Saturday, December 6, 2008


Six months ago I posted a video called "In my lifetime..." in which I listed 10 things I wish to accomplish before I die.

I watched it again today and realized that in just half a year I have already accomplished 6 of those things.

....either I need harder to achieve goals, or I'm just awesome.


mariel said...

I'm pretty sure it's because you're awesome.

Jessie said...

Yeah, I think I would go with awesome. :)

Jerry Cooke said...

You're awesome!

I've only achieved like one thing, I think. I set really lofty goals though, lol.

I should have been like "Be debt free, own an iPhone, visit the states" :p

<3 xx

Sammie said...

That is awesome! :) I have been trying to make a bucket list, pretty much inspired by The Buried Life.