Friday, March 5, 2010

Your questions, answered.

Alright, I SHOULD have started my research paper tonight, but Justin is picking me up in a few minutes to go play wii games with some friends of ours, so I decided to use my small amount of free time to answer some formspring questions for your blog-reading pleasure. :)

Here we go!

Where did you disappear to? Neverland?
I disappeared to the land of full time school, having a job, having a boyfriend, needing more time to myself and possibly I divulge too much of my life on the internet. But I promise, I'm never going to really leave you, because writing my blog, making videos, and answering your questions is something I really, really enjoy doing. I just need little breaks sometimes to make sure I still know who I am.

What is your favorite Musical?
That's actually a really had question! I did theatre in high school and have worked at a theatre for 4 years now, so I have seen and been in a number of shows. I guess I would say that of the shows I actually acted in, my favorites were "Seussical" and "A Midsummer Night's Dream", but of the shows I've seen.. either "Once Upon a Time in New Jersey" or "A Secret in the Wings".

If you could change your youtube channel name, what would you change it to?
I would go with the username I use most frequently now, which is "ohheykristina". I feel like my biggest YouTube mistake was not putting my first name in my username, because now people have to associate two different names with me.

How do you manage to ever get any schoolwork done? With everything you do, how do you ever focus? I have enough trouble and don't do nearly as much as you!
It's hard, I'll admit that. Part of this has to do with why I haven't been blogging or formspringing as much lately, because I have needed that extra time to myself to be able to focus. Mostly, though, I find I work better under pressure, and I get really bored if I don't have a ton of projects to work on. I am definitely not a sit around and watch television type girl, so taking on a lot of projects has just always been the only way to live my life.

Around how much was your Sony Handycam?
I bought the HDR-CX150 (same as Alan Lastufka!) and it cost me $550. I saved up for a long time to get myself a nice camera. :)

Would you rather ride the Love Train or the Love Roller-coaster?
Depends. If we're talking metaphorically, I would want my romantic experience to be a long, safe, enjoyable ride, rather than a fast, jarring episode that's over before it's even begun. However, that being said, I think roller coasters are awesome.

If long distance relationships didn't work out the first time, why again?
Because. It wasn't the long distance that didn't work, it was the relationship with the particular person. In fact, long distance was probably the least of our problems. I'm not dating a distance on a map, I'm dating Luke. It's an entirely different situation, one I am quite happy with.

Where did you live before Seattle?
I've lived in Seattle since I was about 2, but I was born in Bismarck, North Dakota. Between North Dakota and Seattle, we lived on the East coast a while for my dad's job, and then my mom and I had a brief stint in Vancouver, WA, which is near Portland.

What is your opinion on dinosaurs?
Awesome. My favorite is the pterodactyl. Or the Utahraptor.

If you could learn one word in every language what word would it be?
Well, I know that 'bread' is 'pan' in most languages, so it looks like I'm set. Oh, I get to pick another one? How about… 'wifi'. Then I'd always be set.

I have stolen a box of your Eggo Waffles. How do you feel about this?

Okay, time to go play some "JUST DANCE". I effing love that game and I haven't even played it yet.

Chipotle burritos: 6


Molly said...

When do you know if you're in the French Film class? Your diploma is handed over- what then? Keep posting, but don't completely overwhelm yourself... If anything should slide, let it be us!

Sarah said...

Ahhhhh you are procrastinating on your research paper tonight. Way to give ME another reason to procrastinate on MY research paper tonight... :)

Thanks though for answering some questions! Always great to read a blog post from you. :)

Emily said...

How is it that you manage to make me giggle even when you're just answering random questions about yourself?


Paloma said...

I love doing projects too... I can't stand boredom. That's why I hate Summer breaks!

Lindsey said...

"Bread" in German is "Brot" :)

WV: rumbari - n. The word for "bread" in Na'vi.

Anonymous said...

im pretty sure no is the same in every language, but thats boring. the most convenient would probably be like bathroom or phone, but i'd go with something nice like love or beautiful. or book. i would need to use book.

on a side note, my capture code is rexhar, and it made me think of reptar. just sayin'.

Mackenzie Paradzik said...

I see you listened to my wall post or it was just a coincident that you answered some formsring right after I asked you XD

Elisabeth said...

Hope things are a bit less stressful for you at the minute, then! Like Molly said, entertaining randoms on the internet with your blog is much less important than having kristina time. It's good to see a post from you, though. I can count on your blog always being well written and interesting. No pressure :)

Also, I really like the username 'italktosnakes'. In all honesty, probably more than 'ohheykristina'. It has character.

Jess the Nerdfighting Band Geek said...

Well, will you post more once you're done with school? You always give me ideas of random things to do with my friends, and without you, I have to look elsewhere xD

I'm definitely an under pressure girl as well. Most of my homework gets done the night before, because I feel that if I did it earlier I wouldn't have anything to focus on.

The Blazing Snow said...

Wifi is probably wifi in most languages, too, seeing as it's an invention. Methinks.

Emily said...

Oh Kristina, your blog makes me feel like I'm not as different as I thought. :)

That bloggers blog said...

damper is the word used for bread in australia its made on a campfire i got to make it on a camping trip once otherwise u pretty much say the word bread haha oh and wifi is probably a universal word

Dinah said...

Maybe the eggo waffle question was just hypothetical. Like, what WOULD you do if you found out someone had stolen them.
Or maybe you're roomates are waffle theives.
Who knows.

Eline said...

Bread is not pan in every language:
Dutch: Brood (het)
German: Brot (die, das, or der haha)
French: Pain (le)
Spanish: Pan
Portugese: Pão
Italian: Pane
Swedish: Brød

'No' isn't the same in every language (as someone else here said):
Dutch: Nee
German: Nein or Nee
French: Non
Spanish: No
Portugese: Não
Swedish: Nej (or ey, icke,)

I think the word you picked, wifi, is pretty much the same in most countries though!
(I know it's Wifi in Dutch too)

(I know, I love languages)

HeyLukey said...

i had the same idea for my username keep ur own name in it but i also thought hey if i ever got youtube famous (slim to nil chance of this) and some one shouted my name at me why not make it like there saying hi so my name became heythereluke on youtube or heylukey pretty much everywhere else

Madeline said...

My dad's advice has always been to make the phrase "I don't understand you" the first thing you learn in any language.

This comes from a traumatizing time in his life when he was about eight, on a bus in Germany with his parents and siblings. The only German he knew was "Sprechen Sie deutsch?" which means "Do you speak German?", and he asked this of a lady sitting near him. She thought it was so cute that this little American boy could speak German that she went "Wunderbar!" and went off on this crazy loud rant all in German and scared my dad half to death. His older brother, who was completely fluent, sat there and laughed for about ten minutes before explaining to her that that was all my dad knew.

Sometimes parents give decent advice.

SigneHansen said...

Well.. Bread in Danish is: Brød.. Wifi in Danish is.. Wifi....