Saturday, July 18, 2009

Opening Night! (and some reflection)

Tonight was one of those fun heart-warming blast from the past type nights.

I went to see West Side Story at the theatre I work at, but instead of being a regular performance (we do 5 big shows a season) this was the summer Kidstage performance that was directed and run entirely by college students. Most of the students involved are very close friends of mine.

Eia was the choreographer, my exboyfriend John was the music director, and Brittany's exboyfriend (and my friend) Joey was the director. My good friend Nick did the lights, my other friend Alayne helped with sets... not to mention the people in the cast I knew from having done shows with them.... these are all people who were involved in the theatre program with me when I was in highschool, so it felt really nice and kind of surreal being back in a theatre environment with them even though I was just an audience member (I suppose working in the box office there counts, even though I was in no way involved with the particular production xD).

Anyway, I was so proud of everyone. Eia was bouncing and swaying in time beside me, gripping my hand in terror whenever a dance number was about to start. I could see John down in the orchestra pit, arms flailing as he conducted the musicians. Joey was beaming in the row behind me.

I'm just so ... I dunno, honored to be friends with so many ridiculously talented people. Even before I met my wizard rock and youtube friends, I gained my foundation with THESE people. I love them. I even miss them. They freaking put on a production of West Side Story and it was amazing. I don't even LIKE West Side Story! xD

My old choir teacher and her daughter who gave me voice lessons for awhile were there ushering, and I spoke with them for a little bit. They were happy to hear I am still singing, and I had the pleasure of telling them I just found out I have a mild case of vocal nodules. :/ They were unhappy to hear that news, but glad to know I am taking care of it. (My first speech therapy session is on Monday. Sigh.)

I also spoke with my old high school theatre director which was really nice. She knew about my wizard rock escapades already, but I told her a bit about what I have been doing with YouTube and the Fiesta Movement and whatnot, and she seemed really happy to know I'm still performing, albeit in different ways. I gave her one of my Fiesta business cards, even though it made me feel like a tool, haha. It was really nice to basically give her an update on my life, because honestly, aside from like, my parents... she's the first person who ever looked at me and saw a performer.
I guess that's not entirely true, as I had solos in choir when I was in elementary school and things like that... but I guess she's the first person who made me look at MYSELF and see a performer. I auditioned for A Midsummer Night's Dream when I was 15 hoping to be cast as a fairy, and she cast me as Helena, a lead role. That was a lot to deal with. xD

It was a nice night. I'm glad I still work at the theatre so I don't lose touch with this part of my life. It shaped me into who I am, really. Theatre rules. <3

Aww I just got a very sweet text from Lauren making me simultaneously miss her and my wizardrock friends but also mildly glad I chose to stay home from Azkatraz. There will be more Harry Potter conferences.. my best friend only has one opening night of this show.


RhianonLives said...

Hey, first comment??
It's so obvious in your videos that you have a background in theatre, specially in the song videos, with the whole facial expression thing_ it's what makes them so special!
I think you made the right choice by staying.

whatzedeuce said...

I am still completely jazzed from this insane weekend! Such a mix of old and new friends, perfect weather, and unbelievable events! Not to mention that I finally went to see the Harry Potter movie earlier today. =D

It was great catching up with you this weekend, and I promise a video will be uploaded within the next two months!


I was in a big play in my sophomore year, it was lovely :) I miss being involved in theatre. *sigh*

Anonymous said...

"glad I chose to stay home from Azkatraz. There will be more Harry Potter conferences.. my best friend only has one opening night of this show"

Aw. You are such a sweet friend!

inkstainedpages said...

I loved high school too, and I feel definitely outnumbered :)

I was in theatre all four years (albeit always in minor roles), and I miss it!

Are you going to Wrockstock? I noticed The Parselmouths aren't on the list of performing bands. :(

spatz0r said...

Not to be ungrateful for the mention or anything, but I was actually the sound guy, not the light designer. That credit goes to Devon Bright :)