Friday, December 26, 2008


So I'm in Las Vegas. With my fam.

I didnt get nostalgic about LAST year's trip until we drove down the strip and I saw the Tropicana (where I stayed with Alex, Eia, Sam, Toby, Tyler, Brandon etc. last year this time) and the Stratosphere (where I stayed with Brittany and Matt when we were on tour, summer 07). I am really hoping this trip can measure up. Nothing will ENTIRELY measure up to last year's Vegas trip though. That was -- ridiculous.
My parents are taking me to Cirque du Soleil and all sorts of things I never got to do here before because I am a poor college student, which is a plus. Also my favorite uncle is here with us. And ALSO, on Saturday a few of my favorite YouTube boys will be joining me for awhile. So we'll see. This trip could end up being a success afterall.

Oh and I turn 21. Which I am very ready for.
Though I forgot to renew my driver's license so I will be walking around with an expired one... for awhile. Sigh.
Being in Vegas and turning 21 in a day and a half is much more annoying than being in Vegas and accepting the fact that you wont be 21 anytime soon.

Like when I got kicked out a casino today. MY BIRTHDAY IS ON SATURDAY. I WONT BE ANY DIFFERENT THEN, I PROMISE.

It was my mom's fault, anyhow. She was teaching me to gamble.

It's past midnight now I suppose, but Merry Christmas. <3

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Jerry Cooke said...

I hated that, being on the cusp of being 18, but still being refused things.. like.. I'm almost there.. it's just a date, I don't physically change :p