Friday, April 23, 2010

Stylish AND protected! How great!

I honestly don't even know why I bothered asserting this month was going to be BAMF. I really thought, back on April 1st, that this month was going to be different. I really did, blog readers. But. We're already 24 days and only 7 blog posts in - that's not even 1 post every 3 days. So I apologize for being lazy and unmotivated to write, but only a little.

I am T-minus 49 days to graduation. Which means I am less than 49 days away from presenting and turning in my senior thesis project to a group of academic advisers and peers, and I have only just barely started. My research symposium is on Love & Attraction, so our thesis projects are required to stem out of that. Naturally, since I live in the Internet, I am doing my project on Otherness - the people who willingly choose to enter into long distance relationships and cultivate those relationships through social media such as YouTube (and how there is a stigma around that lifestyle choice if you're anyone BUT those of us who live like this). Utilizing YouTube and my friends for legit research, +10 points!

Anyway, I'm in a focus group/2 credit course for people doing nontraditional projects (ie. I want to make a video rather than write a stuffy old paper) and today was the "kick in the pants" "get going or you will suffer" day, so my head is full of ideas and methods of action, and eventually I might even solicit a few questions for you guys to answer if you wouldn't mind helping me out. I just haven't figured out exactly what I am doing yet.

Anyway, in non-boring, non-school related news, I am going to my friend Mallory's wedding tomorrow. This will be the first wedding I have attended of someone I met on YouTube, so that's pretty exciting. I'm carpooling with Kayley and am looking forward to it a lot.

Oh, haha. There is this piece of paper sitting here beside me on my desk that I wanted to tell you guys about. When I was flying home from Kansas City on Sunday, I was browsing through SkyMall and laughing at all the ridiculous items for sale.. when I found literally the best thing I have ever seen offered in this silly magazine.

"Sling Couture Fashion Face Mask".

The description says: "An FDA approved fashion facial mask for H1N1 offers the same protection as traditional masks against germs, bacteria and airborne pathogens that cause the flu, and changes a normally unsightly medical mask into a beautiful fashion statement! Sling Couture allows users to be stylish and protected when traveling. Available in 11 luxurious fabrics."

...right, because everyone wants to walk around with a disco ball over their mouth.

What do you think, guys? Is this going to be the next big fashion statement? Do you want to be stylish AND protected?

I'm falling behind in my TV shows, so I am going to go catch up on Gossip Girl now. I've been watching the new Doctor Who season as well, and am really enjoying Matt Smith and Karen Gillan; especially their chemistry together. Have any of you been watching?

To motivate me to update this more often, you guys should leave me some questions about random things you'd either like to know about me or would like my opinion on. I promise I wont let it sit for weeks and weeks like I do on Formspring. Haha.

Last google search: "bear cub being scared by a lion"
Chipotle burritos: 9


Bianca23 said...

Those facemasks are terrible! Who wants to walk around with that on their face?!

My question: do you realise that you're a role model for a lot of people and in what way do you want to inspire (those) people?

I don't know, that was the first question that popped into my head ;)

gryffindork311 said...

so ive been rereading the uglies series lately and i wanted to ask, Zane or David?

i;m a zane girl myself. n_n

Kristen said...

I am enjoying the new Doctor. I have only seen the first one "The Eleventh Hour" but I can't wait for more! Yeah, I agree that the chemistry between the Doctor and Amy Pond is great. I was a little unsure before I watched it because I love David Tennant, but casting did a fantastic job!

Also, unless a pandemic occurs, I don't think people are going to walk around wearing "stylish" face masks just to ward off the flu.

MerylMak said...

You should post the video for your project when you're done! I'd love to see it.

My friend's mom just got transferred to China for her job this past year. She told us that over there those masks ARE fashion. People get them in all sorts of colors and patterns. It's so strange to think about!

Apparently in Japan, cell phone charms are all the rage too. Sometimes their charms are bigger than their phones.

sbg_bubbly said...


Which of the songs that you have written (or co-written) is your favourite?

Which song is your favourite to preform live?

What is your major?

Which roflcoptour stop/show are you most exited for?

What is your favourite John Green book?

What is your favourite Hank Green song?

Who is in your guilt free three?

Can we get to watch your thesis video once your done (or atleast some of it)?

Krazy_4_Kelly said...

My question is have you or are you planning on watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I'm obsessed and feel the need to force everyone to watch it because I'm strange...

And those face masks are beyond ridiculous, though it'd be funny if hospital staff had them instead of those stupid ugly looking masks xD

Julia said...

Don't worry too much about not posting so much. Living your life and graduating college are a little more important than blogging :P Your research sounds really interesting. I hope we'll get to see the video when you're done!

I've only seen first episode with the new doctor so far, but I really liked him and especially Amy. He only bothers me a little because from some angles, the squareness of his hairline reminds me of Frankenstein's monster. But I still like him!

Xtine said...

OMG I was just on a flight and I had a huge laugh over those masks in the skymall catalogue!!

Oh, and since you and Hayley do cute things at the bottom of your posts, I'll done one too, when I leave comments:

CAPTCHA: conerks

partyweetow said...

Matt Smith will never replace David Tennant in my heart of Doctory hearts, but I think Eleven is doing an excellent job so far, for the most part. There was something Kayley said in a TARDIStacular video that I agreed with. In the parts of the show that lag a bit, Ten was so entertaining that just watching him was enough, but with Eleven, he doesn't really fill the laggy parts yet.

-switching subjects-

The first question I thought of (which you probably get asked a lot!) is, "What are you going to do after you graduate?" Are you just going to keep on doing music stuff for awhile? Are you going to look for a "real" job? Just wondering. :D

Kai said...

I'm really looking forward to hearing more about your 'non-traditional' thesis and such. Are you going to show it to us when you're done? Cause that would be awesome!
I have a feeling that when I get to college I'll be doing something similar. The idea of writing like a 50 page paper does not in any way sound intriguing.
and those face masks will never be in, haha.

ThoseWhoFavorFire said...
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alylurker said...

Haha I saw those in Sky Mall too ^^
Blehhhhhhhhhhhh ^^
And I'd be happy to answer questions for your project! =D
Why are you so awesome? xD
What would your patronus be?
Favorite book you read as a child?
Will you consider auditioning for Glee?

j said...

What is so fantastic about Chipotle?

Jess the Nerdfighting Band Geek said...

Do you think long distance high school relationships can last? (in reference to the fact that I have a lot of friends about to face this). Your "essay" sounds cool. I think you're gonna be really invested since it's personal.

shaylaluna said...

Some random things:
Text can be read so differently than it's intended to be...discuss.
Your advice in school, classes, life, etc.
How to read critically?
Book Banning?/Censorship?
What are the most awkward positions you've been in, or experiences you've had?

Katie said...

Oh my gosh, I was curious so I googled your bear cub search and the YouTube video I found for it was so sad! The little bear and so scared of everything, even the shadow on the ground. His fear was so cute but I felt bad for him. I just wanted to pick him up and cuddle him and tell him everything would be okay because he could be my teddy bear and snuggle with me safe in bed tonight. Poor guy!

shaylaluna said...

I have to draw someone I admire/is a hero for art class. Who should I draw?

Charlotte said...

i NEED one of those masks. oh my goodness.

-would you recommend, say, a 13-year-old girl that is obsessed with Harry Potter read the Twilight series?*
-who is your favorite, out of every character, in all of the Harry Potter books?

*-i don't want to. my mother is pressuring me into it xD. i just wanted to see what my role model would urge me to do. :)

Aly said...

Oh, wow, that's really... tacky. I wonder what kind of person would buy those? :o
I've been watching the new Doctor Who! It's taken me forever to catch up on all the Doctor Who (this is partially due to the fact I keep getting distracted by other awesome shows, namely LOST and Castle...) but unfortunately it doesn't EXIST in France, so far as I've found! *exchange student + foreign country fail* It's amazing, but I'll be watching it on the internet. >.< Matt Smith is good; the 11th Doctor feels very different from David Tennant's 10th, and Amy Pond is a great character. I'm really excited for the next episode. :D
Good luck on the research project, it sounds like it's going to interesting!

Celeste said...

Random fact: BAMF also means Bad Ass Mother F****r.
I'd never heard it before today, but apparently people use it that way. On facebook anyway. One of my "friends" wrote "Totes BAMF" as their status and my immediate reaction was "WOAH!" or something similar but then I read the comments on it and was enlightened to a whole different meaning for the acronym.

But I like yours better. :)

P.S. "I'm the Doctor, I'm worse than everybody's aunt!"

barefootfiona said...

I have a question: What are you planning on doing after college? Do you see yourself living and settling in/around Seattle, or can you see yourself makign a life somewhere else in the US - or in the world? What are your favourite types of flowers? What languages do you speak/want to learn? What is your earliest childhood memory? What is your favourite animal? What would you name your first-born children? Do you have any questions for US?

Manuel said...

The last Doctor Who season i watched was with Billie Piper..i need to catch up -_-

NatalyaRaven said...

I know it's quite early on in the series, but what's your opinion- David Tennant or Matt Smith?

Personally I will always be a Tennant fangirl :D <3

KaraDawlish said...

Lol i think you post at good intervals. haha and the posts are always cool and interesting when you do, so it doesn't bother me at all xD Rather have you still enjoying it, then them being all forced and what not

i REALLY need to watch last weeks episode of Doctor whooo

Dom said...

The new Doctor Who is amazing, it really looks like they have stepped their game up! My blog has become a bit of a Doctor Who review page at the moment haha! I am really enjoying Matt Smith's Doctor, dare I say that I am warming to him more than Tennant? (I fear the wrath of Tennant fan-grrrls...)

Signe said...

I'm enjoying Matt Smith and Karen Gillan a lot too - though I was really sad about David Tennant leaving..

Those facemasks are.. Just weird.. I don't even know..

Question... Uhm... Ooookay..
Which of the Glee songs do you like the best? Of all the episodes, that is.

RhianonLives said...

Ew, horrible facemasks xD also, outdated; everyone know the H1N1 was a fakey-fake.
If I were to ask you a question, it would be something like
"what is your stand on the European Union?"
but life has taught me that people never answer my questions because they'd rather answer things like "what's your favorite color?"

dftbaasap said...

Did you hear anything from ANTM?

Sabrina said...

What is your favorite (non-alcoholic) drink?

jukebox108 said...

Wait, Kristina, where exactly have you been watching the new Doctor Who series? Because the only place I can find it is on iTunes, and there you have to buy it.

kira902k said...

Hahah yes I saw those facemasks when I was flying to Honduras. So awful.

Good luck with your thesis. I hope that we will get to see your video when it's done? I'm sure it'll be genius.
Will you be performing at LeakyCon'11? Will you be performing with ALL CAPS there?
Will you ever tour to Montreal (or Eastern Canada in general)?
What are three things that make your life great (besides friends and family)?

Favourite pokemon? Why?

Favourite non-Harry Potter children's book?

Okay. I'm done. :)


Anonymous said...

question: other websites you like to go to? Besides the usual, like Youtube, Facebook, etc.

And I just wanted to say that I saw America's Next Top Model on my little guide thing today and I thought of you (:

BenCracknell said...

I was just wondering if you had seen the Eclipse trailer yet, and your opinions on it? I know your feelings for the series is perfectly clear, I just wondered if this would be any different.

appletrain said...

DOCTORWHOOOOO <3 I seriously love Matt Smith. Too too much. Oh and Karen is pretty awesome but she needs to sort out her surprised face .. because she keeps it on at all times. Or maybe that's how all companions are in the first few days. I would probably melt with surprise if I were the Doctor's companion. So, nevermind, Amy Pond, continue.

Annnnnd I definitely had a question for you randomly occur to me in the middle of the week but now I don't remember what it was :( I know I left several on formspring you never got around to XP

Madeline said...

The Sky Mall catalog is the best!! Frankly, I've never really understood the point of wearing those masks in public unless you have some kind of immune disease and literally need every precaution you can take. If you're an average person with good health, you're going to come in contact with all kinds of surfaces that are covered with the same germs you're trying not to breathe. The mask will not make that much difference...I think it just kind of makes people seem pretentious. My friends and I had a good laugh over a middle-aged guy who wore a mask (standard, non-fashionable) for the duration of our flight to Ecuador back in October. His wife looked pretty embarrassed.

This has nothing to do with anything, but my word identification thing is "trambery." That must be some kind of berry that you can only eat on a cable car. Or in Mr. Roger's Neighborhood of Make Believe.

Kiana Ayala said...

I noticed that a few of your google searches have been "Bear cub being scared by a lion" so I figured, I've got to see this, Kristina's searched it three times. Apparently Google thinks you've mentioned it a lot too because when I typed it in, your blog came before the actual video. hah

Jordan said...

You know, you could always use Tumblr for days that you feel like you can't blog, but still want to connect with your readers. You could leave a picture for us, or a tiny blog post. Use this for the major blog posts, and use Tumblr for just random things.

Just an idea =)

香君 said...

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VTBurninator said...

Finally got paid so I could download the All Caps album and Kristina, it's brilliant!! Can't wait to jam out some more in my car :) lol I didn't tell my gf I put it on her ipod and when we were in the car she goes "Sounds like these people were inspired by the fiveawesomegirls or something." I smiled "hmmm yeah, hadn't really thought about it before." lol She loves it!!

I'll take my fashion facemask with a bejeweled Helly Kitty please ;)