Tuesday, December 9, 2008

almost done.

This entry is 100% a product of me not wanting to continue studying - I've been at it all day.

I have so many lovely things to be excited about in the near future. I've been smiling about everything all day. (Except the hour or so that I buckled down and wrote this annoying paper on SO2 emissions. But that's over and done with, so back to smiling.)

I need to go Christmas shopping. I bought Brittany's gift online today (I stumbled onto the perfect thing and just whipped out the credit card) but I am completely clueless as to what to get for anyone else. Or how to pay for it.

I have this new found love for cereal and oatmeal. I am almost out (because I eat it probably three times a day) so I was going to walk to Safeway after class and buy more, but it was raining so hard that I had to take the bus home. And then I never made it back to Safeway. It ruined my day. :(

I haven't said anything substantial in this entire entry. I am going to go downstairs and eat the cereal Sam left in her cupboard, and then complain some more to my skype buddies about how I dont want to study. Woooo.

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appletrain said...

this post looked sort of lonely and overlooked without any comments.
it's half five am in england and i can't sleep because i'm homesick (just got back to school from californeyeaayy) and i have exams to study for (which is making it difficult to get over the gutwrenching homesickness) and i have student loans to sort out in 5 hours. i don't know why i'm unloading all this into a blogspot comment box but probably because you don't know me and it's sometimes easier to bare my brokenness to someone who doesn't know me at all.
hi kristina. i think you're amazing. that's all.
the word verification thing i have to type is "darien" -- that seems like a cool name. maybe you could use it in a novel sometime. <3