Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Washington DC: part 1

My brain is so confused right now. I left Seattle on a red eye flight with Kayley last night, and I had every intention of trying to sleep on the first leg of our flight. We had five hours to Charlotte, NC first. But dumb me, I ended up using the time to read two chapters of Scarlet Fever by Maureen Johnson, play about and hour of iPad games and write lyrics to an ALL CAPS song.

I mean, all in all, a pretty productive flight. But now I'm sitting in Charlotte and it's almost 9 am and I've completely missed my window of opportunity to sleep. Now we're gonna fly to DC and it'll be nearly 11 am when we arrive and then we're off to meetings and social things with Save The Children and dangit, I haven't slept a minute. I'm going to be a zombie. Hello, important Save The Children people, let me drool on you and then eat your brains.

I'll just have to fake it; the awakeness. Or perfect the art of sleeping with my eyes open. They'll never know. Unless they read this very public blog, I suppose.

In other news, when I was going through security back in Seattle, I saw a baby in a space helmet. Its like these people WANT me to steal their children.

My day and a half in Seattle between LA and this trip was... Short. I edited 4 videos, watched some Big Bang Theory, slept a lot and unpacked and repacked my suitcase. That's honestly about all I had time for. But regardless of my disdain for red eye flights so soon after other flights, I'm very excited to be returning to DC for another Advocacy Day. It'll be great to see the people I know from Save again, and I love the feeling I get working with such a wonderful organization.

I think they're about to start calling us to board the flight. I'm in Zone 4 but somehow Kayley is Zone 3. What a cheater.

Flights taken: 3
WoW levels:
Mage: 56
Shaman: 34


Brenna said...

Welcome to the District. At least it's not too cold outside, today.

Sara said...

There was a 14-month-old that was brought into where I work for his vaccinations last week. He was wearing an ewok costume that apparently keeps him calm when he is getting his shots. He barely cried, so I guess it worked.
I have never wanted to steal a child so badly before in my life.

Lauren said...

Kristina, I know Advocacy Day is 110% the priority right now, but living right outside of DC, I wish you had time to host a meetup with Kayley ;)
Of course I'm (mostly) kidding, I hope you two have a wonderful time, doing what you do best: spreading the awesome.

Melody said...

Kristina! I know this is très très off-topic, but I remember that you got to meet Lisa Edelstein from House through Save the Children. Today I found out that my drama teacher once dated her. I just found that really crazy, and I thought of you, so I thought I'd share. It's a small world! :)
Hope your trip is awesome!! And that you get some sleep ;) Have fun!

Penny Lane said...

welcome to DC, Kristina. I hope you're less tired. We're a happening city. xD

Amy said...

Have fun! That is great that you get to work with such a wonderful organization! Get some sleep tonight!

Chelseaxx said...

Hope you have a great time in DC! It's a great city and a great organization.

Elisabeth said...

Sleep is for the weak!

(I wish that were true...)

Litheran said...

Sorry you missed a golden opportunity to sleep. I work the night shift and for the past few weeks I've had a very hard time getting eight hours if any at all. Finally today I took a light sleep aid and I just woke up from a very restful 12 hour sleep; I feel like I could wrestle a bull...and win.

Enjoy the rest of your trip.

kira902k said...

-_- Blogger didn't update me about your last three blog posts until right now.
So this will be a combined comment for all of them.

First of all, have fun and do good in DC! It sucks that you didn't sleep, but I'm sure the adrenaline...or something will keep you going. :P

You always amaze me with your ability to get stuff done. You don't have an official employer or school or anything...yet you DO so much EVERY DAY. You were only in Seattle for a day and a half, but you edited FOUR videos. I would have just avoided it, making excuses about needing to relax and stuff.

Like, right now I'm on March break, but I haven't filmed a new vlog for my channel, and we haven't restarted our collab channel for a second year. I need to be unlazy. Seriously.
You should make a blog post about how you keep yourself motivated, inspired and busy working all the time. =]

Anyway, have fun! I'm happy to see you're happy.


Brian said...
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mike said...

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