Monday, December 1, 2008

new beginnings.

I feel like I am betraying myself by having this new blog.

I've had a quiet little burrow over on livejournal since... well, since I was a prepubescent girl whining about boys and school and how life isn't fair.

I guess things haven't changed much really, except I'm more curvy and have less pimples.

I wanted to create a public blog, so for awhile I just made my LJ entries public. But there is way too much history attached to my lifejournal. Too many upset dramatic posts, LJ comment drama, etc.

Currently I am sitting in my living room beside two of my housemates on the couch watching the cartoon version of "How the Grinch Stole Christmas". I like this time of year.

Okay. So.
Here's a funny story.
I have an email address that I give to everyone on the Internets because I decided my old username was silly. Then I get the email messages forwarded from the new one to my old one.
For 6 months or so I thought this had been working just fine, but when I recently logged in for the first time since I made it, I found 657 messages, only half of which had ever been forwarded to me.
Among these were tons and tons of fan messages. I have been smiling and glowing all night sitting and reading all these lovely little notes from people that I've missed. There are some dating back to June, and even though I am filled with love for everyone who has ever taken a minute to write to me, I also feel like a HUGE jerk because now all these wonderful people think I ignored them. That I didnt have time to say thank you.

Sigh. If you ever wrote me a fan message and didn't get a reply back, this is probably why. I am incredibly sorry for this.

Now I am going to continue my bad pattern of sleep deprivation and probably eat half the food in my cupboard while I stay up all night on skype.



hfm said...

Have fun!
I love the feeling of opening an old email account with loads of emails for me to read!

Hollishillis said...

why'd she leave? that's so sad...

Sammie said...

Hey Kristina!

I found 5AG a couple a weeks ago, and have made my way through all the vids, as well as Hayleys blog, and now im reading i may comment on randomnly old entries such as this! Haha! You five are all amazing ladies! :) Thanks!