Sunday, March 7, 2010

Why I'm Not a Bartender


Okay, so last night we had this big party at our house for Night Zero. There were christmas lights everywhere for ambiance, an epically confusing scavenger hunt for the guests to figure out (which I still don't know the conclusion of, but we'll get to that later) and a bar in the kitchen with drinks for a dollar. And so, so much hummus. Mmmm.

Eia and I were running the bar. There was a giant tub of hooch (lemondade, seven-up, and vodka) and these "mystery shots" that were actually just homemade Kahlua. Everyone got 1 free mystery shot (because a clue for their scavenger hunt was written on the inside of their shot glass) but after that they had to answer to us if they wanted to drink more. So that was fun. Oh! Just now, as I am sitting here, I remembered I have a bunch of singles in my back pocket that people were giving Eia and I as tips. Being a bartender is awesome! Especially if we don't actually have to make the drinks... I can pour pre-made hooch into cups like a boss.

Anyway, before the party started, Eia and I were put on goody-bag making duty. The party was for the release of Volume 2 of the Night Zero comic, so everyone who preordered got their comic in a fancy bag with a length of rope, glowsticks, a pocketknife, bandaids, and alcohol pads. You know... a zombie survival kit. I injured myself four different times cutting that stupid rope.

Then after Eia and I were put on bar duty and successfully smuggled an entire tray of party dip, a mini tub of hummus, and two bowls of triscuits and tortilla chips behind the bar with us, people started spilling into the party. Some people were costumed, like the guy who looked like his eyes were gauged out, my friend Jana who was carrying around a pick-axe, and my friend Forest who'd created an entire set of body armor out of carabeners. I was a little disappointed I didn't think to dress up; I asked Eia at one point if I could rip her sweater to make it look like she'd been attacked by a zombie. She said no. xD

Okay, so the reason this blog entry started out with me cracking up, is because I realized that last night, around 11:30 or so, I started feeling a little woozy (bartenders got easy access to the hooch) and also, I only got 5 hours of sleep the night before due to a late night wii game session with some friends, so I remember saying to Eia, "I'm going to the bathroom, I'll be right back."

I went upstairs, and since this was a giant party, the bathroom was naturally occupied. So I remember thinking, okay, I'll just go into my bedroom and lie down for a second. hour later I remember Justin coming in and asking me why I was asleep with my light on, took my computer and piles of stuff off my bed, took my jacket off me, and tucked me in. I could still hear the party going full swing downstairs. He said, "I'll tell Eia you love her or something. She's mad at you."

Hahhaha. Oops. I guess I wasn't meant to be a bartender after all. Sleeping through my shift is probably frowned upon outside the zombie apocalypse world.

Anyway, what I DID experience of the party was a blast. Even if I missed finding out what the scavenger hunt was all about, or even knowing if anyone solved it. It was hard. I also wish I could have socialized a little more, but whatever. There will be more post-apocalyptic parties to attend.

Maybe I should start getting more sleep so I don't accidentally go to bed early at more parties. xD

Chipotle burritos: 6


LadySidi said...

lol Yes, poor eia. That's priceless, though. Sounds like it was a great party, too!

Katie said...

LOL awesome story. Your roommate Justin made it even more lol-worthy too.

Ariel said...

Haha. Poor Eia.
Although, you sound like a much better co-bartender than I probably would have been. I might have stuck around for about five seconds before running off to sit in my room and read all night. xD Parties are not really my scene.

seurat2 said...

Awww, you need to be especially nice to Eia today, after bailing on her like that. Sounds like the usual fun night in Kristina world though, minus the falling asleep early with the lights on part. Justin sounds like a good guy.

Jonathan said...

Oh, so thats where you disappeared to, I was wondering. I'm be making a Vlog about the party, I'll link it to one of your videos

Anonymous said...

because of your "bartending like a boss" comment, i'd like to give you the "like a boss instant button," to be used on future "like a boss"-worthy occasions.

oh god i do love the internet.

Paloma said...

Justin sounds nice :)

I wonder why Eia didn't let you rip her sweater. It would have been awesome hahaha! Be kind to her... she must have felt abandoned.

Sleep. Eat Chipotle. Read Maureen Johnson. RELAX.

kira902k said...

Sounds like an awesome party. I hope you slept well. xD

Emily said...

Hahaha, aw. That's kind of adorable. You should get more sleep. :]

Elisabeth said...

I won't tell you to sleep more because it would be hypocritical coming from me. Instead, I'll just say that you probably felt a lot less like s*** in the morning than everyone else!

Anonymous said...

hello Kristina i my englist language is not good so i cant comment much here

carla said...

hahahahahaha. that reminds me of my very first sleepover. i was in fourth grade, and i had about 18 girls sleeping over my house (as with most things in my youth, i got a bit carried away) and i was so ecstatic and wired i wildly exclaimed at some point "OH MY GOD GUYS LET'S STAY UP ALL NIGHT". and was the first one asleep. :(

but i don't have much of an excuse, because the most exhausting thing i did that week was probably write a one paragraph book report and stay up late watching blossom. certainly no hooch at my party (my favorite part of this whole thing, by the way).

Ariana said...
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Ariana said...

subvkristina! there is a girl in my sociology class that looks sooo much like you. i know its obviously NOT you cuz 1) you probably already took Soc 1, since you're about to graduate. 2) You live in Seattle, and i dont.! LOL... anyway... i enjoy reading you blog. just wanted to get that out there.

shaylaluna said...

When I read "hahahahha," my first I knew this would be an interesting post. You're are so beautiful, talented, and yes, sometimes wild. I enjoy watching your videos and reading your blog so much.