Monday, March 22, 2010

I love to exclaim things!

This weekend I went out of town with my parents. I was reminiscing a few weeks ago, because we used to take these family trips down to Vancouver, WA all the time (because we have a lot of family down there) and now, due to my being busy or having (past tense) a job or not living at home anymore, that just doesn't happen very often. So I called up my mom and told her, and what do you know. She invited me down to Vancouver with them for the first weekend of my spring break.

So I had a really nice time! My dad went to a basketball game with my uncle the first night, so my mom and I got a hotel, went shopping, ate a fancy dinner, and enjoyed the hotel's hot tub. At dinner, I also found a type of wine (FINALLY) that I actually like.

I surprised myself, actually, because I do drink wine sometimes but usually it makes me make this face: XD
But lo and behold, Sauvignon Blanc does not make me do the XD face!

The next morning we got up and went to see Multnomah Falls in Oregon, which was beautiful.

There was a bridge the goes across the waterfall halfway up, so the picture looks like I'm standing above it; which I am! Weird angle to take a waterfall photo from... kind of nauseous-making.

A conversation I just had:
*literally 5 seconds ago, while typing up this blog

Justin: The meaning of life is to maximize happiness. Not for the individual person, but for a higher deity (God, if you will). Human existence is just the way that happiness is maximized.
Kristina: So, let me get this straight. If I'm God, then the world is my lego set?
Eia: Or my Lincoln Logs.
Kristina: My Harry Potter lego set.
Eia: What! No fair!

This is what happens in my living room.

Tomorrow I am picking up Luke from the airport and then we are racing home in time to catch the Richard Alpert episode of Lost (so excited to watch it together). Then we have a whole week together to do fun and exciting things! And our album comes out on Sunday! I could keep using exclamation points all day! I love to exclaim things!

Since we'll be busy doing ALL CAPS things, I probably wont have much free time in the next week. In that case, what better time to answer some formspring questions than right now?

Do you have a tattoo? If yes, of what, if no, do you think you'll ever get one and of what?
I have a lightning bolt on my right foot. I'll let you go ahead and guess what that represents.
I also want to get a less-than-three heart on my inner left elbow, but I am still working on that one.

How do you keep your skin so pretty and clear? :)
I actually had pretty bad skin growing up. I started getting acne in 1st grade (seriously) and it only got worse up through high school. I finally made the decision to go on accutane, which was horrible but it worked wonders. Since then I've appreciated having clear skin so much that I wash my face twice a day with either St. Ives Apricot Scrub or Clean & Clear Continuous Control Acne Cleanser.

Are you going to release another album with Eia?

Hmmmm. MAYBE.

What's your vocal range like, approximately?

My entire life I was told I was a Soprano, and I always sang the high parts in choir/musicals. Then in college I realized how much better I liked singing lower harmonies and how much more comfortable I am as an Alto. So... the moral of the story is, I have a rather large range, but I prefer singing lower.

Oh, hey Kristina.


How many people do you live with?

Five. Kind of. Eia and PJ and Justin live here, Paul mostly stays in his bedroom, and Ben pays rent but basically lives with his girlfriend. So three. But five.

What message would you want to read in a fortune cookie?

Surprise! Your dinner is free!

Okay, I was going to do more but I just realized it's after 1 in the morning and I should get to bed, since Eia and I have a big morning planned that includes buying our new pet turtles we've been talking about for probably over a year now. I am torn on what to name mine -- Prince Zuko (from Avatar: the Last Airbender) or Olmec (from Legends of the Hidden Temple). Expect twitpics tomorrow. :)

Chipotle burritos: 8


Michelle said...

I vote for Olmec! Cause you can't go wrong with Legends of the Hidden Temple!

I have a turtle named Franklin Littlefoot.

..after the kids tv show and movie. Yeah,I'm cheesy like that.

good luck with your future turtle!

Sarah said...

Ahh Kristina you answered my tattoo question... it is so super random that I randomly joined formspring today and put that today cause I was randomly thinking about tattoos and you had just tweeted... and then you post the answer in a blog all in all totally random but, awesome!

And a lightening bolt is pretty cool. I am thinking of getting a tat this weekend but I am still deciding on what I may or may not get. It's hard making the decision and choice!

Have a great night!

appletrain said...

olmeccc fersure! how i miss my nickelodeon..

Britty said...

Oh man, buying turtles with your roommate/best friend must be a great idea because 6 months ago my roommate and I bought turtles. Her first one was named Skeletor, but he died and her new one is named Tabisamu (African for smile, he's an african map turtle) because he always looks like he's smiling!
Mine on the other hand is named Evo Shandor who if you remember from the first Ghostbuster's Movie is a Gozer worshipper and build Dana Barrett's apartment.

Anyway, give Luke an extra big kiss from all the fangirls!

Jerry Cooke said...

I'm super happy about all the exclaimations! People should exclaim about more things! Though, that's just my lowly opinion.... !!!

haha, have fun buying turtles and seeing Luke and going tripple platinum with your new album <3

Captcha: BENTS - I'm picturing a tend that bends a lot in the wind, but it doesn't sound very practical. Silly captcha!

beangirl1389 said...

In your video,I knew my favorite show growing up was Legends of the Hidden Temple and all the others that you said. So, Olmec the turtle is def. a keeper. =)

Kris said...

Yay for Luke/Kristina time! We're going to make the world sick with our combined cuteness.

Also, as much as I like Olmec...I think I'm going to have to go with Prince Zuko on this one. Just because Avatar kicks so much ass. You just wait- the show gets SO GOOD over the next few seasons. =D

Emily said...

I really want to find that fortune cookie ...

D said...

so what is it like living in WA and i am moving up there and is there alot of stuff to do there by any to for fun up there and i like the song that you did of firefly with luke i thuoght it was good and i take it that you like harry potter and i i like harry potter

ttyl and have a good day

and i am casting a 1,000 chams lolz

That bloggers blog said...

u so gotta name ur turtle prince zuko i mean how many pet turtles can have a cool name like that nice waterfall

Maggie said...

Totally name it Zuko. Especially if it's angsty or prone to bitch about its honor. Then be all set for some sweet character development and crowning moments of awesome.

But make it some armor to protect it from the shipping wars that will inevitably ensue.

And if you ever have free time, is currently hosting an Avatar rewatch. We're only up to episode 3, but it's gonna be awesome!

Continue to exclaim. The world needs happy exclamations!

Jess the Nerdfighting Band Geek said...

Zuko! Definitely Zuko. He'll be a turtle desperate to catch the avatar, but he'll be really cutely annoyed with how slow he walks and how this affects his avatar hunting.

Chrystie said...

Sounds like you had fun this past weekend. I'm in need of a roadtrip. So I'm jealous! Haha. I also have a tattoo on my right foot. It's a Jesus fish. Yay for Luke time. I can't wait until next Sunday!!!

Anonymous said...

Apricot Scrub is actually not very good for your skin. The little exfoliator guys are actually ground up apricot seeds, which can have snags on them which could potentially do pretty awful things for your skin. If it's been fine for you thus far, though, i'm sure your skin can handle it, but you might not want to be using it every day.

elfarmy17 said...

Hey, I use that same Apricot Scrub too! And it works for me. I read that comment about the exfoliator things tearing up the skin, but mine's been fine, and I barely have any acne anymore. I highly recommend it.
And have a nice time with Luke. Sounds like loads of fun. :D
And that conversation sounds like something that might happen between me & my friends...

Cat said...

I'm so excited to find someone else
that loves Avatar: The Last Airbender!!

I vote for Prince Zuko!

Jess said...

Turtles are amazing, just saying. I would name a turtle Speedy . . .to be ironic. But I vote Zuko. :)

kira902k said...

Wait does this mean that we may not be able to look forward to a new Parselmouths album?
We've got to keep the wizard rock alive, Kristina! :O
And yay pet turtles :D

Katie said...

Yelling girl has returned! Ahhhh!

Allison said...

Prince Zuko! Do it!
Zuko is just about the best cartoon character EVAR.

Andrew said...

Take Luke to Dick's Drive thru, best burgers anywhere and you know it.

Jessica said...

definitely Zuko! I love Avatar!

Katzie said...

You just have to!
And then you can force-name the other turtle Aang, just for the fun of it.

Chelsea said...

Ah turtles are so lovely! I don't have one but I have a friend with two, their names are Gandolf and Tonks. I love creatures named after characters!

Anonymous said...

Hey Kristina, I read your blog religiously, but have only commented a few times.
I feel bad that this comment only serves to tell you that your waterfall picture, whilst being a beautiful thing of nature, looks like a penis.
Also a beautiful thing of nature, providing you aren't looking directly at it.
Sorry for sullying your comments.

SigneHansen said...

Nauseous-making - was it me, or was that an Uglies/Pretties/Specials/Extras-reference?

<3 Stine said...

Hi Kristina :-)
I'm a girl from norway :-) I watch your show on youtube. I love it ;D

Check out my blog :

RhianonLives said...

Turtles :D aren't those illegal now? I mean, at least I think they're slightly illegal in Portugal, but now I'm all confuzzled.
Anyway, I stopped commenting your blog for a looong time because I lost my password (typical -_-) but I just decided to make a new google account... Just thought you'd like to hear about the dedication to random blog commenting. Yeah.
Awesome boywholived tattoo, nerdiest thing I've ever heard!

Martin said...

Quick question. Are you taking part in ScritptFrenzy? It seems like something you'd like.
If so, what are you writing about?

Anonymous said...

Wine is tasty ^^ glad you found some you can enjoy, I love that after you start with something like wine you can always end up exploring it more, and finding new kinds to like, and new ways to like it.
have a good one Tina :)

Anonymous said...

IT IS A VERY NICE SUGGESTION, THANK YOU LOTS! ........................................

Sara said...

This is totally unrelated to this post, but totally related to your worries about ANTM. Eligibility rules here:
They don't explicitly say anything about removing internet media, just that you can't participate while on the show...At least not that I read...

allisonz said...

hey kristina,

i didn't know where it would be best for you to see this, but i think it needs to be in your life :]]

this particular post made me think of you :]]


Sasha said...

Watch out with those turtles! I thought they were pretty cute when they are babies and it would be just like having a fish. I ordered some online and posted on a forum after doing some research saying that I didn't know they can live for forty years and get pretty big and I didn't want either of those things to happen.
I got called a troll and everyone was really upset with me! Especially because I showed a picture of the "tank" that I bought which was basically a saucer, which to they relied I need at least a 20 gallon tank with a filter and lights.
Lesson learned, turtle people are crazy.