Friday, April 2, 2010

Blog More Frequently in April

So I was going to do Blog Every Day in April... actually, no, that's a downright lie. What actually happened is that yesterday I saw Hayley was doing BEDA again, and I thought for one fleeting second, "Hey! What! If she's doing it then I have to do it, and somehow do it better than her, because everything we do is a competition," but then I shrugged it off. This quarter I am doing an internship and working on my senior thesis, and believe me, that is enough obligation for me for the month of April. So I'll be doing BEDA in August with Maureen.

But anyway, I've decided to, at the very least, do "Blog More Frequently in April". So, thus kicks off the start of BMFA.

Let me give a short update on the reasons I haven't been blogging:

1. I'm still doing the Lost blog, You Blog, Everybody.

2. The new ALL CAPS album came out last Sunday, and thus, Luke was up here visiting for my Spring Break. (And we have a new t-shirt available!)

3. We spent all week making two music videos for our songs World of Warcraft Ruined My Life and Don't Unplug Me.

4. I started school again.

5. I've been watching Avatar: the Last Airbender with my roommate pretty much every day because it's really good and we're addicted to it.

Anyway, now that I have completely link-spammed you guys, here is how school is going. Since I came to you all for advice on picking my classes, and you're probably curious how it's playing out.

The film class sucks. And I'm blaming you.

Haha. Okay, I wont entirely blame you. I just.. I mean.. if you were to go out on a limb and guess what one might do in a French Film class... what would you say? Watch films, of course, Kristina. Duh.

No, dear blog readers. We are not, in fact, watching many films at all. This class is mostly for French or Cinema majors (in fact, the "8" people the class was advertised for just meant they'd only allow 8 people to take it for Comparative Lit credit), so our little professor who has a thick accent (and says things like "dee-bate" for debate) stands at the front of the room and walks us through the history of French cinema for 2 hours, 3 days a week. The other day we spent a whole hour learning the french terms for "extreme close up", "medium long shot", etc.

Worst. Class. Ever. So thanks a LOT. Ha.

But the rest of my classes are going well, and I signed up for a focus group meant for people doing non-traditional thesis projects (I plan on doing a video) and that's pretty exciting.

Tonight I am going to see Muse in concert again with a bunch of my friends, this weekend is Easter with the fam, and Sunday I am going to LA (again xD) to hang with Luke and to see Emma, whom is visiting from London. I am very, very excited to see her, as we haven't seen each other since The Dreaded Summer 2009.

Okay, you know how you can have a Google Search bar in your toolbar, and whatever the last thing you searched for is just chillin' up there, unless you delete it (which I usually don't)?
I always crack up whenever I happen to look up there and see what the last thing I searched for was, so for now on, I am going to share it with you in this blog.

Last Google search: "bear cub being scared by a lion"
Chipotle burritos: 8


Im A Gryffindork said...

my last google search was "inanimate objects with faces"

eibbore said...

Sorry your film class sucks. You would think they would make you watch films.

Good luck with your thesis, I am attempting to finish my own atm. And by that I mean I have 15,000 words due on the 16th and I am still transcribing my interviews, WOO! I have a lot to do.

Enjoy Muse *is jealous* and have a good weekend/time in LA.

My last google search is boring "smart survey" because I couldn't remember the website. XD

Lauren said...

So sorry your French film class kind of sucks. If it makes you feel any better, I totally would have unknowingly signed up for it too. xP

I hope we will get to see your thesis! It sounds like it will be rather interesting.

You MUST make a blog post about your thoughts of the Muse concert. I went to see them last month and it was the greatest experience of my life! Also, have fun in LA!

Katie said...

You could always drop it? And maybe pick up something else, or is it too late for that?

seurat2 said...

So sorry Kristina. In my defense, it sounded like a fun class. So clearly not one though. Perhaps you'll learn something from it anyway? I mean, besides to not listen to my advice?

appletrain said...

hahahah i TOLD YOU to take that ceramics class! omg that film class sounds wretched. aw i keep hoping we'd be in LA at the same time so i'd run into you at disneyland or something. alas. my last search was really boring. i wanted to see if there were girl scouts in the UK so i could get me some cookies instead of having my mom ship them over XD

Rivkle said...

ur like a live "Jessica Darling" novel

Javi Y Maite said...

I am Spanih I know you in you tube.I like your music.
I need answers.
Luke and Christine live in the same city?
Luke and Kristin is boyfriend now?
You know, I listen to Spanish radio Luke Connard music?

kira902k said...

Ah, I actually feel bad about so enthusiastically suggesting the french film class. XD
And my google thing currently says "hamlet script." Pretty proud of the nerd credits I get for that. :)

RhianonLives said...

Ouch, french film class sounds so french. I feel sorry for you.
Also, why so sloppy in your writing today? I'M NOT COMPLAINING xD Sorryyy...

Ariel said...

I'm a bit relieved that I voted for the ceramics class. Now I don't have to blame myself for your boredom! xD
I am sorry it's not going the way you want it to, but it sounds like you've got lots of nice distractions coming up. Will we get to see your thesis project on the tubes ('tubes? tubez? Not sure of the proper grammar there)?

Krazy_4_Kelly said...

I voted for the human sexuality class so I'm not to blame at all for your boredom which allows me to sleep easier tonight ^_^ haha

I feel like you should make a cooler acronym like BEDA for Blog More Frequently in April. My suggestion is Blogging in April More Frequently, or BAMF xD

Have a good weekend, Kristina!

Stephanie said...

I'm signed up for my first ever film class next semester: Introduction to Hispanic Drama. But for one thing, since it's a 300 level Spanish class I'm taking it mainly for the Spanish credits. And for another, I've heard that the professor for it is great at film analysis, so I'm looking forward to it.

And who knows, maybe your class will get better...I'll hope it does at least, for your sake.

SayAnything said...

I'm not on my computer now, but rather my blackberry, however I'm pretty sure the last thing I Googled at home was the US release date for Hamlet starring David Tennant. I absolutely love that man. (Its May 4th, if you're interested)

partyweetow said...

Oh, I'm sorry the French film class isn't, like, a watching class! I guess it wouldn't be so bad if you had at least a little bit of interest in the French language, but I don't remember you ever mentioning it. :\

Gah I was supposed to go see Muse a few weeks ago in Chicago! I ended up selling my ticket, though, because I just had another surgery and figured the "adult" thing to do would be to sell the ticket. Very very sad times.

Emily said...

Kristina! I don't know if you were still thinking of trying out for America's Next Top Model, but I found out about auditions in Portland.
Portland, OR
Saturday, April 10
Lloyd Center Mall
2201 Lloyd Center
Portland, OR 97232-1363
Just so you know, if you wanted to go. :]
I'm really sorry your film class sucks so much. I hope it'll get better!

allysonkate said...

The best sounding classes are often the worst. HOW AWFUL!
At least you can still say you're in a French Film class and still sound BA. :]

accioweasley said...

Hey Kristina, (haha, see what I did there? Yeah, clever, I know.)
I pre-ordered bmin/e awhile ago, and I still have the receipt, and I haven't gotten it yet. Is it really this late? I'm just a little confused over the situation.

alylurker said...

Sorry about your film class :(
My last google search is "pokemon soul silver help" xD
And avatar the last airbender is honestly my favorite show ever! I watched the entire 3 seasons in about 2 weeks, completely blowing off school (not good- but its ok because despite my procrastinating I got my work done). Its just so addicting and intense and awesome.
Also BMFA is an anagram for BAMF :o -le gasp-
I also pre-ordered bmin/e and am UBER excited for it to come and I just wanted to let you know!!

Sarah said...

You should have called it Blog in April More Frequently (BAMF) :)
Sorry about your sucky class.

the_who_ru said...

I've deleted my last Google search, but I can still remember it: face of Mars. :D Google Image it, it's really bizarre!