Thursday, April 8, 2010

Let's Watch Back to the Future!

Okay, I'll admit it. BAMF isn't going so well. BUT - I was down in LA since Sunday, and it was one of those jam-packed trips where I had 3 days to spend a considerable amount of time with both Luke and Emma, film 2 music videos, record stuff for a song for Luke, watch Lost, watch the new Doctor Who, go to Disneyland, and so on. So I was busy writing blog posts in my head and knowing I'd make it up to you guys when I get back. Which I am. So that's what I'm doing. Hello.

So, I'm thinking that after April is over, I am going to change the BAMF acronym to mean "Blog Altogether More Frequently", because that's just a good idea. So we'll see how long that lasts.

This paragraph was written a few days ago:

I am in LA! Emma (the one who basically took care of me when things were kind of crummy last summer in London) is here visiting, so I took the opportunity to kill two birds with one stone - see a good friend who is generally half a planet away from me, and see the boyfriend. I am so lucky the flight from SeaTac to LAX is so short. Most people would probably be annoyed that they have to take a flight to see their boyfriend, but after two flights to the UK and back… this is no big deal.

And this is me typing in my living room right now:

Last night my brother Nick picked me up from the airport around 11pm, which was nice of him, as it was a school night for him. When we got home, I intended to just grab my keys, the rather large tub of hummus in the fridge that my mom bought for me, and drive home to Seattle, but we got a little distracted. First I showed him this video that I helped The Oceanic 6 guys with when I was down in LA (it's a Lost reaction video/song where I aided in writing a few lines in Japanese since it was a DDR inspired J-Pop song). But then, my brother told me to "sit down", because he knows I hadn't actually tried chat roulette yet and thought I needed the experience at least once, especially after being in Hank's video.

The very first thing that popped up on the screen was a big floppy penis. My brother threw his hand over the screen and said "don't look!" Then we both laughed as he said, "what a great first time." Then we nexted through about seven or eight people who looked like losers before stopping on this woman who was wearing an incredibly tiny tank top and lounging on her bed in a suggestion fashion. To be funny, Nick typed in, "hey sexy."

Instead of replying, she made a motion with her hand and then her boyfriend's face appeared on the screen. We cracked up, said "oh crap!" and hit next again.

Finally, we got to someone who asked if they could draw us. We said "sure" and sat as still as we could for about 5-10 minutes. The person was not a very good artist, but it was better than any of the other people we'd run into up 'til that point so we sat it out. They thanked us, afterward, because apparently hardly anyone ever lets them finish.

After that, I drove home. Justin was waiting at the door when I pulled up, and taunted me saying he would have helped me bring my stuff in, but it was raining. What a gentleman.

We have this game we play when we're sitting in the living room together (which is fairly often, even though I am a full time student and he has a full time job - since I quite enjoy skipping class and he quite enjoys missing work). It's called the "Let's Watch Back To The Future" game.

The rules of this game are as follows:
1. We want to watch Back to the Future.
2. We turn on the TV and look through what's on at that given moment.
3. Generally, Back to the Future is playing on SOME channel.
4. We say "YES!", high five, and watch Back to the Future from whatever point it's at on TV.

Amazingly, this game has at least a 75% success rate. I'd assume this would also work with Harry Potter movies, or the TV show Friends.

While I had a really good time in LA, it's kind of nice to be back to my regular schedule. Get up, do work (ie. homework, video-making, stuff for the HPA, blogging, etc.), go to class, come home, watch Avatar: The Last Airbender with Justin, talk to Luke, get more work done, eat lots of hummus and laughing cow cheese. I lived a charmed life.

Also, you can only buy the new ALL CAPS t-shirt until Saturday! Then it's gone FOREVER! (Unless you come see us on tour this summer.)

Alright. This is probably one of the most disjointed blog post I've ever written, as I wrote it in about 5 different sittings over 3 different days. But there you go. BAMF.

Last Google search: "we rule friend add bug" (Out of context this sounds really weird, but let me explain: my friend Ariana got me hooked on this new game for the iPhone/iPod Touch called "We Rule", and I am having trouble adding friends, so I was searching help forums to see if there is a bug. xD)
Chipotle burritos: 8


Ravenclaw2313 said...

Sounds like you had an awesome time! I'm currently watching Avatar: The Last Airbender as well. Just finished season 2 tonight actually and I love every minute of that show. Can't believe I didn't watch before.

My roomie and I play a similar game. It's called "How many straight hours of Family Guy can we find?" The current no one has a marathon record is 6.

Im A Gryffindork said...

my friends and i play this game that we call "lets sit in adams basement" which started because adam has no lights in his basement. so its generally six of us spread out on a futon and a mattress thats older than me in the dark, to see who would get scared and leave first, but we just sort of fell asleep. interesting stuff huh.

its great that you get to see luke as often as you do, and from previous blog posts, it seems like everyone in the world deserves a healthy dose of emma every once in a while.

enjoy BAMF n_n

BenCracknell said...

That sounds pretty packed, but also pretty awesome at the same time. I'm glad you had a fun experience on chat roulette! Oh dear, some of the people on there nowadays..

Have a good day!

Allison said...

"BAMF" kind of looks/sounds like "BARF" in my head. I don't know why.
Anyway, HOLY MOLEY, that is a lot of stuff packed into two days. *is impressed*
Also, and this is off topic, I am SO SAD that you aren't coming to Phoenix this summer. *cries*

Kai said...

Glad you had fun!
Can't wait to see the music videos.

As for chat roulette, I'm going to wait awhile before I use that . . . haha.

VTBurninator said...

"Let's Watch Friends" has a 99.9% success rate lol...Welcome back, glad your travels were safe and exciting! PS- I was one of the lame people you nexted on Chatroulette...thanks :'(

Jokes! <3 ya Kristina!
Word Verification: doutichi

kira902k said...

Hah sounds like you had a great time and I like the whole Let's Watch Back to the Future game idea. I haven't watched that fora lonnngtime.

王志竹 said...

TAHNKS FOR YOUR SHARING~~~VERY NICE ........................................

Deanna said...

google box says: Lucky Man by Micheal J Fox. I needed a picture of it for my Tumblr. :)

I also play a similar version of "Let's watch Back to the Future" only it's called "Let's watch Micheal J Fox" Doc Hollywood seems to be on a lot lately.

There was a Spin City/ Family Ties marathon in my house last weekend.

J O D I E said...

Ahh.I think everybody has had that Chat Roulette experience..

Happy Humous ! (Btw how do you pronounce it ? It seems everybody has a different way.. I pronounce it hum-us. If that makes sense.) What did you think of the new Doctor Who ?

sbg_bubbly said...

I just want to let you know I am having a really shitty week and this blog post helped cheer me up :) Thanks for sharing.

Also, could write a blog post about your work with the HP Alliance?

lalalaamichelle said...

Avatar is the best show ever. I think I've said this before in the comment section of your blog, but I STILL BELIEVE IT.

(p.s. I wish you were still doing that word verification thing, because mine is "jawlsed" and I feel like it has a lot of potential.)

Katie said...

I live a semi-charmed kind of life.

ThoseWhoFavorFire said...

You said you watched Dr. Who. How? It doesn't come out here until April 17 and even then I don't know how to watch it because we don't get the BBC channel. Its very destressing. @_@

ThoseWhoFavorFire said...
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DoomAngelKitty said...

Ah Chat Roulette. My guy friend tried it once and told us on Facebook that he saw too many naked people and told us his experiences. It just cracked me up because it's quite funny.

P.S Once I get another $50 gift card voucher thing from iTunes, I'll search through iTunes for ALL CAPS (it is in iTunes, right?). I love the music.