Friday, December 19, 2008


Project for Awesome was a success.
I was so busy commenting/getting excited/being a dork on blogtv that I forgot to write anything about it here?

My video pretty much always stayed on Page1 of the Most Discussed page, which makes it fun.

I've had 2 snow days now, totaling 16 hours of missed work. Goodbye, a lot of money I needed for the 2 trips I am taking this month.
That being said, I am getting excited to leave, and get away, and go places and see people (oooo mysterious) but I also feel reluctant to know that when I return, the very next day = first day of winter quarter. I have been having SO much fun this Winter Break, and there are so many people I havent hung out with, so many books I havent read, so many naps I haven't taken, and so many hours I haven't spent on skype. School takes up too much tiiime.

I've been staying up ridiculously late. But it's BREAK so I don't care.
Yesterday all I had to accomplish was to do 3 loads of laundry.
I finished 1 and a half. The half is still sitting in my hamper, clean but getting wrinkly.

All I want to do is keep reading Let It Snow and inevitably end up back on skype for an inordinate amoung of hours tonight. And eat. food. all. day. long.

My birthday is in 8 days! HAVE YOU BOUGHT ME PRESENTS YET? lolz.

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