Sunday, October 25, 2009

Not today, Buzz!

This was supposed to be my "productive night". Observe.

Eia and I are both sitting in our respective rooms, miserably trying to work on/finish our papers we both have due next week. Neither of us have been very successful, as it's already 6 at night, Eia hasn't started, and I have only begun with an introductory paragraph and virtually no research to speak of.

There is a silence on the top floor of our house, as we both pretend we're working so the other person doesn't find out we're actually still on facebook/sending text messages to boys/staring at the wall.

Then Eia rings out in a whiney voice, "I want Halloween cookies!"
She shouts this from her room to my room.


"…should we…. get some?" I shout back, hesitant.


"Yes." I have never heard Eia more sure of anything in her life.

Twenty minutes later, Eia and I return from the grocery store with not only a package of cookies with purple ghosts on them, but a separate roll of cookie dough to eat while the ghost ones are baking, two pumpkins, and a carving kit.

"Why are we so bad at being productive?" she asks me.

"I don't know, Eia."

"I mean, I count on you usually. You're the voice of reason between us. You're supposed to stop us from making cookies when we're supposed to be working."

"Not today, Buzz," I say in a deep voice.

"Why do you get to be Buzz? I don't want to be Woody. I always have to be Woody."

I just stare at her. "But… I just said… you're… Buzz?"

"OH! Not today - right!"

Moments later I open my phone and twitter about the fact that some day, I will publish a book entirely of Eia quotes because my life is WAY too funny for me not to be sharing it with the world.

In other news, I am blogging when I should be writing my paper. This whole situation is not getting any better. I need to write ten pages and I am currently somewhere around a third of a page.

Today I filmed my last Fiesta Mission video with some friends of mine here in Seattle and I am really, really excited about it. It's a music video and it's filmed on a pretty nice camera, which is all I am going to say about it at this point. It took a long time, and we're actually nowhere even close to finished.

I have nothing else of interest to report now. I should really go start working on the paper. UGH. UUUUGH.

It's taking every ounce of will power I have in me not to go downstairs and carve my pumpkin. Stupid school. Stupid stomach ache from the 6 cookies and 1/5 a roll of cookie dough I just ate. Happy freaking Halloween.


VicMorrowsGhost said...

I'm suposed to be working on some thing too but instead I'm reading your blog. :P

natasha.self said...

Not as bad as my unproductive entire weekend!

kala33 said...

haha, I watched an episode of LOST in between writing paragraphs for my paper. Wrote a paragraph, watched an episode...wrote a paragraph, watched an episode, lol.

Brianna said...

Well, I'm sick so I have a decent excuse for not being productive. But this blog totally made me laugh, and I really needed to laugh today I think. Thanks for that. Lol. :P

Indigo said...

I laughed much to hard at this :). Eia does indeed deserve a book of her quotes.

partyweetow said...

I'm supposed to be reading my Chinese philosophy and religion books and posting answers to the discussion questions online (I go to an online college), but I spent the last five hours talking to my sister and eating Panera. And now I'm reading (well, commenting on) your blog. We're the Procrastination Generation. xD

Jade said...

ahhh I laughed so hard at the Eia/Woody convo! you guys are seriously so awesome!

Martin K. Smith said...

I was reading the woody/buzz convo. It just made no sense. Then I realised it wasn't meant to. That made me happy.

Sarah said...

Oh, I hear you! One year I actually handed in an essay late because I didn't want to miss out on the joy of pumpkin carving with my housemates.

Good luck! I will be writing a 10 page essay this week along with you. Think of the speed with which you churn out semi-researched insights as being good practice for nanowrimo!

Ravenclaw2313 said...

Oh yeah homework I knew I forgot something. This is WAY more fun though don't you think?

Anonymous said...

I have a test in about 10 hours which I have not studied for at all, despite having the whole weekend to do so. I also have to finish my homework for my tutorial tomorrow, and I'm only answering my second question out of a cool 38.

And instead of studying or doing my homework, I'm reading your blog.

Procrastination is my best friend. Or my worst enemy, depending on how you look at it.

LOL! My captcha is Nesse. Dear God.

loveacrosstheocean said...

hahaha, I expect tweets and a blog post when that book is published :p

I'm excited to see your new video : )

Elizabeth... said...

I sort of wish that I did blog instead of being productive... instead I seem to spend time in the kitchen and therefore end up eating AND my blogs never get written! D:

Marie said...

I'm supposed to be either sleeping right now or working on a Macbeth paper. As you can see I chose the internet =D But I'm pretty good at being unproductive for a long time and then slapping something together last minute that doesn't totally suck. I just have no motivation to write papers that no one in my class even knows what the question is >.>

Anyway, I almost started laughing and woke up my mom, but I managed to suppress it. You and Eia are an awesome pair =D

quidditchs said...

I'm sorry you can't concentrate on your paper, I couldn't concentrate on my stuff for Uni either. At least we are not alone on this? :p

can't wait to see that new video!

p.s: loving the new banner :)

dizzylizziee said...

the tab at the top says - oh hey Kristina, not today buzz,

made me laugh :)

KaraDawlish said...

your blog saves me from boredom in school when I've been done with the project we're working on for days...

Sarah said...

I was supposed to have a productive day today, but.. First days on breaks just don't scream "productive" Instead I've been watching Goro Miyazaki and playing tetris.

I hope the essay turned out good!

Also, I love the new header!

the girl with the glass said...

Oh hey, Kristina. I just thought I'd share. I too had a very unproductive Sunday night that I blogged about. But instead of Halloween cookies, my roommate and I made a baller salad. and had strawberry cupcakes for dessert. strawberry cupcakes. SO GOOD. I finished four pages of my paper though. good luck with yours. work steady. :)

the_who_ru said...

I'm supposed to be doing all my Spanish hw, but instead I'm reading this. :P

seurat2 said...

I can't stand reality shows, butif they did a reality show that somehow included conversations between you and Eia I would need to watch. So funny.

Savannah said...

Procrastination is my preferred method of doing anything. At least you got some cookies out of it, yeah?

Bee-yoo-tiful banner, by the way. Looks like the snake from The Jungle Book. o:

BabyMario said...

I love seasonal cookies! :D

Lotte said...

Oh yeah I can totally relate. Procrastination is my middle name, haha. I hope you'll get through your paper in the end though! With me, when the deadline is approaching rapidly, I always somehow get it done at the last minute ;) Good luck!

Anonymous said...

You always make me smile.