Saturday, April 3, 2010

Drowning.. Asphyxiated.

Okay, I've been convinced.

Apparently you all think it would be way, way better if I called this month Blog in April More Frequently, so I hearby kickoff BAMF. Let's go.

Last night I went to the Muse concert at the Key Arena in Seattle. I realized I hadn't actually been to the Key Arena since I was younger and the Seattle Super Sonics still existed. And also, this is the Arena in which they do Disney on Ice, and Eia and I lamented a little bit about missing it.

But MUSE. Muse was awesome. Last time I saw them, they were playing 107.7's Deck the Hall Ball, so while they were amazing and they were headlining the show, they were just a band on a stage. A perfect opportunity to be right in the middle of the floor crowd and trying to get as close as possible to the stage, actually, which is what my friend Liz and I did.

THIS time, however, they had a multi-thousand dollar budget and turned their show into a pulchritudinous array of lasers, haze, and these three giant columns with screens on them that they utilized in different ways for literally every song. My favorite part of the whole show was when they used the middle column to look like a tank of water with a man swimming and struggling inside for the most literal translation of "Time is Running Out" I've ever seen. I was really concerned about whether or not he was going to make it through the song. He did not. He drown.

Also, there were a few songs where they just went laser-crazy, which was awesome because in Seattle we have a laser dome and one of my favorite shows was Laser Muse. So this was like Laser Muse.... only better, since they were actually there.

So anyway, we were sitting in the stands for this show, which I think was the best place to be. Yes, there was a whole mass of GA people on the floor, jumping and dancing and pumping their fists, but from where we were sitting, we had a perfect view of the show as a whole package. I was really happy with the whole experience.

Also, Matt Bellamy had this piano with light-up keys, and each key was affiliated with a lightbulb up on the top of the piano.. so when he'd play, you had a visual of the bulbs lighting up as he hit their respective key. So it looked really really awesome when he was playing arpeggios vs. when he was playing chords and it was so fun to watch. MUSIC IS AWESOME.

Oh! And, I tweeted about being at Muse, and someone who follows me said she was there too, in section 106. I was in section 104, so I tweeted back saying I was wearing a pink sweater and standing up. A few moments later..

We weren't very far away from each other, so we waved from our respective seats. That was fun. :)

I had a blast at Muse. I know people wanted me to do a write up last time I saw them, and I never did, so I hope this makes up for that.

Today I am going home for Easter, and I think I'm going with my parents and my uncle to the casino? We'll see. Either way, we're having Easter brunch tomorrow morning and I am excited for that.

Last Google search: "Asphyxiated" (I was checking the spelling xD)
Chipotle burritos: 8


Krazy_4_Kelly said...

Yayyyyy I'm so excited for BAMF =D

I'm glad the concert was so awesome. That's really funny that you met someone that follows you on twitter there xD

Also, since I was working on homework before taking time to read this, you might be interested to know that I need to write a paper about existential theory for my psychology class. For this I need to choose a song and right now I'm pretty sure the song I'm using will be Before and After. I'm very excited to introduce my teacher to the awesomeness that is this song haha

Natalie said...

Good choice, Kristina, give in to the masses :)
Muse sounded really fun, and the lasers! I wish I could go to a laser show.
Once, I met a girl I'd talked to online at a My Chemical Romance show, we'd got sat in the same block by chance. Man, I love the internet!
Looking forward to more BAMF!

RhianonLives said...

I google check my spelling too xD though I usually use the spell-check in the Microsoft Word thing.
Oh and BTW did you see G-Monster's challenge on her blog? Damn girl xD

accioweasley said...

haha, I love how Hayley hates the whole .. thing and that you have it at least twice in there :P
So excited for BAMF!

Qtktkat said...

Wow that sounds really cool! Are you going to watch Doctor Who today?

alylurker said...

Ooh yay! I'm glad I'm not the only one that wanted the whole BAMF thing xDD
And I'm so jealous that you saw Muse-again!

Cate said...

I work at an arena where they do Disney on Ice. It's AWESOME.

alyson said...

I think when your last google search is weird you should let the readers try and guess why you searched for that in the comments. It'd be pretty funny to see what people come up with.

Deanna said...

I'm such a horrible speller that most of the time my google bar has some horribly mispelled word that I'm trying to figure out, today however it says $1.27. I have no idea.

Elisabeth said...

I loooove Muse. I saw them when they were here in January, and they were amazing. I think it was the same show - lasers and those three giant backdrop screens. I don't remember lights on the keyboard, though.

We were in the mosh pit at the front. At the start of their set, we were about six people from the very front but our view improved once we got pushed back a bit. Seriously though, the atmosphere was AMAZING. I am still in awe when I think about it.

rachel_claire said...

I'm going to see Muse in September. So excited!!
My google bar says 'Matt Smith'. I am now slightly obsessed with him following Doctor Who yesterday.

Marissa said...

I went to Deck the Hall Ball a long time ago. But it wasn't Muse that night... And my friend actually bought her little brother some tickets for that show so they all went. Glad you had a good time!

Anna M. said...

BAMF haha.
that twitter thing is really cool I think, oh the powers of the internet

Jordiekins said...

I am so, so... So, so, so, so, so, so sorry if I hurt your feelings in my comment on Hayley's blog. If it helps, I was totally kidding and don't actually find her boyfriend to be "soOoOoO h4wtz.". I mean, i have a penis, so... Ugh, noy for me.


P.S. My Captcha was "Bessibri," just FYI.

Sarah said...

Haha I'm so glad you took the BAMF suggestion :) Makes it sound way more exciting... very renegade-blogger-esque

caliowin said...

I'm seeing Muse in September and I can't freaking wait!!

trumpetplayingnerdfighter said...

Dear Kristina,

On behalf of Hayley's blog readers, I'd like to apologize for those of us who failed to read the footnotes at the end of her blog. You are both awesome, and I'm sorry that some readers FTBA'd.

Happy Easter :)

Pip said...

Kristina, I would just like to say that you are Hayley G. Hoover are equally awesome!!

mrsvoldie said...

I find it kind of funny that when I clicked on the "italktosnakes" bookmark button on my browser, not knowing that your next blog would be about Muse, "Time is Running Out" came on my shuffle on iTunes. Awesome. Anyways, I saw Muse a couple of weeks ago as well, and they were so awesome. Those pillars and the light show were really cool, and muse, of course, was amazing. :)

muse88 said...

'Time is Running Out' is by far my favourite track. Glad you enjoyed the concert! Very poignant song at the minute because I finish university in four weeks! :S

VTBurninator said...

Love the "using google as spell checker," do it all the time!

And Kristina, I hope you don't take to heart some of the things people commented on Hayley's Blog. You're both wonderful and amazing people, there is no comparison!!

Foxy Roxy said...

So it was my idea to do BEODA (blog every other day in April) before I saw your past 2 blog posts. Gives me
more of a goal. However I might like BAMF better bc it sounds easier :)

I'm also so jealous you got to see muse!!! I love them! Oh well, I guess I'll get over it. I'm really glad you had a good time Kristina!!!

Abbie said...

BAMF is waaayyyy better than BEDA. And I'm super jealous that you got to see Muse life. I love them x152975. That's super cool that you met someone who follows you, though. It's a small world.

Emily said...

I'm really glad to know that someone besides myself uses Google to check the spelling on big words. =]

sheepishlyliz said...

hey Kristina!
I've been reading your blog, watching your videos and LOVING both for about two months now. I check your channel and this blog everyday for new stuff. Your life sounds so cool, with college and ALL CAPS and fiveawesomegirls and everything else :)
And I TOTALLY love your friends even though I've never met them. Eia sounds fantastic, and Luke is... very cute.

I'm from Australia so I'll probably never meet you, but if I did I would be completely starstruck.
Oh, the other day, me and a whole heap of friends had a massive conversation about how awesome Lumos Flies is! I bought it from iTunes the day Bmin/e was released and I've listened to it so many times!

Anyway this has been a long fangirl-y comment but I just wanted to let you know how awesome I think you are. Your voice is also amazing, BTW. I wish I could sing like you!

if you want to, check out my blog you might enjoy it!

keep writing Kristina, I love reading your stuff!

Dinah said...

Dearest fellow West-coaster,
you are lovely.

For realz.

I wish you visited Vancouver (BC) more often.

No Sense Me said...

i really want to go see Muse when they come to Rock in Rio in May =D

jenibo said...

Hello, Kristina.

I keep checking back to see if you're BAMF, but it's been a few days since you have. I know that this does not mean that you are not blogging more frequently, but I just wanted to let you know that I am looking forward to your next post. :)

Tahereh said...

wow what an awesome coincidence!!

loved the post!

& great blog!! :D

.AmandaBayBay. said...

i was woundering how you design your top words.

if you could please go to my blog and comment back i would be so greatful.

thank you.

Jess the Nerdfighting Band Geek said...

I haven't lived in Washington since I was in third grade (10th grade now) I had no idea the sonics were gone =(