Sunday, February 27, 2011

Asian candy and lots of flying.

Friday in LA was spent mostly replying to email, catching up with all the Internet stuff I'd been neglecting while on my trip (having an iPad and being relatively disconnected is great until you realize how much 'work' is waiting for you the next time you actually get on a laptop) and finally meeting up with Brittany, Joey, Meghan and Jimmy that evening. Jason and I headed over to Friday's to eat with them, and then (in the POURING RAIN) we drove to this little Asian market to buy lots of Japanese candy, ramune, and in my case, an adorable little keychain of some pink Sailor Scout looking fairy/goddess superhero (I have no idea what it's from I just think it's cute).

We really needed to get going on filming the last shots for Jason's music video, but once we got back to Echo Base we obviously spent a good half an hour popping open our ramune, swapping soda candy and mario themed gum and pocky, explaining that you CAN in fact eat the paper on Botan rice candy, and watching Jimmy assemble the Star Wars toy he bought.

Then we set up the colors lights and turned on the fog machine for the dance party scene in the music video. We got all our friends to dance behind us like we were at some rocking club and not in the living room, so hopefully that footage turns out to be good.

My final day in LA was mostly spent at Meghan Tonjes' meetup at Santa Monica. We got Pinkberry frozen yogurt, bought girlscout cookies from the stand that happened to be right where we all met up, and hassled unsuspecting passerby. Pretty much a standard YouTube gathering. Afterwards I went out to lunch with Alex, Jason and Jimmy, said my goodbyes, and went to the airport. Usually I ALWAYS make sure to get a direct flight between LA and Seattle, but since this ticket was purchased so last minute, I had to connect in Salt Lake City which made the trip just feel so, so long. But I made it home, finally, and it felt so nice to sleep in my own bed. Especially knowing I leave for DC freaking tomorrow, so I am savoring this small amount of time at home.

Tuesday is my 4 year anniversary of being on YouTube so I am going to spend today filming a video for the occasion. And then probably watch more Big Bang Theory, because I am obsessed.

I have so much footage to edit, and even more exciting things happening this week that I'm sure I'll be making videos about, so look forward to a lot of content from me in the next few days. :)

Flights taken: 2
Levels on WoW:
Mage: 56
Shaman: 34


Renee said...

Your life is awesome. :)

Next time you go to an asian market you should try the grape gummies because they're delicious.

Matt said...

Soft kitty, warm kitty, little ball of fur.
Happy kitty, sleepy kitty, purr, purr, purr.

Jo-Jo said...

i am completely obsessed with big bang right now too! i started watching all the episodes in order about a month ago...soooo good!

Kristen said...

So glad to hear you love Big Bang Theory. I <3 Sheldon even if I know if I were to encounter him in real life he would annoy me to no end.

Have fun in DC!

Medha said...

Hey!! Have fun in DC, how long are you here for?? :)

seurat2 said...

Big Bang Theory watching makes life more awesome. I know this to be true. Look forward to all the videos from you.

Manar said...

I love Big Bang Theory! Although, to be honest, the quality of the show is kind of deteriorating. :/
Oh well, it's still good though. How far into it are you? :)

And I look forward to the influx of content from you. :)

Victoria said...

I want the big bang theory to carry on forever and ever until just before I die.

Shelby said...

Big Bang Theory is so great. I have the 1st 3 seasons :D You have such a fun filled life :)

Molly said...

Mmm, Japanese candy.
I loooooooove pocky. <3 My sister went to Japan in 2009 and brought a bunch of it back.

Kirstin said...

Now I can know for sure without seeing it. But I think the sailor scout you bought is super chibi sailor moon. Its reni later on. I'm not sure but that's my guess. Yes, I'm a huge Sailor Moon nerd! Lol. Proud of it. :)