Sunday, January 9, 2011

Scrapbooking, and my fans in Paraguay.

"I tried to do handstands for you
I tried to do headstands for you
Everytime I fell on you, yeah, everytime I fell
I tried to do handstands for you
But everytime I fell for you
I'm permanently black and blue, permanently blue for you."
Bruises - Chairlift

Literally every plan I have made this week has fallen through.

  • There were two conference calls I was supposed to have, and both got rescheduled.
  • Eia somehow talked me into going to an open ballet class with her, and we got up early, but nobody was there.
  • I had plans with a friend of mine here in Seattle named Tyler but he's been sick so we've rescheduled three times (and it still hasn't happened).
  • Justin and I were going to do a games night with some of our friends last night but they ended up being busy and never called us back?
  • I had a bunch of different plans to talk to/play online games with Luke but he's incredibly busy with a house guest right now, so I've barely gotten to talk to him the way we normally do in about a week and a half.
  • I was supposed to see the opening of Eia's show Footloose, but she called last night and told me it'd be better to go to closing, next weekend.
Most of these things were out of my control/just the way life works, but after an entire week of looking forward to going out and having it fall flat, I have a very bad case of cabin fever.

Because of this I have not only started reading more (which makes me very, very happy, as I can never find time to read all the books I have on my shelf), but I started thinking about pictures.

I will be the first to say that digital cameras are great. In every way. You can take as many pictures as you want, you can see them right away, everything is way higher quality, etc. etc. But after a fun weekend, trip, or party - you dump the photos on your computer, maybe put them on Facebook, but then that's it. All the memories from my life adventures are just sitting in folders on my harddrive. And honestly, how often do you look through your folders of pictures, really. I know I don't... ever.

So yesterday I went on a photo rampage. I looked through all my photos from 2010, put all the best ones in a new folder, transferred them to a thumb drive, took them to Walgreens and had them printed out. 150 pictures total, but a very thorough summary of my year. Then I bought a fancy photo album, grabbed some scissors, and spent most of last night cutting and arranging the photos into a chronological montage of one of the best years of my life.

Yes. Maybe that's a lame way to spend a Saturday night, but I am so happy I'm doing this. I might go back and make albums for 2009, 2008 and 2007 too. If I have the time.

Before I wrap this entry up, I want to share a series of Facebook messages I got recently. It made me laugh so hard, I just can't keep it to myself.

First I got a message from a lovely person named Martin:

Martin: Hello! I'm a huge fan from All Caps! i'm from Paraguay and i just wanted to tell you that we like your songs down here too!
Thanks for so much awesomeness!

To which I replied:

Kristina: Aw thanks so much! :)

But then, just a day later, I received another message from a guy named Tomas, who apparently knows Martin:

Tomas: Hey, I'm from Paraguay as well. That guy named Martin was totally lying about everyone liking your music down here. He's the only one who likes it. Just wanted to let you know. Good luck in life!

This guy seemed so concerned about me living under the illusion that EVERY PERSON in Paraguay is a fan of my music that he had to write me personally and refute that idea. Naturally, I had to respond. I wrote him back in my usual reasonable and calm manner:

Kristina: LOL.

I did hear from Tomas one more time. He couldn't just go about his life having made his point in the previous message, I suppose.

Tomas: Yeah LOL. In my opinion you suck! :)

Nice touch with the smiley face, Tomas. That always makes the other person know you're trying to be pleasant and polite. Good to know I have fans all over the world, right?

I have showed this conversation to pretty much everybody I know. It makes me laugh so much. I hope you've enjoyed this short look into the world of fanmail.

Level on WoW: 56
Flights taken in 2011: 0


Isabel Herr said...

At the end you wrote flights taken in 2010 instead of 11 ^

Sarah said...

You should check out Michaels or Hobby Lobby for super neat stickers to put on the scrapbook pages if you haven't already. I saw robot stickers last time I looked at Hobby Lobby. :D You could also get a corkboard and make photo collages for your room too !

Chelsea said...

I'm so jealous. I wish I had the time to print out photos and the patience to organize them. My little girl is 8 months old and I haven't even started her baby book...oops.

Sarah said...

Oh and also.. people who add "lol" or a smiley at the end of a really asshat comment is one of my biggest pet peeves ! Super lame, Tomas.

Lauren said...

Hahaha, if only there weren't people like Tomas in Paraguay...then maybe we'd even have Kristina-guay.

panicwonderland said...

That sounds like such a wonderful idea! 2010 was such an amazing year for me but I don't have a camera so I have barely any photos of it.
I might make a mini photo album for the photos other people took though, if the printer has enough ink...

panicwonderland said...
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Alice said...

I'm not in Paraguay, but I love your music! Good to see you're not letting the haters... hate? :P Have a nice day! :D

Victoria said...

I love displaying photos, they're all over my room, and I agree with the digital thing, it's sometimes nice to have a physical copy of things. I'm putting off revision for a very important exam I have on Wednesday by doing nothing, because if I did something useful, I'd feel like I should be revising instead. Oh and hopefully next week you'll have an awesome week going double the fun things you wanted to do this week! :)

heytheremeranda said...

I love scrapbooking. My mom used to do it and when I was younger I thought that it was boring and lame. And like you I have so many pictures on my computer. So as I got older I realized what a good idea it actually is. I made an entire scrapbook for 2010 and its so nice to have those photos somewhere besides facebook or in random desktop folders.

Michaels (if you guys have one out there) is a really great place to get stickers, stamps, ect for scrapbooking. Have fun with it!


Niki. said...

I wish I had a nice camera and took lots of pictures to put into a scrapbook. Sounds like a good idea, hehe.

Hahaha, wow. Those facebook messages are pretty hilarious...

Conger's said...

When I was in high school and collage I scrapbooked a lot but I've now turned into more of a photo album person. I take way too many pictures- and then print them all out. I guess that is what happens when you are a mom!

Kristi said...

Oh man this is just simply hilarious!

hmweasley said...

That photo album sounds like such a good idea. I haven't even uploaded a ton of pictures from last year onto my computer yet. Haha. They're still sitting on my camera.

Jennerbees said...

Okay, those messages you got just made me laugh a little too hard... then I made my boyfriend come read them as well. Hysterical. Sorry all of your plans fell through this week. It's always disappointing when that happens. I hope next week is better. :)

.Nikki. said...

Got any good book recommendations? What have you been reading lately? x

cartwheelsandpotter said...

i should totally do the photo album thing, cause it makes sense.
and i have had barely any time for having a social life, cause ive been working, my friends have been working, and now im starting another semester at school. meaning i am an 18 year old girl sitting at home on my computer on a friday night...yup

GM Burns said...

Forgive me for not knowing if you are "famous", but I only ran across your blog because I have a Google Alert for "Paraguay". Well, I looked up a couple All Caps videos on YouTube, and now you have another fan in Paraguay. You really show a lot of creativity, and a really nice voice too (being pretty doesn't hurt, but I'd like the music even if you were an ogress). I am also impressed by the use of the technology, and by how well you work with it (acting wise). Good work. I don't know if you are really already popular here (probably should be, the songs are cute and the music is danceable, which is important to middle/upper class young people here, since when they go out, they go dancing...period. I'll Facebook "like" (or "friend") you. I am a zillion years old, but my students and even the other teachers I know are a small fraction of that age. Maybe they will spread the word.

Cat said...

I think your awesome.

I was just wondering what to do as well because I am snowed in and can't do much.

Tania said...

(i don't like that tomas guy..!)
as for the scrapbook,what a great mum when i was younger used to take pictures of us and them put them on albums.i want to do the same thing when i find some time..
and i want to add that you DO have fans from all around the world..
Greece loves you(your videos,your blog,your music)..!

Paloma said...

What a jerk xD

I started my "Why is today awesome" project a few days ago! Decorated a little notebook and stuff. It sounds lame, too, but I really enjoyed it.

Considering every person that I've shown your videos to, I think I could say Mexico loves you.

Lulz. :)

BloggingBeauty said...

Weirdest thing ever... I was singing along to Bruises when I started reading this post. It's like my iTunes shuffle function was telling me to read your blog. hahaha. (:

Stward Campbell said...

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