Friday, October 2, 2009

Non-domestic woman.

I realized today that I have signed on for a lot of TV shows this season.

I never used to be the kind of person who watched a lot of TV. In fact, in middle school and most of high school, I preferred reading books and doing things online to sitting in front of a television, and I bragged about that to people frequently.

But then somewhere around my Sophomore year, people started watching Family Guy… and I couldn't be the only one not quoting the episodes at our musical rehearsals… and then I started watching Who's Line is it Anyway because it was on right before… and then my dad talked me into watching Lost with him and I became hooked… and then I saw that a book series I secretly loved was being turned into a TV show and thus I started watching Gossip Girl… basically it was a downward spiral, and now, 5 years later, I think I would have to call myself a TV junkie.

Mondays: Gossip Girl and Heroes
Tuesday: Nothing
Wednesday: America's Next Top Model and Glee
Thursday: FlashForward and the Office

Okay, maybe that's not actually as many and I thought it was now that I have it written down in list form like that, but still. That's five and a half hours a week I am dedicating to watching my television. Not to mention I am still working on watching Weeds in my spare time and I'd be watching Doctor Who and Lost as well if they were on right now.

Overall, the moral of the story is, I have no idea when I started actively watching so much TV. Probably when they started making good shows, I guess. xD
I can rest assured knowing I'm still not one of those people who just plops herself down and channel surfs until finding something decent to watch to pass the time. No reality shows about Miss Teen USA for me, thank you. I watch specific shows because I think they're worthwhile.

Yesterday I woke up early so that I could, with the help of my housemate, get into full Zombie makeup and costume to film some clips for an undisclosed project. Keep an eye on my channel in the next few days to see the culmination of that effort.

Then I headed over to campus for the one class I have on Thursdays which is my focus group for being a CHID major. For two hours I sit in a circle with other CHID majors and we talk about what we're interested in, why we chose an interdisciplinary major, what we intend to study, and the direction we might take our thesis/capstone project. There are snacks. I think I am going to like this class.
Yesterday we had to talk to the person sitting next to us for ten minutes and then awkwardly introduce them to the group ("Hi this is Sophia… she… what's your minor again? Right, she's also an Anthropology minor, she transferred here from…. some community college.. in Seattle.. she… is blonde.. um,") but then we had to tell the group something shocking about ourselves.

Most people revealed some hidden talent or something (I informed the group that merely hours beforehand I was covered in blood, haha) but this one guy said the weirdest thing I have ever heard a person say in front of a group of people.

He told us he likes to play basketball, and sometimes he'll go to the IMA and be shooting hoops, and he'll see pretty women. And that he likes pretty women. And that he particularly like pretty women in tight clothing. And that tight clothing instantly turns him on. And that oftentimes, if there aren't pretty women around, he might just stop what he's doing and leave. And he'll go somewhere were there ARE pretty women. And he just KEPT TALKING ABOUT IT. Nobody knew what to say or how to stop him and every single girl in the room suddenly felt very uncomfortable; the girls in tight clothing because they knew he'd probably been looking at them, and the girls in baggy clothing because they suddenly felt like they probably didn't fall under the "pretty women" category. Our adviser just kind of…. went to the next person and said "okay then,".

I can guarantee that my quarter project will be to make sure I never end up sitting by him.

Yesterday I made a cheesecake!
This is an event because I don't cook, I am not a domestic woman, and the fact that I thought "I am going to make a pie today" even crossed my mind is a bizarre, strange happenstance.
It turned out to be pretty good too! Even though I didn't read the packaging and completely missed the part where it said "warm cream cheese to room temperature" and I tried to beat the cream cheese cold and spent the next 20 minutes getting hard cream cheese out of my whisk.
But it all worked out in the end. :D

Now I have day three of classes and I hope they're as interesting the second time around as they were the first (because I only have my two main classes on MWF). Fingers crossed.


Natalie said...

I miss Doctor Who being on tv :(
I hope you enjoy your cheesecake, and I'm glad it turned out better than mine do. The base always ends up floating up into the creamy bit :P

IFTBA said...

I used to be a TV junkie, but now I prefer it to be my own fault when I don't get anything done in a day. This is why I elected not to watch Flash Forward or Eastwick. (Also, Eastwick is cancel-bait.) I'm watching most things online at my own pace. Though that's only because the networks refuse to show anything in letterbox.

to_thine_own_self said...

That's weird...I was just thinking about the whole TV thing the other day, too.
I'd never been into TV, really. I'd just watch it occasionally when I had nothing better to do.
But for some reason after I graduated in May, I've become hooked on a few shows. I watch Ghost Whisperer every night at 7.
Dancing With The Stars is on on Mondays and Tuesdays. ANTM on Wednesdays. Thursdays are dedicated to Grey's Anatomy and FlashForward. Oh, and I watch Ghost Hunters then, too. Fridays I watch the new, non-rerun Ghost Whisperers.
Saturdays is, of course, SNL.
It's crazy. It's become a complete schedule. Ahahah.

That dude in your one class sounds...interesting.

And I don't cook either, so I understand how big of a deal it is that you made a pie. Congrats!


Andrew said...

I used to be one of those people who just watched tv and channel surfed but i cant do that anymore. I like you watch specific shows. And they all seem to be on on the same day so im glad i dont live in America lol.

Monday: Big Bang Theory, Gossip Girl, House. (Plus 24 when it returns)
Wednesday: Glee
Thursday: Bones
Friday: Stargate Universe

In addition to all those i also watch Veronica Mars when i am bored. And Doctor Who when its on. I also spent the entire summer watching all 7 seasons of The West Wing.

I am also gonna try and get into Weeds, as i like the actress and you mentioned it in one of your videos.

omgitslouise said...

I mostly record programmes to watch at the weekends when I have more time, stuff like Gilmore Girls which is on at 10am on weekdays, so I'm always at schools.
I only religiously watch Heroes, Ugly Betty and Gossip Girl, but if there's something that looks really interesting then I'll watch it. There was a really good documentary on BBC1 this week about identical twins, it was so interesting!! :]

Ravenclaw2313 said...

I'm in the watching way too much TV category too. For the longest time it was only one show a week, whatever dad and I were watching first West Wing and then Lost, but now it's out of control. I think Hulu is what broke me. Now I can watch anytime and I think I'm subscribed to like 15 shows. Still Lost is the only one I think I couldn't give up, but How I Met Your Mother would be hard to part with too.

karenlydia said...

I used to watch a lot of tv, but I had to give that up because I got NOTHING done.
I used to watch:
House, Chuck, ANTM, Bones, Heroes, Lost, Gossip Girl, How I Met your mother, NCIS, The Office, Smallville
It was a bit excessive... :P
Congrats on making cheesecake! I'm planning on making apple pie this weekend.

Freakish Lemon said...

Oh man, you're telling me. I started watching a bunch of shows on Hulu over the summer and now they're all starting with new episodes. And I'm absolutely terrible at remembering TV show times. And frankly, I'm incapable of even remembering what shows I've watched.

Then my room mates turn on the TV and there are all these previews/commercials for new episodes of shows and it's quite frustrating.

Christina said...

Um, okay. Get ready for a long list.

Monday: How I Met Your Mother, The Big Bang Theory, Heroes, House, Gossip Girl, Greek. One Tree Hill.

Tuesday: So You Think You Can Dance

Wednesday: Glee, So You Think You Can Dance

Thursday: Grey's Anatomy, Flashforward, Fringe, The Office, Project Runway

Friday: Ugly Betty.

Saturday: This is the day I spend not watching so much tv, cus you know, I have to go out sometime!

Sunday: Desperate Housewives, Dexter

Plus Lost and Chuck when they return!

What can i say? I'm an addict. TV is love :)

Phili W said...

You should totally be watching Big Bang Theory, child. =)

Monday: Gossip Girl, Big Bang Theory
Tuesday: So You Think You Can Dance
Wednesday: So You Think You Can Dance, America's Next Top Model (and I should be watching Glee, it's right up my alley)
Thursday: Vampire Diaries (shush), Grey's Anatomy, Private Practice
Friday: Ghost Whisperer

I miss Doctor Who. A lot.

Steve said...

mon: heroes, house HIMYM, big bang, castle
tue/weds: nothing, thankfully
thurs: supernatural, fringe, it's always sunny, flash forward, mentalist
fri: smallville, dollhouse

yeah, i'm definitely a TV junkie... although i watch them in the morning when i'm doing nothing productive anyway

Not Really Rufus Wainwright said...

The first time I made cheesecake, I didn't read the part about letting the cream cheese warm to room temp either. Your next one will be much easier to make!

I got rid of my TV about five years ago. Now the only shows I watch are the ones on Hulu or on DVD. Lots of free time, although I admit I spend a lot of it surfing the web :)

TheBlaireWitch said...

Oh boy,
Big Bang Theory, How I Met Your Mother, Heroes, Glee(ish), Parks and Recreation, The Office, Weekend Update Thursdays, Grey's, SNL and Desperate Housewives.
Seeing this written down, I can see that I have a problem.

And what a crazy random happenstance :) NPH <33

Oceansurferg said...

Monday: House, How I met your Mother, Big Bang Theory, maybe 2 and 1/2 men.
Tuesday: Nada
Wednesday: Glee
Thusday: Bones and Fringe
Friday: Real time w/ BM, the soup
Saturday: SNL, iCarly (please keep in mind I'm 14)
Sunday: Simpsons, Cleavland show, Family guy, American Dad

Total TV per week: 10 and 1/2
Plus I'm trying to finish all the gilmore girl episodes by the end of December... Maybe I should get a life xD

Kristen said...

I have kind of reversed. I use to base (yes, sadly) base my life around what I watched. Now the show has to be good or else I just don't watch it. This is my years must list:
Monday:CBS lineup(except CSI Miami)
Tuesday:18 kids and counting(yes I'm a Duggar fan)
Wednesday: GLEE!!!!!
Thursday: The Office(Jam is getting married, Jam is getting married!)
Friday:n/a Saturday:n/a
So that's four hours of programming.
and yay cheesecake!! I love that stuff: )
and your zombie pick terrifys me, I'm sooo gonna have nightmares tonight!

Sarah said...

When I was in high school I was jsut like you as well... much preferred to read or doing anything really than watch TV.

But then I moved out and went to university and my housemate has introduced me to shows that I can't even imagine not having in my life now! haha.

I too don't channel surf at all, I just watch specific shows, even then it's downloaded stuff since being in Australia we hardly get any good shows shown on the channels here.
But I am an avid follower, no, LOVER of shows such as Curb Your Enthusiasm, Big Love, Nip/Tuck, True Blood, Mad Men and Six Feet Under (only watched the whole series recently and it was pure amazing). Getting into Glee at the moment too... yes, as you have said, when it's a good TV show it's such a pleasure to sit back and watch.

On a side note, the guy in your class who likes women in tight clothes sounds fairly creepy. Sit away from him.

Emily said...

I actually want to go into television as a career, so I tend to watch a lot of it. I try to use the excuse that I'm doing it because one day I'll be making it and I can study what works and what doesn't by watching critically -- which is true, sure, but sometimes I just end up...watching. lol. I am ashamed. :P
I commented on the I Love Brains music video already, but I want to say again how AMAZING it is! ALL CAPS became one of my favorite bands the day you guys first announced the existence of it, and that music video was so perfect. I love it! <3

Cadisawi said...

The only show on TV right now that I make a point to watch is ANTM. Other then that I'm trying to get through all the old (think 60s here) episodes of Doctor Who. I'm on the end of season 6 and I can't wait!

VicMorrowsGhost said...

Zombies, creepers and cake! Oh My!

Zombignito (zombie + incognito) - To have a secrete life as a zombie.

Sarah said...

I used to watch TV alot and then something happened and now I don't follow as many TV shows as before...
I guess it's because I missed a couple of episodes of every show I was following and then it was completely impossible to understand what was happening xD
Here in Sweden they send (air? eh...) Heroes every weekday night and when I figured that out it had already been one week. So now I'm just being a rebel and skipping all the TV shows I used to love!

Also, congrats on managing to make a cheesecake :D

Anonymous said...

I am completely the same, Kristina. Last year I didn't have a TV in my student house so I didn't watch it. Now this year I do and every single day of August and September seemed to revolve around Veronica Mars. Thats five hours a week. Me and my friend are ADDICTED! Classes are getting in the way of Veronica Mars time. Bad bad bad bad!! :D

Cassie said...

Doctor Who is on the Sci Fi channel at like 5 am every Friday and they do marathons now and then, 2 recently.=]

Lisa Lu said...

I'm new to your Youtube channel and blog. Love it. I love Lost! I also watch Flash Forward, Gossip Girl, Heroes, America's Next Top Model, and Glee.

Anonymous said...

I am really bad about watching a lot of tv. Maybe if I make a list it won't seem as bad ;)

Monday...House & Castle & Lie to Me
Tuesday...The Forgotten
Thursday...Bones (Going to watch The Mentalist)
Friday...Dollhouse & Psych

Nevermind, that's pretty bad. I think that's it though. And mostly, I watch these shows on Hulu

kira902k said...

Yeah, I've never been a TV person. Last year, So You Think You Can Dance was the only show I watch. This year it's only Glee. And I watch Doctor Who and Deathnote online, so I guess those count.
That guy in your class sounds...awkward.
Also, I'm going to check out Eastwick to see Darren Criss! SQUEE.


Sean said...

I used to be one of those who would watch whatever was on if I had nothing better to do (or even if I had something better, like reading or homework to do). But then I found pretty women, and...j/k :-p

I mostly have it down to the core shows I *have* to see every week: Heroes, Glee, NCIS, Lost (when it's that season), Smallville, The Office, and now FlashForward...and when it's back on regularly, Doctor Who. I don't have cable anymore so I'm glad that I can still get my fix for each of those online.

p.s. about "pretty women" guy: at least he was honest and you all now know to watch out for him :-p (although that might be one of those things it would have been better to be blissfully unaware of)

Aly said...

Watch Dollhouse! It is so incredibly good. You need to catch up with last season but it is definitely one of the best things on television.

Amanda said...

Monday: How I met your mother
Thursday: Bones, Supernatural, Grey's anatomy
Friday: Smallville
Saturday: Merlin

I've also been watching One tree hill but I'm only on the fifth season so I don't watch it on tv yet. I love tv-shows. A lot.

I've never even heard of Glee, maybe I'll check it out :)

Amanda said...

Oh, and I watch True blood, too :)

Keira said...

what, you don't watch House? D:

monica said...

you need to watch Modern Family! it's soo hilarious! it's kind of like Arrested Development meets The Office. very quotable.

Anonymous said...

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