Wednesday, July 8, 2009

I am a terrible person.

I am a big, fat iPod hypocrite.

I'm going to draw your attention to a song I wrote not too long ago called "You're My iPod".

"I am always with you
and I'm glad that you want me around"

I decided that I didn't want or need an 80 GB harddrive and I didn't use the iPod enough to justify still having it.

"I remember my walkman
But you're just more elegant and I'll never trade you in"

Recently I listed my 80GB video ipod on Ebay with the intention of using the money I made to upgrade to an iPod Touch because it's newer, more useful and all around just kind of a cooler machine.

"It's been two years you're getting kind of warn out
And now your harddrive is at eighty-five percent"

I bought a protective case for it, but the case is kind of scratched up and even though underneath the iPod is sleek and shiny, it's just rapidly becoming a thing of the past because I can't download apps or play cool games on it or connect to the internet.
Also, because I HAVE 80 GB of space, I find myself holding onto music and TV shows that I don't need or have room for on my computer simply because I have the space on my iPod. I want to consolidate my collection and the 32 GB iPod Touch encourages me to do that.

"I can't believe that you would say these things
it's not my fault you dropped me , these dents are from you!"

Yeah... I dropped it a few times. And the scratched up case is from me carting it around in my purse in the same pocket as jewelry or coins or whatever else made its way in there.

"You know you promised you would always love me"

You know... I sold it on Ebay and told my subscribers/followers that I was doing so because I wanted to ensure that this iPod would go to a nice new home where its new owner WILL love it the way I always promised I would. But I just don't think it's going to work out bewteen us, iPod. It's not you, really. It's me. I need to move on. See bigger and better mp3 players. We had some great times, you know? You got to be hooked up to the Auxilliary input in my new fiesta. You played the backing tracks to Parselmouths songs at Wizard Rock shows. We traveled to London together - no one else got to fly with me for 10 hours straight.

So don't take it personally, 80 GB video iPod. I will always love you. I just need to move on.


cootney =] said...

see your nice to your old ipod...selling it to a good home :)

me? well i put mine in the washing machine o.0 *sigh*

"dear sooo sorry. i forgot to check my jean pockets and put you into the washing machine, i guess the ride might have been fun for you? i hope the ride was worth your life...and me another £109 for a new ipod...once again...sorry, love me" :)

Cate said...

Ooh that's so cute, I wish I would have been that nice to my old iPod. --'

the apple that astonished paris said...

... writing a breakup song to my iPod would be a little bit more awkward than yours because I gave mine to my dad a few years ago in exchange for a cuter, skinnier one.



.. xD <3

{sidenote: my captcha is "shinefl." I live in FL and is currently downpouring like it hasn't in weeks. Ironic.}

Ravenclaw2313 said...

I love that you write a song for your ipod. Cracked me up. Hope it found a fantastic new home.

April said...

I want you to know that I was just reading your blog with my four year old niece sitting on my bed with me. She pointed at the picture of your car and asked me whose car it was. I didn't feel like explaining, so I said I didn't know. Then she said, "I think it's Hannah Montana's, see, she's in it!" Basically, you're a Hannah Montana look-a-like. Congrats.

[morgan.] said...

Fantastic lyrics, Kristina. :)

I have an 80 GB classic, as well, in addition to an iPod touch I currently am borrowing. However, I really, REALLY love the iPod touch and I want to sell my 80 GB, too. There are so many things I can do with an iPod touch (besides the fact that my radio remote won't work with it, but whatever). You're not alone. :)

Callidora said...

Poor ipod :(
My ipod is currently in my purse without its protective case. Its tough, it can deal.
I was at the beach last week with my family and listened to All Caps as I walk in the sand. I had a lovely time so thank you :o)

notaclareintheworld said...

Haha I traded the iTouch I got free with my laptop for my brother's older model because it annoyed me that my whole music collection wouldn't fit on the iTouch. And now it doesn't even fit on the 20GB!

Where did you say you were listing that 80 gig for sale?

marchhatter said...

the hold button ontop of ipod nano died today...

"Dear ipod, I don't know what I did to make the top of you turn into a wicked arch which now doesn't want to make the hold button work. I'll miss that feature, atleast the rest of you works right? right?"

Anonymous said...

haha I would have done the same same thing if my ipod clasic 80GB hadn't been STOLEN 2 weeks ago... -_- SIGH

but no money to buy a new one, so I'm back to my ex-ipod ^^ who's really not happy to be a back-up choice, but hey, that's life! ;)

Nally said...

I think my iPod is VERY neglected. I may or may not have fallen over on some gravel on the day I got it and scratched all the way up the side.
It DID give it a nice pink and silver zebra effect though...

Dave said...

Dear Ipod,

Years ago I looked to my tape playing walkman for inspiration, good times and a way to relax. Then followed the Sony personal CD player, life was great.
And then you came along.
You changed everything. Forever.
You gave me 32GB(ish) of unadulterated joy. And I cared for you.
You were there all snug in my pocket, or sitting on my desk as pair after pair of headphones went by the wayside. But still you remained.
An ipod isn't just for Christmas, it's for life... or so I thought.

But one day.

A line appeared. A line of pixels that split the screen and tore open my heart. More lines followed, before multi-coloured blocks obscured the once spotless screen.
No scratches had penetrated your screen before, so why did you have to do this? Why did you have to treat me this way? I couldn't watch the tv shows I downloaded, nor play solitaire or brick.
You gave me so much, and I guess you don't know what you've got 'till it's gone. And now you are gone. Banished to be used only to play my Dad's audio books, never to be loved again.


ps - I've got an Ipod Touch now :)

partyweetow said...

Awhile back, I bought a 32gb Touch to replace my 80gb iPod. But after the first few weeks, I didn't use the apps and games on the Touch as often anymore. I sold it on eBay and kept using my iPod because I couldn't justify spending $400 on (basically) just a 32gb iPod, when I already had an 80gb iPod that works fine.

My point is, I hope you don't end up regretting it like I did.

Caitlin said...

I'm too stubborn to get a new iPod; I love Bob. He's small and silver, and, although I originally got a blue one, I'm glad it didn't work and I got him instead, because I love him. And he's rate tough.

I just use my friend's iTouch's; most of them have them, so I don't need one. Touch screens don't like me, anyway.

Kaitlyn w/ a K said...

Yeah...I still use the ipod I got 4 years ago. It doesn't even have a color screen. But I like it. I'll probably use it til it falls apart.

Anonymous said...

AW SOMEHOW THAT ALMOST MADE ME CRY. I don't want to make you feel bad, but poor iPod D: I'm in a similar situation. It's really time for an upgrade, but what about my poor little old nano?

Anna Feyt said...

Dear iPod,
we've been pretty close, you and I,
but I fear the time's come for a tender goodbye.
Things just aren't working out
[Nano makes you look stout]
Time to synch with the great iTunes up in the sky