Monday, October 5, 2009

"We could go there."

I can't even begin to explain how I am feeling lately. I will only have been home for 2 weeks this Wednesday, but it feels like ages. I honestly feel like I was in London months ago. In another life. Or something.

I was talking to my good friend Colin on the phone today, and I was telling him that everything about my particular experience this summer was strange.
I never really felt like I was on the other side of the world because of how many friends I have over there. Sure I was in a new country where the food and the signs and the accents were different, but I had people to hang out with every day and friends that I already knew, so I kind of felt at home already.
And then cut to Seattle, to home, where a lot of times people come back from being gone for a long time and have trouble re-inserting themselves into their routines because life did, in fact, go on without them for the whole time they were gone.

But I didn't experience that either. My best friend (Eia) was gone too, for the same amount of time, so everything about our dynamic was just put on pause. I'm not very close to anyone else in Seattle aside from my housemates, and whatever they did in their spare time when I was gone doesn't really affect how we all interact in our living room, so life literally picked up exactly where it left off back in July. In fact we're all already closer after this last week in a half, oddly.

The only other people I am really close to here are Liz and Kayley and I only see them every so often anyway, so nothing's changed there either.

Basically, what I am trying to say, is that I experienced literally NO reverse culture shock like everyone warned me I would. Life here is absolutely the same, except that I now have a much more expensive taste for clothes, and I am incredibly more willing to go hang out with people and do things than I was before, because I am not being pathetic and video-chatting/waiting for emails up in my bedroom.

Anyway, I think these are all good things. Because life here is back to normal (better than normal, honestly), and I am, for the most part, doing really well and looking forward to the next year of my life here at UW and in Seattle.

Yesterday morning I was talking to my friend Josh and we decided we wanted doughnuts. I said the best doughnuts were at VooDoo Doughnuts - in Portland.
He was like, "We could go there."
It's three hours away.
I have free gas in my Fiesta for another month.
It didn't take much convincing.
We literally drove to and from Portland in one day just for doughnuts. After we got the doughnuts we were just kind of walking around the city and I asked, "so now what do we do?"
We didn't really account for the fact that we would still be in Portland at that point, since our plan only went as far as "get doughnuts".

Then when I got home, rather late, Eia and PJ watched the Wedding Crashers while I slept on a footstool. I really didn't mean to sleep on the footstool, but it just happened that way. Sometime around 11 Eia kicked me and said "go to bed!" and I nodded and obliged.

Tonight I went with Justin to Urban Outfitters to help him pick out a new jacket under the condition that I not buy anything. I bought a skirt. Sigh. It's a really nice skirt.

Tomorrow is my first day back to work! It's going to be incredibly weird. I hope I remember how to use the computer system. xD (It also just hit me earlier today that I have been at my job for FOUR YEARS. How many 21 year olds can say they've worked at the same place for that long?)


thisiscarlye said...

I know what you mean about the shopping...I'm in debt right now, I need to stop! haha. We're also in the same situation at work! I'm 20 and have been at my job for 4 1/2 years now! I don't see myself quitting in the very near future either haha. If you find a good one, why get rid of it right? Glad you're enjoying being back!!!

Cadisawi said...

It's good that you don't feel the reverse culture shock. If you did you'd be spending the time you're using to go out and have fun on.....I don't know, remembering to return your library books or something. When I went to Pakistan for two months that actually happened to me and I got a 10$ fine!

Also staying at the same job for 4 years is good if you're still studying (have seniority with shift times and hours) but sad if you've had your degree for awhile. *shrug*

partyweetow said...

Sadly, I can say that I worked at McDonald's for three years, and I just turned 22. I don't work there anymore, though! I quit when I was 19. ^_^

Ravenclaw2313 said...

It's nice to see you doing so much at home and having fun. For the record you were missed in St. Louis, but it's good to do stuff at home with housemates and what not. And random road trips to get doughnuts sounds fantastic. Voodoo doughnuts however sounds a little creepy.

my feet look small from up here said...

well to me it still sounds like your not happy to be back maybe you need to film yourself being happy with friends or something that way when your sad you can remember the good times and that fact the your living in a country I and many others would love to visit.

Kris said...

Living in Portland, I don't appreciate VooDoo as much as I probably should. They are AMAZING doughnuts.

That's awesome that you drove all the way down here just for doughnuts though. Sometimes spontaneous trips (especially with free gas!) are the best ones. =)

Aviva R. said...

Kristina, I just wanted to say I really enjoy your youtube videos and blog entries. Your blog is really entertaining and I read it almost every day. Thanks for writing so often! I also have had a doughnut from VooDoo. They are so hilarious and delicious.

Amethyst Princess said...

I can not say that I have been in the same job for 4 years, I am 23 and I have been at my job since the store opened though...2 years ago. I am one of the few left that was there for set up and grand opening.

I hope you are having fun with what is left of your time with your car. Take on 3 hour drives just to get something to eat, it is always fun.

Chrystie said...

I'm glad you're not having reverse culture shock :) oh and i've been working at MY job for FOUR YEARS too. and i'm 21. but yes, most people can't say that.

Ready Set said...

Are you still friends with Brittany from the Parselmouths? I know you, Eia, and she were really good friends in the past but it seems like you never talk about B any more. JW.

bookmouse99 said...

When I am 21, I will have been working my job for almost 6 years....

Wow its weird when you think about it.

The actual best doughnuts are in Canada.

Good luck at work and I am happy you don't have reverse culture shock

Enjoy your last month with your Fiesta!!

Kate said...
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Kate said...

I've been working at my job for four years and two weeks...
...and I'm 20. WIN!

Jerry Cooke said...

I can say it; I've been at my job for nearly five years now :)


Maggie said...

Kristina, I just bought Songs in the Key of Email and I am enjoying it a lot! Well done to you and Luke.

I do have to contain myself at work though... yesterday I was singing "I Love Brains" as I put my lesson plans together and one of my coworkers asked, "Are you singing about... zombies?" I gave her a sheepish grin, since explaining would be difficult.

And congrats on the DFTBA label sign. Huzzah!

Angela Leigh said...

I just recently started reading your blog. I got here the long way via vlogbrothers > charlie > 5AGuys > 5AGirls > italktosnakes.

I haven't actually read the comment you were referring to in this post, but I think I understand what the intent was... "me thinks the lady doth protest too much."

While I believe you are rounding the corner into being in a good place again, that particular reader may have felt like if you needed to justify it how happy could really be?

As someone in their late 20's, take it from me, you're doing everything right. You're living life loudly and while you may come out with a few scars you'll also come out with tons of memories and the knowledge that grabbed every chance you could.

fivebyfivewhat said...

Sorry you lost out on the Antarctica trip... I did vote for you. Twice!

I'm sure there'll be other trips, and you'll get on those, look back and say "why the hell did I want to go to Antarctica? Cold? Frostbite? pfffttt..." :D


K said...

My sister is 21 and has worked at the same place for seven years. :)


Every trip should imply doughnut shopping.

Sammie said...

Haha, I love spontaneous road trips. One time my friends and I went to Grand Forks (we live in Winnipeg, Canada) to go for dinner. haha, we seriously love this one restaurant and we don't have it.