Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I still love popsicles, too.

Studying for classes you are not interested in is one of the most horrible things in a young collegiate life, and I can't wait to graduate in a month and never have to do it again!

I mean, I really do like learning. I can't wait to get started on my thesis, because editing the footage I have been receiving from my interview subjects is a type of school work I can really get behind. It's going to be fun for me to watch people talking about about something both they and myself are passionate about, and then find ways to mold and sculpt that footage into an interesting and (hopefully) moving documentary.

Studying the rise of early French cinema, on the other hand, is neither fun nor is it moving, and I'm going to keep complaining about it until after my midterm is over tomorrow.

In a sad attempt to pretend that my test is not in fact tomorrow, and that I don't have 30+ vocab words to learn, I am going to answer some more questions! Because anything is better than googling "Napoléon vu par Abel Gance (1927)". Seriously. That's the next term on my list. I took JAPANESE. What is this garbage?

Do you still like Draco and Ginny together and have you ever liked Harry and Hermione together?

I'll admit it; in my life, before there was wizard rock, I was very, very into fanfiction. And my favorite pairing was Draco/Ginny. WHAT. Before you judge me, just think about it. After reading probably 100+ D/G-centric works of fanfic, I can tell you that there are so many ways these characters can get together in a plausible, exciting fashion. And I liked redeemed!Draco and evil!Ginny quite equally. Also, this was the first thing I ever took part in where I made close internet/fandom friends (on the site That being said, I was friends with people who liked Harry/Hermione (because Ginny with Draco leaves Harry wanting for a girlfriend) but never really bought into the pairing myself.

What ever happened to your Draco Malfoy Series (I think it was like DLA)?

Yes, that's what we called it. xD We... stopped working on it. But we wrote tons and tons and tons of little scenes and I love to go back and read them, because it was a fun project, and I know WAY more about the Slytherin students of Hogwarts than any one person should know.

You have a very strange dimple in your chin, were you aware of this?

I like my chin dimple. I got it from my mom. She has the exact same one.

Aren't you a little old for emoticons?

Are you kidding me? I wasn't aware emoticons were lumped up there with training wheels and popsicles. Hell, I still love popsicles too.

Favorite Bender?

This is in regard to Avatar: The Last Airbender. I think Earth Bending would be the most useful/powerful (I mean seriously, having power over the Earth itself?), but I myself think I would most enjoy Water Bending. It just looks so graceful and can be used for so many purposes other than fighting. Air Bending is nice too, especially Aang's little air ball he rides around on, but obviously (as they've touched on in the show numerous times) Fire Bending seems more like a curse than a gift.

What did it feel like getting your tattoo?

Everyone I talked to scared me into thinking it would hurt so much that I was scared silly. When I actually got it, it didn't hurt nearly as badly as I anticipated. It wasn't fun by any stretch of the word, or very pleasant, but it was bearable. Also, my tattoo is really little so it only took about two minutes. :)
You know those pens they sell that require a battery and they vibrate when you write with them? Imagine a little tiny needle being in the tip of it, and that's what it felt like to me.

Last google search: "The Assassination of the Duke of Guise (1908)"
Chipotle burritos: 9


seurat2 said...

Mea culpa again on the french film class Kristina. Like anyone else who might have foolishly and annoyingly recommended it, I thought we were talking Godard and Truffaut and Rohmer. Which is a whole other thing believe me. Popsicles on the other hand, will always be awesome, especially orange ones. And popsicle sticks. And, in limited use, emoticons.

Katie said...

How long does your documentary have to be? Like, a minute per page the traditional paper should be? And are you going to share it with us on YouTube when you're done? :)

JetsChick said...

When you get into season three of AtLA you will see a whole new side of firebending when Aang legitimately has to learn it. ;)
Are you planning on seeing 'The Last Airbender'? when it come out? I'm pretty nervous that it's going to be a trainwreck. :P

Ravenclaw2313 said...

My first responce to this post is to ask a bunch of questions. Like is DLA posted anywhere anymore? Did you ever read any other fanfic pairings? What exactly will your thesis project be like and will we be able to see it?

Also I completely understand what you mean about not wanting to study for a class you dislike. I was stuck in a sociology class that seemed awesome till I actually started taking it. By then I was stuck cause I needed the credits. Good luck with the film class. Here's hoping you magically ace the exam!

Brenna said...

I didn't know you were a D/G shipper, Kristina! I kind of just assumed you were a cannon only type of girl. *shrugs* Well, you know what they say about people who assume..

Anyways, I'm part of a forum on that is specifically targeted to D/G. Feel free to check out The DG Forum any time you want. I promise, we have just about the best collection of still active D/G writers on the net. Well, aside from the founders of FIA. You really can't beat them...


I hope that didn't sound like I was pimping the site too much, I just thought you might be interested, that's all.

Kai said...

I think I should start watching Avatar . . .
I've seen some of it, but not in order!

to_thine_own_self said...

I agree with your answer about how tattoos hurt.
I always say it feels like when you walk across a carpet and then touch something metal and get shocked...just over and over again.
People do seem to make it out to be worse than it is. Lol.
Speaking of tattoos, though, I'm thinking about getting a lightning bolt myself. Maybe on my wrist or on my shoulder, though. And I'll get it next year on July 15th, because that's a really important date for me:
It'll be my 20th birthday and, of course, the day the last HP movie comes out.

[/end tattoo rant]

Good luck with your college-related stuff! Not too long until all of your hard work will have paid off =]

Manuel said...

I will watch Avatar in order over the next weeks to be prepaired for the movie. I've never watched a whole episode before.

creativemachine said...

Whoa! Back up a step...
You have a tattoo now? Forgive me, I haven't watched 5ag in a while, so if an announcement was made there, I missed it.... But I read everything you post here
Ok, point being, this is the first I have heard of this tattoo. My questions are 1. What did you get and 2. Where did you get it (on your body)?

BenCracknell said...

Once again, you never fail to amaze me. Hang in there with the French film class, It'll all be over soon!

Katy said...

Fanfiction is a guilty pleasure, but Hermione/Harry shippers are BITTER. It's gross. I indulge in Ron/Hermione fluff and the occasional Draco/Harry (ftw!)

herfordship said...

I liked your description of getting a tattoo. Mine was very similar, only I had to bear the VERY unpleasant feeling of them coloring in the outlined shapes. So, it was about 20 minutes of that. After about 2 seconds though you sort of go into this numb, unfeeling state. I remember saying that it was like getting pinched by a hermit crab....many times.

c said...

What is your tattoo? I sort of remember you once mentioning it's on your foot.

xoxo said...

I always wanted Draco and Hermione to get together, 'cause then Draco would have to take back all those things he said out mudbloods. And we all knew that he was secretly in love with her; he singled her out!

TheGrenadeJumper! said...

What is your tattoo?

Haha, I feel like such a stalker. :D
I mean, I'm making it a point to read ALL your blogs and pretty much have watched all your videos, and now, Im so curious about the tattoo thing! :P

勝傑懿綺 said...

一個人的快樂,不是因為他擁有的多,而是他計較的少。 ....................................................

Kaylin Smite said...

I did not know you got a tatoo! Whoa, I feel out of the loop AND a stalker, hehe :D
But hey, this is a blog about yu I am reading, so I shoudn't feel that way! Haha I'm gonna go know

Mike said...

ah ah, i'm a french girl and i'm sorry for all the bad movies that we offer around the world :)
(long time reader/watcher)

Alyson said...

I think waterbending would definitely be the best. I don't know what episode you're on...but there's an episode about bloodbending, which I feel would also encompass being able to bend the water in plants and the earth, which would be awesome.