Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Sick day 2.

Things I have accomplished today before noon while being sick:

1. Wrote half my final paper on Melanie Klein.
2. Ate breakfast.
3. Swallowed 5 pills.
4. Showered.
5. Filmed/uploaded a new video.

Compared to yesterday where all I did was go to the doctor, fall asleep watching Alex and Alan's blogtv show, watch a strange Korean movie with subtitles with my housemate Ben, and stare at the ceiling, this is PRODUCTIVE!

Things I have still to do today:

1. Write second half of my final paper.
2. Write a paragraph on two more theorists on psychoanalysis.
3. Compile a list of key terms from my paper.
4. Eat dinner so I can take my other pill later tonight.
5. Write lyrics for a song idea I have floating around in my head.

Why is this day so homework-filled? School is completely over for me (for the year) one week from today. It can't come soon enough. :/

Also, I feel a little badly about my blog yesterday... I was kind of feeling down about everything and definitely didn't put that bit about my album in there as a way to guilt you all, like "hey I'm sick, buy my album". I'm just surprised at the lack of physical copy sales, but I suppose that selling them at LeakyCon in combination with iTunes going up so fast is to blame for that. That's all. Don't feel obligated. I only talk about the things I am working on to let you guys know what I have been up to. I don't feel like everyone who watches my videos or reads my blog needs to buy my albums or my book (when it comes out in September). I just like to talk about them for those of you who ARE interested. :)

Also, I put a lot of work into the things I do and I am proud of these albums, so it's hard NOT to talk about them when I have exciting news.

Anyway, that's all. Back to paper writing.

Edit: I just got a phone call from my ford fiesta PR person and apparently my college newspaper wants to interview me about my involvement in the movement. That's exciting. :)


Catherine said...

At least you're up and moving about today. That's always a good sign. Good luck with all the paper writing. That's something I'm definitely not looking forward to in college. So feel better because sick Kristina is not as fun as healthy Kristina.

When do your skymall items come in?

Indigo said...

AAH! Your book is coming out in september?!?! *fangirls you*

jesuislagare said...

Wait, book?!??!

Am I being really slow?


Anonymous said...

what book!?! when!?! what is it about?!

Emily said...

A book? That is completely and totally awesome!

And I would buy your album if I had money, but right now everything I earn is going towards college things. (Like sheets and plane tickets and tuition. =[)

I hope you get to feeling better, I'm sure being sick won't be so bad once you finish you paper and other homework and can relax without those things hanging over your head. =]

Krazy_4_Kelly said...

YOUR BOOK COMES OUT IN SEPTEMBER?!?!!? *fangirls* I'm totally getting that the second it comes out! And I'm glad you're feeling better/are being more productive today =] sinus infections suck and it just is so much worse that you have your last week of classes on top of it >.<

Anonymous said...

Yay for your productiveness:)

I desperately want to buy your CD, and Alex's and all of the previous Parselmouth CDs. But unless I can buy them from you on June 28th with cash there's no way I can buy them at all:(

My captcha is subrogne, like balogne in a submarine, or underwater balogne.

The Vagabond said...

I'm glad you're feeling better. I can't wait for your book to come out! That sounds really exciting!

Summer said...

wait... a BOOK! ahahha way to bury the lead there! tell us more about this book!

S said...

*feels smug because I know about the book even though no one else seems too.*

I'm not even sure where I know it from... possibly Alex's diary? I'm under some strange impression that it's being published by DFTBA records but that makes no sense. However, what I do remember is that your and Alex's nanowrimo books were both being published :)

I can't wait to hear what you bought from skymall! I hope you feel better, I would make you some sort of video response in order to achieve this but I have to study for finals, lame. I know.

Circular said...

Oh my I feel your pain! I had a terrible sinus infection a while ago and I just wanted to crawl up and die, except that was too painful and tiring.

My best advice is to get a washcloth and soak it in hot water, and lie it over your face. It clears up your sinuses a bit and makes it easier to breathe and works away at the headaches.
It was basically my lifesaver.

Get better soon!

Anonymity said...

hey, i just wanted to know what your book was about. If it sounds interesting- you KNOW i am going to buy it. :D

Kristi said...

I bought Spattergroit on iTunes! I just wanted to say it's wooonderful. It's different without Brittany (Elle now, I guess) but it's a good kind of different. I think my favorite song is Please Harry. :)

Kristen said...

BOOK!? Is this the one you wrote in November or something completely different? I will mostly definitely get a copy of that! Feel better soon!


Your book is coming out in September?? That's great, I'd really enjoy reading it :D xx

Hannah Missouri said...

What can we know about this book of yours? I'm very interested!

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