Sunday, July 26, 2009

Last weekend at home.

Today I was driving in my car, and I got a phone call from my housemate Ben.
"Hello?" I said, half-shouting to make sure my voice was picked up over my fiesta's bluetooth system.
"Hey Kristina, it's Ben. Do you like Chinchillas?"
"Do I... what?"

What kind of question is that??

So I suppose when I return from London at the end of September, I'll have a new furry little housemate to adjust to. Alright.

I had one of those days today where I felt like I was constantly keeping a mental list of things I wanted to blog about later, but now that I am sitting here, on the fold-down table bed in my parent's campground at a family friend's private beach, the Chinchilla story is the only one I can remember.

This morning I took my fiesta over the the Ford dealership to get my oil changed and my tires rotated.. when I was there, the guy at the desk said "Go check out the other fiestamovement car we've got here... not in quite as good of shape as yours."
I walked out back and sure enough, there was a silver fiesta with the black and white arrows decals, passenger side doors bashed in. Yikes.
I don't remember who had the silver car, but man, that sucks.

The whole process took about an hour so in the mean time, my brother Nick and I walked around the part of Kirkland that the Ford dealership resides in. To make this a clear visual... we were near more car dealerships (Infiniti rings a bell), and a mexican themed bar, and a bead shop... sigh.

Finally we found a neat little thrift shop, where I bought a pretty ring for $4, a cool looking book called "Melonhead" (I think it's probably a middlegrade book, but since that's the level of book I am writing, I need to do my research) ....and I have just realized I can't write about the other anecdote from that particular part of my day because it includes something I bought for Alex as a gift, and I know he reads my blog so I don't want to ruin it. xD

Then my brother and I drove an hour and a half up to where my parents were already camping with their friends, and we did the iPod trade-off (when we ride in cars together, we switch off who gets to play music from their iPod through my Aux input, because we argue otherwise).

He thinks my music is "boring" and I just don't think Death Metal is music. When we get bored of switching, we just play Muse, because it's the only band we both agree is awesome. And the Beatles. We listened to the Beatles for awhile.

I can't believe I am curled up in a sleeping bag instead of savoring my last nights in America in my own bed, but such is my annoyingly busy life. I suppose it's more fun that way. I can't wait to leave on Monday. I have one more afternoon of packing, and then it's time to goooo. :D

Days until I leave for London: 1 <- !!!!!


Anonymous said...

First comment! I spend the last week in a sleeping bag lol - it was so nice to be back in my own bed last night! However I did notice the difference between a camping air bed and my own mattress.

You will love London when you get here (have you been before?) I'm hoping to go down again soon. (I like an hour north of London by train)

partyweetow said...

Ah Muse <3 Did you hear the new song from their upcoming album?

Jenny Tran said...

Haha. Chinchillas are adorable! :)

And London is right around the corner! I hope you have tons of fun!! :D

DiscoAutomatic said...

You'll have tons of fun I'm sure. Stay safe and be sure to keep yourself well rested!

nicoleeeyyynyquil09 said...

camping seems to make me feel assured and ready for the future so I hope it did that for you so you can have an amazing time in London and not feel too homesick.

have a safe trip.

Callidora said...

Enjoy your last day in the States and have an amazing time in London, Kristina!

RhianonLives said...

Hooray for the Beatles! Aww, I hope you love London... And blog a lot... And have fun!!!
Safe trip!

Caitlin said...

If I left home for two months, the things I'd probably miss the most would be;
-My family
-My friends
-My pet fish "Yannick"
(seriously, I had a dream he died and only got up this morning to make sure he hadn't).

You won't feel as worried about leaving home when you're with Alex, and now you have a Chinchilla to look forward to!
Enjoy yourself on this side of the water (:

Miss said...

How will you be doing your fiesta missions while in London?

kateribethrose said...

I don't think Death metal is music either! Have a good and safe flight Tina!

♥nerdhugger said...

I love chinchillas! :D I'm sure you'll like your furry little housemate.

Enjoy your trip, Kristina!

Ellie said...

you and your brother sound just like me and my brother when it come to music. I don't understand how people like that death metal stuff. I think it's a Nick thing.

Allison said...

I know what you mean about the keeping-a-mental-list thing. I do that about days that I know I'll want to relate to someone else later, and then before I see them I run through the list to make sure I have it all. I also do that with movies - thinking about all the different elements, lighting, acting, script, music, etc.
Muse FTW!

Margaret said...

Sooooo... I know this is a bit late, but...

Melonhead is a bit of a follow up book. It comes after the three Lucy Rose books that are all set in diary style. I know it's kind of odd that I know this, but when they were forst written they were a hit in DC since the author is from here and that's the setting. And the author is my moms old friend from high school's sister.