers who chose to "reveal" themselves in the last post! It was like an unveiling for me - it was way exciting. xD
I guess people might think that as Internet folks get more and more followers/subscribers/watchers whatever, comments start to matter less and maybe what you have to say isn't interesting or whatever your excuses are - but I started putting content online because I love the interaction with all of you and that's still why I do it.
If you think I blog for the ad revenue, you're dreaming. It's like 2 cents a day. You can't even get tootsie rolls for that cheap anymore.

Someone left a comment saying:
"A town near where I live (in Michigan) is apparently the Kohlrabi capital of the world. I'm not actually sure what Kohlrabi is, or if I'm even spelling it correctly :)"

I always just thought it was spelled "Calarabi" (I could be totally wrong) but I will have to check that when I am not thousands of feet up in the air on a plane without an Internet connection. It was one of those things that when I read your comment, I knew exactly what you were talking about because it's a household term with my family, but I've never had any reason to need to write down the name - it's just that white stuff my dad buys and chops up and leaves on the cutting board for the rest of us to munch on. :D

I have not much of significance to write about in this entry, just that
1. I am on an airplane going back home to Seattle
2. The little kid I was sitting near in the airport had bright red hair and was named Atticus and I thought that was amazing
3. "17 Again" with Zac Efron is playing on the plane right now and I am really tempted to watch it, even though I have already seen it. It's making working on my novel or reading "White Teeth" for my study abroad much more difficult.

I get to see Alex again in a few hours and I am excited. We were only apart for 5 days... and then when he goes home to London it's only 2 weeks until I fly there for my Exploration Seminar... I don't know WHAT the crap we're going to do after I go back home at the end of September. :/

Mathew Perry just got sucked through the time vortex so he's 17 again. Screw it, I'm getting my headphones.

Edit: Google tells me it is "kohlrabi". Go figure.


JuliAnn said...

It's alright that you spelt it wrong... I don't even know what that is. I should google it now to figure out what it is. However, since I'm assuming it's something you eat (from what you said), and considering I am an extremely picky eater, I most likely won't like it. Though I shouldn't judge it without trying it.

Hope you have a nice day, and that your flights were good.


Nally said...

Give in to the trash!
Just give in and watch it.
I do that all the time, like this weekend, I was doing some geography work and I saw that 'Notting Hill' was on TV.
I KNOW what happens, and it's SO predictable.
But, I stopped working and watched it.
Plus, who can resist Matthew Perry?

notaclareintheworld said...

It's a german turnip!

I work at a farm stand... XD

kateribethrose said...

Hi, I just wanted to say that and to tell you how I always think it strange to comment without being able to at least give your initials or whatever. so I never commented till I subscribed to this site so people would know it was me. :D DFTBA!

seurat2 said...

Kristina , I didn't comment at all last week, mostly because I was on vacation and didn't read them all until the weekend. And partly because I'm lazy, since I could have commented right away. I have commented a few times in the past though, so I don't feel bad. Anyway, I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed your posts from North Dakota about your family and being recognized on the street as a Horner, and especially the one about your uncle. Your really are pretty awesome, hope you're having a good day.


I hope you and Alex work it out soon, so you can be together more often :) <3

marchhatter said...

No worries about messing up on spelling, I have no clue what a kohlrabi looks like.

Oh and the Erma Punches thing from your grandpa still cracks me up...Erma punches HARD...tee hee.

word Verification: Heafett:(he-uh-fett): the sound you make when you throw off your packpack and plop onto the bed.

-alex (not your bf)

Caitlin said...

Matthew Perry = YAY
Zac Efron = -annoyed grunt-

I've neverevereverever met my best that weird? We might be able to see each other in 2011, but that all depends on how much money I save up...our phone conversations are great anyway. She lives in New Jersey and I live in's funny when I talk at normal speed, because she just pauses and goes "...I can't understand you!"

You and Alex will be fine (: As my friend Nat once said to me "Distance is just a test to see how far love can travel."

DFTBA chicken xx

Thomas said...

Okay, I nearly commented when I read your last post. Now, with the added pressure of others admitting their existence, I will too. There, it's out, I exist.

I was meant to read White Teeth for my degree (I've just completed an English degree), and I enjoyed what little I did read. All I can remember though is 'urban landscapes'.

Kasey said...

Hello, Kristina

I was wondering how you would feel if I just stayed anonymous?

You are really interesting and fantastic, but I never know how to respond. I guess it has to do with the fact that I am a stranger to you, and I never feel as if I have the right to comment on your life, since we don't know each other. I sorta think "She has no idea who I am...keep your opinions to yourself, Kasey".

Does this make any sense?


Arden said...

A town near where I live (in California) is the garlic capital of the world. Or was it just the country? I never remember...

And I really want to see that movie.

TheBlaireWitch said...

This is my first blog comment for you, so HEY!
17 Again?
What are you doing even thinking about writing this blog?
Matthew Perry and Zefron-y goodness!
Yeah, so I thought I should write this to let you know that I do enjoy reading your blogs and now you will have some more reading of comments. XD
P.S. The Spattergroit video= amazingness.

Katie said...

Gotta getcha getcha getcha getcha head in the game!

...I am a closet Zac Efron fangirl. Hairspray was the bomb.

kristin said...

I love kohlrabi! My grandmother makes an awesome kohlrabi soup. It's one of my favorite things to eat :)

janitorbud said...

what is that white stuff that your dad chopped up and you just munched on? i don't get it?

Anonymous said...

See, if I didn't read your blog I wouldn't have known about the North West YouTube Gathering and then you wouldn't have 'hugged' my best friend. Or me :)

And speaking of cities being 'The ___ capital of the World' the city I live in was, for a time, considered 'The Chlamidia capital of Canada'

So that's fun.


freyacarroll said...

Revealing self.

17 again is the one film where I finaly undestand Zefron's apeal (I can't stop calling him that since watching 'A Very Poter Musical' repeatedly, which you should definatly watch if you havnt already).

I think its awesome that you interact with your readers/subscribers/listeners so kudos to you Kristina.

I can't wait to meet you Alex and Eia when you come to Ireland in september XD.

Emma Ming said...

that's so funny that you were sitting nest to a red-hair-ed kid on a plane watching 17 again! because i did that too! recently!