Sunday, July 19, 2009

Request for help in the shoe department.

My mission this month for the Fiesta Movement was to make custom shoes on Nike, Adidas, and Chuck Taylor. I have done that, and now have the shoes sitting in their boxes in my room.
I somehow have to make a clever and engaging video about shoes and I am completely stumped.

I thought about making a sketch of the shoe fairy coming and bestowing upon me the new pairs, but that was just cheesy and stupid.
I am now considering pitting the shoes against each other in a battle to find out which shoes are superior and naming one the champion. All I can think of is running in them and lace-tying speed, however.

I don't generally do this, but I am going to ask for video suggestions or requests. If anyone has any ideas on how to make a video about 3 pairs of shoes exciting, or more ways I can make the shoes compete with eachother in a sort of psuedo-shoe-olympics, I would really appreciate your comments. I'll link to people in the sidebar if I use your suggestion, so include your username with your comment. :)

Basically I have video-maker's block, and this video needs to be finished before I leave for London, so I need some help. Ha.


Anonymous said...

Here are a few ideas from the top of my head, hope this helps some;
1. You could try doing something similar to the Skymall Video, go through your closet and can't find any "good" shoes and your custom-made shoes appear, and it'd be like a speedy chemmerical in some aspects, but then there's the factor about how well it would look.
2. I thought the fairy was somewhat cute, it reminds me of the Grammar Fairy.
3. Maybe you should click your heels and with the wonderful editing programs we have, shows you in your shoes.
4. When you get your shows you can instantly appear happy and everyone else around you appears sad they don't have your shoes. For example you could be sad before they come, all black and white, and when the come it's on color.

I know this isn't the best advice but I hope it helps you find a better idea out of these.
I'm iAmortentia. (The obsessive love potion, remember?)

Sarah with an H said...

Hmmmm. O.k. Brainstorming here.

You could act out a skit involving the shoes. They could be MAGIC shoes.

You could name your shoes and give them each separate personalities.

You could do little challenges yourself, and try doing the challenge with a different pair of shoes to see which pair you performed better in.

These are just suggestions, you're creative and can do what you want with them. :)

kalimagination said...

You could do a commercial type thing for the shoes, as if the shoes were magic and they make you awesome at the things the shoes were made for.

I mean, like, when you wear Nikes they make you amazingly fast.
The Adidas make you a soccer star.
The Chucks make you great at basketball or being a rock star haha.

I dunno. That's the best I could come up with :)

Sarah with an H said...

P.s. my username's neeshaknowsall

charmchanger said...

you could be acting like a little kid who is unhappy with all of her shoes but then you see the new shoes and all a sudden youre leaps and bounds happier and you do all these different things with the new shoes.
thats the best ive got.
my youtube thing is:

Dave said...

They could race each other in stop motion (not with anyone wearing them.) Stop motion owns. said...

Ok. Combine 2 things. Harry Potter, and shoes.

Maybe they're different houses?

And they get really ticked off with each other and have a shoe duel? lmao!!

Or karaoke shoes? err... I tried. xD

Nally said...

You could do a little song about them, since that is what you're good at.
What shoes would Harry choose? Why?
Something from the perspective of the shoes themselves, maybe some of your old shoes feeling inferior next to the new custom ones?
I don't know :P said...

OMG You could use the Paolo Nutini song "New Shoes" !!!!

Link >>

hayleyghoover said...

Which shoe slides on hardwood the best? Which makes the coolest sound when you scuff it?

Catherine said...

You could have a video only showing the shows and what you do in them. Like walking down the street, climbing a tree, etc.

christina said...

you could do a sort of parody of HBP where one pair is Harry, one Dumbledore, and one Draco? I'm sure whatever you come up with will be awesome and creative! :)

(morningbroccoli on youtube)

JustAGirl said...

I had the same idea as in which you use Paolo Nutini's "New Shoes" song. You could write a cover of the song with a Harry Potter twist. You woke up with Spattergoit...put on some clean clothes..go to gryffindor common room..etc.

Or from a Wrocker's perspective with cameos from other wrocker's. When it talks about people dancing you could have other people dancing, doing happy dances, showing off their favorite pairs of shoes.

hope that helps. :)

Katie said...

I agree with stop-motion being awesome! But that would probably take too long.

Um, since you like doing little kid activities, you could have the contests include elementary school playground games. Jumping rope, playing tag/freeze tag, hopscotch, farthest distance jumped from on a swing, red rover, duck duck goose, hide and seek, climbing trees, etc. I think it'd be cute...or maybe I'm just regressing back to my childhood since work sucks as of lately.

I think I'll go play outside now. ;P

Good luck!

YouTube: abcdefghijkati3

Dee said...

Hmm... you could do a stop-motion music video in which the shoes are best friends and they do awesome things in Seattle. They go to museums, play in a wrock band, go out for beers, play scrabble, etc.

notaclareintheworld said...

I like the Olympics idea -- you should go Smosh style and make the shoes do really irrelevant things a la Food Battle. Like which one functions as the best hat, or something better.

Also Sarah with an H's suggestion reminds me of the Pagemaster.

TheBlaireWitch said...
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TheBlaireWitch said...

In The Weekenders, Carver drags them to a shoe fashion show.
Yes? No?
my username is TheBlaireWitch

lanna-lovely said...

You could... I dunno, make a kind of music video? That could be fun (and amusing to watch), you'd get to prance about outside and everything having fun in your new shoes.

Have some friends help? I dunno, you could - each choose a pair of shoes to wear, go outside and have some sort of dance battle focussing on the shoes? That'd be really fun to watch... but have music playing and make it like one of those silent movies with overdramatic gestures and facial expressions and no words?

Or... you could do the shoe fairy thing - oooh! Make it like the kids story Goldielocks and the Three Bears, only you'd be... uh, italktosnakes and the three pairs of shoes. Trying each of them on - you could run around having fun in them, climbing trees or whatever and then choose a favourite. O.o

Or... umm - choose a song, like the Pokemon theme song or something, change the lyrics so they're about shoes and do somesort of shoe parody video? (wow, weird mental image of you throwing a pokeball at your floor, yelling "Chuck Taylors, I choose you!" and then your shoes changing *magically* while you have some sort of shoe dual with someone... each of you trying to out-move/awesome each other)

Wow I so fail at video ideas - this is why I don't vlog. Or one of the reasons anyway. =/

Summer said...

1. You could do an infomercial for each of the different shoes pretending that they are completely different things. (Like, talk about the adidas shoes like they are proactive solution, and talk about the chucks like it's an iGallop)

2. I don't know how you designed your shoes, but if you did it with a pattern that you still have, you could do a whole thing on spying and camouflage and wearing the pink and yellow striped shoes when you are walking through pink and yellow striped hallways, basically design different areas to look just like the shoes and act like you are invisible when you wear them in the correct locations?

3. Or you could just start the video saying "I have no idea how to make a video about shoes so I'm going to hand the reigns to Hayley G. Shoe-ver." badumbum.

Okay I'm clearly out of ideas.

I'm leeawesome on youtube.

Samantha said...

The converse make you a wizard. Harry Potter wears converse while he finds fake horcruxes.

Kristen said...

What if each pair of shoes gave you a completely different personality? You know, like emo Kristina, punk Kristina, juno-esque Kristina.....well, you can decide on the personalities but that's my suggestion.
YouTube username:theoriginalnetsirk

Alex Dahlberg said...

Well, obviously you could just do a vlog discussing the shoes. But that could be boring.
Invent a giant backstory to how you got each pair of shoes.
Like... "I was walking down the street one day, when I saw something sticking out from behind a tree..."
Cut to a video of you walking and discovering the brand-new shoe.
I think the story could be funny.

hmm..then maybe one pair could have been bought at a street sale, and the end up having been from a famous person...
Okay, maybe not that.
But im sure there's somewhere you can go from that.

My username is kira902k. :)

anyways, excited for your video. :)

beangirl1389 said...

Here are some ideas. [if you could call them that]
1. Have a dance off in your different shoes.
2. Do a parody of the video "shoes".
3. Show where each of the different shoes "take you" in your fiesta.
Hope these help.
ps. You're awesome!

KaraDawlish said...

Not too helpfull im having a hard idea even thinking of anything to help you but put little googley eyes on them if your going to do the competition give them all their own silly personality and make them all have stupid voices haha they could have a dance off or something. I have no idea im really having a hard idea even thinking of anything to help you out!!!


KaraDawlish said...

Wow WOW im original! The girl above me said thay too yea im cool :P the googly eyes were all mine though! Hopefully... If someone else put that then im sad

KaraDawlish said...

Yea i like the idea of the "Shoes" song parody!! Haha and you have to just have shots of your shoes like pressing the gas peddle in the fiesta and make up like a music video or something lmao i have NO idea im getting ridiculous :P

Kaitlin said...

How about you have a character needing to go to three different events, and different shoes for each event. And she drives to each place in a lovely Ford Fiesta. It works, eh?

the apple that astonished paris said...


i call stop motion shoe race.

Willianamatronic said...

IT'S ABOUT SHOES. cutesie but FUN, MUCH?


Karissa said...

How about a day in someone else's shoes? I was trying to think of something that could incorporate three different pairs, and this seems like it might work. Like, tap into different personalities or do things that you normally wouldn't do, or have wanted to do.

Second suggestion: maybe the idea of "breaking in new shoes." A how to for doing this? I don't know, that's probably a lame idea, but you could be really over the top with this. You only have so many feet to work with, so you're right, it's hard to come up with ideas! ha.


Amanda said...

Do they all make the same sound when you walk? Or run? You could maybe make a beat out of them while your doing various things to make them sound different?

RhianonLives said...

I like the Shoelympics idea! Do a triathlon. Like, a "these shoes are so good they can get you anywhere, through anything" kind of deal... They can run, they can swim, they can... What's the other triathlon thing???
Oh, and maybe you could make them supershoes. Like, you're all weak and sulky and you suck at P.E.... But then you get your custom-made shoes and you're the queen of the playground xD
I also liked the last commenter's idea of clicking your heels. I just think it's cute.
My nickname is the same everywhere in this world: RhianonLives...
Good luck!!

x0brittx0 said...

you could do an adaptation of goldilocks and the 3 bears ... only kristina and 3 pairs of rad shoes ...

Candy said...

I haven't read through the tons of comments here so it's probably already come up, but I would love to see a skit where the shoes are the characters. You could make a spoof on a movie or play, or just tell a cute story through them. They even come with puppeteering strings ;)

Sarah said...

This has already been said, but I vote that you do a (wordless) video set to music where you're just out having fun, wearing your shoes...

Anonymous said...

You could use the shoes to show different aspects of your personality.

In one pair of shoes you could show you as a college student, the other pair as a wrock artist, and the last pair as a friend or girlfriend or something. Dunno. But I feel like you could have different tunes, outfits, and whatnot for each pair of shoes and do something interesting with it.


Anonymous said...

Well, thinking along the line of the fiesta movement...

Perhaps, what might be better, is so do a kind of travel vlog of places around Seattle. Because, like you said in your Fiesta video, it's not REALLY about the car/shoes, but what you do in them.

Also, the shoes are personalized to you, and the video would be sort of the same. Perhaps you could film them by your favorite little local diner or just some of your favorite places.

And perhaps doing shoe-types things there. Running, skipping, tapping, dancing, etc.

Who knows, maybe it'll even be the next meme.

Kat said...

Dude, but NPH is the shoe fairy. That video would be made of nothing but win.

Anonymous said...

I haven't read through all the comments but you could possibly use Paolo Nutini's song "New Shoes", cover it/use it as is and make a music video?

Or you could edit Alex into the shoes and you could tie his shoe laces XD

You could make them tap dance by themselves *shrug* and show them walking around the street.

Hope it helped.

Sugandha (username: ladadidah)

P.S. You are AMAZING!

amber b said...

put all the shoes on top of your car drive along and see wich one falls of first that one will be disqualified.then run over the other shoes whatever ones come out best after that win.

Sean said...

I think it's been suggested a few times, but a dance off showing just the feet, "Footloose" style would be cool.

Another idea is "the secret life of shoes", showing the exciting things they do when you're not around.

Beeks said...

I just watched the shoe video, it came out great! Fun fact: If you have a pair of shoes that gives you blisters, rub Vaseline on the uncomfortable parts before you wear said shoes. I heard this tip awhile ago and always assumed it would a) fail and b) destroy my shoes, but I was wrong. It works a treat. Sorry for not leaving this comment on YouTube but for some reason I'd just really rather leave it here!

Anonymous said...


On the whole which pair to take to London - I say the chequered ones or the chuck taylors.

Hope you have an awesome time!!!!

Han :)