Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Whatever man. Life is good.

I am currently trying to force myself to work on my final paper for my Journalism & Lit class on Hemingway's "The Sun Also Rises", but this is proving to be much more difficult to accomplish than I thought it would be. Not only is it due tomorrow morning at 9 am, but I just can't bring myself to buckle down and focus tonight. Why do I always leave stuff until the last minute? This is my 16th year of school now, you'd think I'd have learned. But no.

I already turned down going to see a free pre-screening of Hot Tub Time Machine with a bunch of my friends tonight to work on this stupid paper; if I don't get it done now, I will be highly disappointed.

So. Instead of being grumpy over school work, I've decided to reframe my life, blog about some things that make me happy, and then try to dive back into the paper once I've cheered myself up a bit. So. Things I have to be excited about:

1. Tomorrow night's midnight showing of Alice in Wonderland. I can't wait. Going to see it with my roommates and it should be a really good time.

2. Dentist appointment out of the way. It had been a little while since I'd gone, so they literally tortured me today. But now my teeth are all clean and healthy, AND I didn't have any cavities!

3. Only 1 1/2 weeks of school left before Spring break. Which ultimately means a ton of work to do, but then I'll have that sweet, sweet week and a half off from school.

4. My friend Mallory, who is lovely, is getting married next month! She sent me the most adorable invitation and I can't wait to go to the wedding.

5. The new ALL CAPS album comes out in 25 days.

6. Eia and I found out that it's "ladies night" on Wednesdays at our favorite pub, and the prices are so low that we'll get drunk just trying to spend enough to close our tab. And it's only a $10 minimum. Not that I'm endorsing getting getting drunk on school nights, but come ON. Drinks are usually like $6 a go.

7. I own 4 boxes of Samoas girl scout cookies.

Maybe this is a little excessive, but I don't care. I love Samoas. I'll support the girlscouts. And I'll have cookies for days. Or... you know, until I eat them all, probably all during this month. They're just so good. So good.

So I didn't get to see a movie about guys teleporting in a hot tub. So I have 4.5 pages to go on my 5 page paper. I don't have any CAVITIES. I am probably going to get lots of cavities from all these girlscout cookies.

Whatever, man. Life is good.

Chipotle burritos: 6


Anonymous said...

when i was a girl scout we would have booth sales and we'd always be like "lets open a box of the thin mints so people can sample them" and we'd end up eating half of our merchandise.
totally worth it. also, keep buying those cookies. that money once sponsored a three day trip to a ranch in upstate new york, and a limo ride to pick us up from school. we used our money wisely.

Christina said...

I love girl scout cookies!! Don't worry. I am sure that soon you will find your inspiration and write an amazing paper.

Jaime said...

I'm jealous that you don't have any cavities. You have such a nice smile! My dentist is insisting that I get my wisdom teeth pulled and that I get braces. I've never had straight teeth.

Good luck on your paper!

natashajean said...

I can't beleive I haven't even planned going to see Alice in Wonderland! :O although this is probably due to the fact that I can't afford it any time soon...

Kara said...

I own 4.5 boxes of Thin Mints. On Friday it was 6, but, uh, well... Don't judge me.

Anonymous said...

Saw Alice in Wonderland last week in IMAX 3D. No matter what you think about the story, acting,'re going to love the movie graphically! It was fantastically done!

partyweetow said...

I really liked "The Sun Also Rises." It had more of that twenties humor, which I like and missed in "The Old Man and the Sea."

Andrew said...

My sister is a girl scout O.o
Current Cookie count:

10 boxes of thin mints
10 boxes of tag-alongs
10 boxes of treefoils.

anyone want to help me?

訂晚餐 said...

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nikki said...

Aww, good luck on that paper Kristina =/ I'm suprised you're not more organised! =P Reward yourself with lots of cookies each time you finish a page, or something ^.^

Paloma said...

Oh great. Now I need to eat some cookies!

Anonymous said...

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