Saturday, January 15, 2011

Hello Seattle.

"Cause you had a good girl, good girl, girl
That's a keeper, k-k-k-k-keeper
You had a good girl, good girl but
Didn't know how to treat her, t-t-t-t-treat her
So silly boy get out my face (my face)
Why do you like the way regrets taste?"
-Eva Simons

This has been a wonderful week.

Monday afternoon I went to SPU and picked up my friend Matt (booshoe37) and together we drove to the airport where Johnny (JohnnyDurham19) was waiting for us to pick him up. He's been staying in LA for a few months (even though he's from the UK) and lucky for us, he decided to come spend a few days up here in Seattle at the end of his trip.

We picked up Kayley from school a bit later and proceeded to have an extremely entertaining day showing Johny around Pike Place Market - the golden pig, the gum wall, the first Starbucks, a bakery that sells shots of pure chocolate, the nerd store downstairs - which was actually fun for all of us, because I don't really go to these parts of Seattle often either. When a place is KNOWN for being a tourist spot, you really only think to go there when you have non-Seattlites in town. But there are so many amazing places in this city to see; I wish I enjoyed it all more frequently.

I forget how great this place is when I am just here by myself, working on videos and preparing for other trips and writing. It's a bummer sometimes that it takes having other people visiting from out of town to remember how awesome the place I live is. People can knock the weather all they want but I am totally in love with Seattle.

We did a lot more stuff the rest of the week with Johnny including karaoke, staying up really late and making new friends -- I was sad to see him go on Thursday. I spend so much of my life saying goodbye to friends... I guess that's just the way having friends all over the world goes.

Speaking of Thursday, I don't know what happened that day... some disconnect between my brain and the fabric of time and space, or something; but for some reason on Thursday I began living my day like it was Friday. I texted my friend Tyler trying to see what his plans were (assuming we were talking about Friday night), I was talking with Liz about our Saturday plans as if they were the next day, I was even figuring out my weekend in my planner as if I had one less day to work with.

Then at one point in the later evening I told Justin that Liz was coming over 'tomorrow'. He turned to look at me and said, "So she's not coming over Saturday?"

"What do you mean, I just SAID she is."

"Tomorrow is Friday, darlin'."


If real humans could facepalm like animé characters, I would have fallen off my chair, legs in the air, right at that moment. After the initial shock of embarrassment, it was like the heavens had opened up, reached down, and HANDED me another day. A whole day. Just for me. With no plans, no obligations - just a new, magical second Friday for me to live and enjoy with no consequence.

I spent it watching TV and playing Wii games. THANK YOU, UNIVERSE.

Levels on WoW:
Mage: 56
Shaman: 34
Flights taken: 0

Also: In response to the conversation with the Paraguay guys in my last post, someone left this as a comment on my blog:
"Forgive me for not knowing if you are "famous", but I only ran across your blog because I have a Google Alert for "Paraguay". Well, I looked up a couple All Caps videos on YouTube, and now you have another fan in Paraguay."


Rebekah said...

hey, it's that one song :D

kalimagination said...

I'm going to sound like a crazy person, but my heart skipped a little at the mention of my school (SPU), and the fact that you were here.

Seattle is lovely, and you're so lucky for getting to grow up here <3

Niki. said...

I'm glad you had such a good week! :D

Also, hahah, that's awesome about the new fan from Paraguay!

Shannon said...

Hey, Kristina!

I saw on Twitter you're almost done with Buffy and I thought -- if you're feeling up to it -- you might do a "10 Favorite Buffy Episodes" blog. Or whatever number you want! :D I know I always have difficulty choosing, lol, so I won't force you to limit your picks. ;)

Stefan said...

love the wow levels. let me know if you ever want some wow help.

Manar said...

It's good to know that you have another fan in Paraguay. :)

And it sounds like a really fun time. I saw your video, and now I kind of really want to try chocolate pasta with cheese and butter.

Elisabeth said...

I'm an exchange student, and I've moved here for winter and spring quarters. You're rediscovering your city, and I'm discovering it for the first time. :) Seattle is an absolutely beautiful city. I really love it here - the atmosphere is great.

I'll definitely keep an eye out for the places you mentioned. Any other recommendations of things not to miss in Seattle? :)

Mikeila said...

Congrats Kristina! Because of you, I read Paper Towns by John Green in one day (today); and I'm probably going to read some of his other books as well! Thanks! You got me into something awesome!


Jess the Nerdfighting Band Geek said...

This reminds me of the episode of the office where Dwight thought it was Friday and Jim and Pam spent the whole day working to keep him convinced of that xD

Madeline said...

Don't forget, you never say goodbye to someone without having said hello first. You seem to spend an awful lot of your life getting to see your friends, which makes you pretty blessed, in my opinion. :)

RnB said...

As someone also from the Northwestern quadrant of North America, I feel exactly the same way about my city, Vancouver B.C.

The only difference is that I never forget how amazing a place this city & it's surrounding areas are. You can go anywhere in the world to visit or live in but no place is the same as another. People make places different more than anything.

Lauren said...

Random thought that should probably be posted on your last blog post, but you should do a count of how many books you've read throughout the year with the title of the most recent book or something :D
Just an idea that I thought would be cool because I'm forever looking for more books to read.
Thanks for being awesome! Love your blogs and things :D

Conger's said...

I love Seattle. I grew up in Bellevue, but moved away for college and now I live in Iowa. After my husband finishes school we hope to move back to the northwest because it's so beautiful! This made me a little homesick!

Tania said...

Seattle sounds like a lovely place..
it's true that we don't go to the "tourist places" often but when we go(especially with someone who is visiting) we enjoy them..:))

Julia said...

I love it when friends come to visit! I also love that nerd store in Pike Place Market. I took my friend (who was visiting :P) there a couple of weeks ago and found an awesome card game: Zombie Fluxx!

Anonymous said...

That's so true that you only think about touristy things when you're showing someone else around!

Glad your week was lovely!

Also, loving the WoW levels! :D

M3lf4c3 said...

I've always wanted to visit Seattle. Hopefully I can take a roadtrip or something there with my boyfriend.

appletrain said...

a friend from the uk came to stay with me in LA this past september before we both went back to the UK for school and in two weeks, we covered more ground touristy or not than I ever have in the 10+ years i lived there. i know i've always known LA was amazing but it takes visits like that to make it real. it DID make it really hard to leave at the end of summer which was kind of sad.

i have family in seattle and love it but i've never been proper touristing around it. i knew it had more to offer than our parent's favourite pike's place ha..

Rivvy said...

This blog made me homesick for Seattle. I was back home in June to show my boyfriend around (he's never been that far west!), but we didn't get to see as much as I would have liked. He was most amazed by the mountains, though. I forgot how most people in the country never even see mountains like we have, and what they call a mountain here on the East Coast is really a hill!
And now I'm sitting here watching it snow outside my bedroom window in New Jersey and wishing I was back home in the rain. :sigh:

kira902k said...


Nicolas Lopez said...

Seattle sounds like such an awesome place! I'd give anything to go to a place where it rains all the time...