Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Tired, disjointed Wrockstock thing.

"You transfigurated my heart
and now it only beats for you.
If I could apparate into your arms
maybe I wouldn't feel so blue."
-The Mudbloods, "I Wish You'd Be My Witch"

I don't even know how to begin to sum up this weekend.

I can start by saying that I am really really tired and am currently sitting in a hotel with really crappy Internet in Lincoln, Nebraska. I'm just writing a blog on a textedit file because I gave up wrestling facebook and gmail. We began our journey home around 1 in the afternoon yesterday, and I have to say that driving in the opposite direction as all my friends is the worst feeling. I mean, yeah, everyone was going home. But driving 34 hours toward a wizard rock weekend to see, in my opinion, some of the greatest people in the world, is a lot more fun than driving 34 hours to leave them.

We arrived at Wrockstock around 6 on Friday. Did the usual checking in, finding our cabins, unpacking, soaking in the feeling of being at my third Wrockstock and looking around at all the familiar sights. There are so many memories at this lodge. I met Luke, Aaron and Jason of Ministry of Magic for the first time 2 years ago at WS1. Had loads of amazing times with Jake Niffler at WS2. Ended my portion of our tour with Lauren and Lena last May and performed the Pokémon theme song in three part harmony during Lena's set. Grew so much closer to so many of my friends.

So within minutes of getting there and day-dreaming about years past, we got antsy and needed to go find our friends. A handful of them were sound-checking for that night's show, so there were hugs all around as we poked our heads in the performance room.

I can't actually remember the sequence of events of Friday night anymore, now that I think about it. At one point we went up to the lodge to eat dinner. They no longer use the kid's buffet, which freaking sucks. I never got my grilled cheese sandwiches. Then the Myrtle's played first, and they had this screen they put up and played video and picture slideshows on it during the set, which I thought was awesome. During their happy meta-wizardrock song "Transparent", they had a bunch of pictures from shows and cons over the years, with a ton from last year's Wrockstock. Lena and I were standing next to each other smiling and laughing every time we saw one of us, of which there were a lot.

Ministry of Magic played Friday night as well, and Snape vs. Snape was super fun, like always. As was Goodbye Privet Drive. I love them. :)

Post-show Friday night naturally meant partying, and I had a lot of fun seeing people I haven't seen since before London. I actually was just walking around with a huge grin on my face all weekend because I definitely remember when I was feeling really low this summer, and feeling incredibly alone over there in a foreign country; I was really, really craving a chance to see my Wizard Rock friends. And I remember Wrockstock seeming really far away at that point.

So it was nice to sort of… I dunno. It was nice to see that I had survived, if that makes sense. That I was really, truley happy, and that enough time has passed that what even used to still be a sort of dull ache in my stomach has now just been completely filled because I have so many amazing people and experiences in my life to make up for my crappy summer.

Anyway! I made some new friends this weekend, re-connected with old, and also spent time with people I have always meant to but never had the chance to.
I got to know Erinn Lewis this weekend, I bonded a bit more with Christian of Oliver Boyd and the Rememberalls and his girlfriend Kelly, got to know Fred of Fred Lives, got closer to Nina, finally hung out with Kathleen and Sammie G after years of saying we should, and spent a lot of time with Luke after way too much time just talking on gchat.

Kathleen and Sammie and I had a talk about how much we dislike school on Friday night I believe, and bonded over how frequent wizard rock trips make it so much more bearable. And there were MANY conversations about how excited pretty much everyone is to be able to talk about LOST at the events we see each other at next year. And, I avoided thinking about NaNoWriMo like the plague. I'll deal with that when I get home.

Everyone's sets were really awesome. Especially Matt's. And Christian's. And god, the Mudbloods'. This was their last show together as a wizard rock band and everyone is really sad about that. They're just such a good band, and such a good addition to this community. Everyone is hoping for a reunion show. Sometime. xD

I'm trying to think of what else I can possibly say without getting too personal or delving too deep into "you would have had to be there" type stories. It was just a good weekend. I enjoyed myself a lot and I really needed to see everyone again. Sometimes I get a little… discouraged. About wizard rock. Living so far away from most people and also missing out on a lot of shows this summer… I was starting to feel really detached from the community. But it's really amazing how even after 6 months of being away, you can just insert yourself right back in with these people and it's really like no time has passed. Just that everyone is a little bit better of musicians than the last time you saw them (my friends are so talented) and you're a little bit more in love with everyone. I feel completely energized and motivated to write and work on music. Eia and I have loads of ideas for our set in Kansas, since the Hallows and Horcruxes Ball (in April) is our next big show.

We actually spent a good chunk of our drive yesterday listening to the complete Parselmouth's discography to see if we can revive any older songs, which was really fun. Eia and I always get like this right after a weekend like this though, so here's to hoping the energy holds up. :)

Completely amazing weekend. So what if we spent just as much time in the car driving there as we actually spent at Wrockstock? It made it an adventure. So what if I slept in my clothes every single night because I never actually made it back to my own cabin? So what if I got maybe a collective 12 hours of sleep in the last 5 nights? This weekend was amazing and hardly anything bad or negative happened. We played this amazing little set on the dock on Sunday night, where Luke and I played some ALL CAPS songs, and then we played Parselmouth songs and acoustic Ministry of Magic songs, and Jeremy even sang a song he wrote off his new album "Muggle Relations". It was really, really sweet. And a ton of people came! I love intimate, personal shows like that. And also, singing ALL CAPS songs live, together with Luke, instead of over a computer was really fun. I think people really liked it.

Anyway. Eia and Liz are still asleep in our hotel, we missed breakfast (we always miss breakfast), I'm all smiley because I like a boy and I am preeeeetty sure he likes me too, and there are about a solid 24 more hours I have to drive to get back to Seattle with my two best friends. All things considered, I'm pretty happy right now.

Wordcount: Oh shut up. We'll talk about it later.


Elisa said...

I'm glad you had a great time at Wrockstock, it really was a memorable weekend. :)

And thanks for hanging out with us down in room 311. It was fun chilling out, even when the jokes started getting awkward.

Have a safe trip home!

Michelle said...

I really wish I could have gone :( but I am glad you had fun! I'm still very distraught that The Mudbloods are 'gone'. But, I'll never say never!

Rosianna said...

Wow, reading this made me really really miss you. I mean, it made me miss everyone, but particularly your lovely self. I am incredibly glad you had a good time, and hope that the good times keep on happening.

Love and stuff. <3

KaraDawlish said...

i sat at my computer for like 15 minutes staring at a dark black screen hoping the internet connection would get better so we could watch some of your all caps set. i wanted to see the ocean six too! i was on webcams all weekend with friends and i wish i could have just beeeen there. amazingly after that entire weekend with no sleep whatsoever i couldn't make it for the mudbloods and i fell asleep. that was so depressing. i've only seen them once before!!!!

KAThleeeeeen :D
omg i need to go to wrockstock fourrrr....

kira902k said...

Squee! I'm so happy for you.
This did indeed make me very very jealous, like I knew it would.
I've only ever been to ONE harry potter event ever which was LeakyCon. Obviously, awesome. But still! I wish I lived somewhere where people actually toured (I live in Montreal. No one EVER comes here.)
It's so hard for me to actually get involved in this community because i can never make it to events. I hear you talking about all the awesome people, and I'm SO jealous.

Ah well. I'm happy for you. I hope it all works out splendidly with Luke. (it isluke, right?)


Jaime said...

I missed everything! And on top of it all, Ministry of Magic was there. *sigh*

I'm glad you and your friends had fun!

I've always hated leaving places too. The thrill on the way there is like a high that gets you where you're going with minimal discomfort. There's something extra sad about when you leave, especially if you had an amazing time. The trip home always seems longer.

Katie said...

This post made me all warm and fuzzy inside! :)

Emily said...

I really really wish I could've been there, but I'm SO glad you had such an amazing time! I'm also aiming for being at H&H this year, so I got a little less bummed when you mentioned that. :]

Maggie said...

I'm so happy for you :-)

SigneHansen said...

I'm just going to repeat everyone else and say: I really wanted to be there!
But it's great to be able to read about it when I can't be there.. At least I can live vicariously through you.. Too bad I live in Denmark and can't go anywhere :(
But! I'm really happy that you are happy, which is weird, seeing as we don't really know each other. But still! I really am.

appletrain said...

I wish my life was yours pretty much daily. :)

Also, the word I have to type in for the verification thing is mulogio and idk if you can set it to things, but it sounds like a spell and that made me smile. Although I am still frustrated my life is not yours. end.

bookwormdaisy said...

I had such an amazing time at WS, too! It was so awesome. And I'm not thinking about NaNo, either. I'm too tired.

About singing the Pokemon song: There was a girl at the bonfire on Sunday night (you weren't there, were you?) who could sing the Sailor Moon song in Japanese. It was fabulous.

I miss everyone. I miss Wrockstock.

Lotte said...

That sounds like such an amazingly cool weekend! I envy you for having these kind of shows/weekends in the first place. Over at where I live (The Netherlands) we don't really have a wizardrock community...or I just don't know about it, but I haven't heard about it anywhere.
Good luck on catching up with your nanowrimo wordcount...haha sorry, just HAD to say that :p

itszerogravity said...

Oh my gosh, I'm so jealous! Sounds like an AMAZING weekend.

I'm hoping to go next year. I'm a bit nervous though. I know this maybe sound stupid but I'm kinda worried that since I don't know anyone it'll be hard to insert myself, like you said. I don't really have many wrock friends. But I'm hoping I can make some at wrockstock!

aimée-louise said...

kristina likes a boy, kristina likes a boy ^-^
your happiness just radiates from the computer screen. smiles.

beangirl1389 said...

As soon as I read you're music lyric I instantly became really excited. This post seems more like yourself and I love that you're "back". I was almost jumping around my room just hearing you talk about Wrockstock and all the good things happening to you.I went to Portus which seems like so long ago and its true that you can go a long time and fit right back in like no time at all. <3

inkstainedpages said...

I had an amazing time at Wrockstock too! The concert on the deck on Sunday night was one of my favorites of the weekend! :)

Hope you're having a safe drive home!

Melissa Kendra said...

could this boy the boy we all think it is? :]

JustMargaret said...

Reading this made me happy. I don't know if that's a good thing, or if it means that I'm vicariously living through you, but either way I'm all smiley now too. :)

partyweetow said...

So, I don't know if this goes for other people, but I kind of live vicariously through yours and Hayley's blogs. I'm glad you had a super awesome time, 'cause I don't know anyone who deserves it more. Now get back to NaNoWriMo!

janitorbud said...

i really really really really like the "i like a boy and i'm pretttty sure he likes me too" part.

Sabrina said...

It makes me so ridiculously smiley to hear you bubbly and happy. Keep on wrocking, love.

Keely Jade said...

I'm glad you had fun, Kristina! That's really good to see, considering I've been "stalking" you for about like, almost a year now... or something. Haha.


Oh dear.

What shall we do?




eibbore said...

I'm so glad to read a I'm ridiculously happy Kristina blog. May the good times keep coming love. <3

Ravenclaw2313 said...

Wrockstock was amazing. It was wonderful to see you even if it wasn't for very long. Fred Lives is quickly becoming one of my favorite people and I liked Christian a lot too. The sets were great and your show on the dock was fantastic. It was also wonderful to hear you singing instead of Luke or Jason in falsetto. I had missed your voice on Goodbye Privet Drive especially.

From what I saw I am pretty sure the boy likes you. He's a sweetheart. I say go for it.

seurat2 said...

I always enjoy reading your blog Kristina, but this one was a particular delight. Really happy to read that you are feeling whole and good again and that you had so much fun. As for the unnamed boy, I'm sure that if he has a pulse he probably likes you.

hpforme said...

I'm really happy for you Kristina Horner. You're blog is very encouraging and exciting. I always look forward to reading it. Thanks.

Katzie said...

Hi, um, I've never commented before though I have read your blog for some time...
Anyway, I'm glad you had fun!
*stupid comment*

kesharab said...

WS sounds like such an awesome time, I'm planning on going next year. Hopefully. I'm still way new to the wizard rock community but I love it, and I'm stoked that you blog about it with such enthusiasm! I love it so much more when I see how happy it makes so many people.
-Keshara :]

VicMorrowsGhost said...


Emily said...

That sounds so incredibly awesome! I'm jealous of your getting to attend such awesome events and I wish I could go. They should do some sort of NYC Wrockstock ...

I'm glad you had fun!

Sarah said...

you are so lucky to have been there I wiah I was even if I don't know ANYONE in the wrock world I want to meet people.
I know what you mean about coming back to a place you haven't been in a while. I go to an over night camp almost every year except i didn't 2 years ago and coming back was so natural everything fell right back into place.
the thing I'm most upset about though is never being able to see the mudbloods live I love them and realy hope one day they will get back together for a show I can go.

nicolexoxo said...

i think we all kno who this boy is...give it up :) haha i think I'm just gonna say go for it!!! you kno u want to. and if he's who we think he is...well u kno there are a lot of ppl backing u up. <3

Oletha said...

OMG, please, please, PLEEEEASE tell me there is a recording of the 3-part Pokémon rendition. MY LIFE FEELS UNFULFILLED WITHOUT IT D:

A said...

I wish I was there soooo badly.
I've only ever been to leakycon 09. It was so much fun though!I got to meet most of the awesome people there (including you =D)

Jerome Haward said...

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