Monday, June 22, 2009


I am going to be doing a fun video collab; the first one I have opened up to the public and asked for submissions from anyone interested.

I am not going to put the info out yet, but if you're interested in being in one of my videos and perhaps having stuff on your face, then you should email me at

If you're not interested in being in a video, or don't have a camera, or don't want stuff on your face... don't email me. xD

WOO. I hope to hear from a good handful of you. <3

EDIT: SUBMISSION CLOSED. I know that was a really short window of opportunity, but I already have over 100 volunteers. If over half the people who emailed me don't end up doing it, that will still be too many. xD


HeyLukey said...

hmm im not sure what kinda stuff on the face ? is it food related

erin meagan said...

So awesome, and I got the email from you! I'm going to do this soon, it's so fabbity fab.

Natalie said...

Stuff on face? I'll have to think about that :P

Kristen said... have piqued my intrest! It's so.....vague....I LIKE that! Sending email! Enough with exclamation marks! Sorry, done now.

captcha: herify: a scary thing that happens to your hair when humidity strikes....and it has in good ol' Michigan: )

VicMorrowsGhost said...

Damn. It sucks living on the other side of the planet and sleeping through all the cool stuff. :(

Kaitlyn w/ a K said...

Aw, dangit. I was so ready to put stuff on my face for you. :-P

the_who_ru said...

Lol, when I saw your Tweet about this, I thought you'd been hacked and had it put out by some unknown person because of the caps and how I misinterpreted the "stuff on your face". I thought It sounded pervy. xD

erin meagan said...

Is there a certain date that you want these to be in by?

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