Monday, July 6, 2009

Sweater Vest.

Last night I wore a sweater vest to a biker bar.

I mean, okay, it wasn't exactly a sweater and it wasn't exactly a vest, but in combination and for the purpose of naming it, it was more of a sweater vest than it was any other type of clothing. Normally I'd like to think it's more of a trendy pink thing I wear over other shirts, and outside of the biker bar I definitely looked like a fashionable girl in a trendy pink thing, but IN the biker bar - I was a girl in a sweater vest.

Because when you're comparing yourself to blonde girls in tube tops and big burly men in bandanas and leather - anything even remotely sweatery or vesty is a sweater vest.

But I sat at that bar, I showed my ID when I got carded, I laughed at the gross middle aged woman who still thought it was the 80's and wouldn't remember dancing like a hooch on stage in the morning, I drank my pineapple and malibu, and I did it all in my sweater vest.

A bald guy came over, clearly drunk, showed me his painted toenails and then insisted I danced with him. I declined. He didn't even skip a beat - he then turned and asked my mom. She declined as well. Then he finally, finally left us alone and five minutes later toenail guy was dancing with hooch girl and it was honestly a match made in heaven.

This was how I spent my 4th of July. Okay, that's how I spent about an hour of my 4th of July. My mom and I spent it together in Mandan, and I'm aware that I am making my family sound like a bunch of alcoholics by how much time we spent in bars on this trip. But I guess it feels alright to me - my parents were small town people, and that's all there was to do. My dad had a motorcycle, and his friends had motorcycles, so they wore leather and after work they drove around and they had fun out on the road and by the river during the day and in various bars and taverns during the night. My parents were bikers. xD

So my mom showed me a few of their old haunts, and then we sat in lawn chairs and watched a particularly impressive display of fireworks (the North Dakotans go all out) and then we hung out a bit more before we finally called it a night. It was fun just spending time with my mom. We don't get to do that much anymore since I moved out.

These blog entries are kind of sappy and nostalgic but I am going to point out now that I have completely switched from keeping a paper journal (which I have done since I was in 2nd grade) to keeping an online blog, so this is just as much for me as it is for people who read it. In fact it's more for me. So sometimes it's going to be long entries that include me blabbing about my family. This is my life - every part of it.


kateribethrose said...

I honestly don't mind. I would write more too but I haven't been doing it since second grade. :D

JuliAnn said...

I wish I had kept a journal ever since I was in second grade... It would have been nice to look back on my life from however I saw it at the time. I used to always TRY to keep a journal, but after about a week I'd forget about it and it's just be another book on my shelf. Then a year or so later I'd go looking through my stuff and find the journal and start writing in it again, ect. I guess in my life I don't collect journals... I collect shoes.


Elizabeth... said...

I can't compare to your recording experience as I never completed more than a month of any hand written diary and yet I've managed to blog nearly every day since September!
Yey for recording memories however we decide to do it!


There it was, the funny tag at the end of the blog post! xD

partyweetow said...

My town's the same way. We have four bars, two liquor stores (plus Dominick's, which sells alcohol), and only 5,000 people. XD

The Vagabond said...

Well I personally am very glad that you keep this blog and write in it as you do. It's very nice to read.

I grew up in as smaller town as well and as long as I can remember there has been this bar a few miles away from my house called Bimbos. It is comprised of both a trailer and regular building. It is the entrance to a community of trailer homes, there is a rather shoddy looking cemetery neighboring it, and... the sign that says Bimbos is upside down. It has sort have been the family joke. We would say things like, "well if you don't get that job at the bookstore then you could always work at Bimbos." As far as I know no one in my family has ever actually set foot in it and I am extremely curious about the place. Perhaps one day... It would definitely give me something to write about for a change.

HeyLukey said...

hey my parents used to be bikers as well my dad really wants a bike again but my mum thinks its a bad idea, i understand the sappyness when u go back and see ur parents i love spending time with mine its just a shame i dont get to as much living in london and them living near brighton i dont get to see them as much anymore.

Sam Y said...

I really don't mind reading all your family stuff. It brings back memories of traditions and things I do with my family :)

And your family sounds extremely fun and entertaining :D

Melissa Kendra said...

I'm jealous that you've had the commitment to keep a journal for that long. I never write in my diary anymore, and I'm mad at myself for it.

I like hearing all about your family life, where your family's from, and how you feel about all of it. It's really interesting to me, especially since I haven't been anywheres near North Dakota.

Kristen said...

I quite enjoyed this post. So even if you say it's mostly for you, your readers also like to know more about the Kristina from YouTube : ) Besides, I have been waxing nostalgic since I can't remember. So bring on the journal-esque blogs. I still have a paper journal. I have filled about 12 other notebooks, but this one is specially set aside for day to day events. I've had it since 2001 and sadly it isn't filled because I always forget to write it in it. I need to get back it to it. We all deserve to remember our own history: )

liahna said...

But, we like reading about your family anecdotes. They entertain us. :)

Ariel said...

Is this sweater vest the one you're wearing in your Cloud Season video?
Because I absolutely love that. If I had one, I would definitely wear it to a biker bar. =]

Rebecca L said...

you life sounds wonderful and it's great you're putting it all out sharing it with all of us :) DFTBA <3

Sabrina said...

Hi Kristina, long-time reader and first-time commenter. Your entry today really made me want to say something. I don't think you should stop writing entries in a tangible paper journal. Technology is ever-changing and transient, lord knows what will become of today's blog entries decades from now when you want a trip down memory lane, or your progeny want to learn about your life. Hard copies are invaluable. I strongly urge you not to rely on the internet as the only record of your quotidian musings. They might get lost!
I enjoy the bits of your life you share though!

Ravenclaw2313 said...

It's cool to get to see the places your parents spent time. I think that as you get older your parents tend to get more interesting because they are willing to share more with you. I've learned a lot more about my parents' life since I started college, and I love it.

Also bring on the sappy. Real people get sappy and sentimental and we all know you're real, or a very convincing highly technical robot.

bassrocks9 said...

Haha I have seen you in that sweater vest. At LeakyCon. Eww, creepy. Ok, anyway, I was trying to figure out why the term "sweater vest" had some kind of musical connection in my mind - and I finally figured out it's from Dr. Horrible when the Captain Hammer groupies were singing "This is his dry cleaning bill - four sweater vests!" Haha. Yeah.

nicoleeeyyynyquil09 said...

don't stop doing these journal entry blogs. there fun and let the readers know more about you. its honest and enjoyable. my blog is basically my journal as well.
its a good pensieve :)