Tuesday, November 3, 2009

It's only 2,167 miles.

"I went for so long
And I was so wrong
And then I met you
And now I can't live without you
And I don't want to
I've done that all my life up till now"
-Eisley, "Combinations"

This is going to be a short entry, because I actually don't have time to make it any longer.

I have been in panic mode all afternoon, because tomorrow I leave for Wrockstock. I don't think I have really made this explicit anywhere, but I am driving to Wrockstock. In my Fiesta. With Eia and Liz, mind you, but regardless of the company, that is 2,167 miles I am putting on my car in a day and a half. I am equal parts excited and terrified of making this road trip.

That's 2,167 miles ONE WAY. I'm doing it all again on Monday when we come home.

But hey. Michael Aranda drove to Florida in 2 days. I can drive to Missouri. I have to give the car back at the end of the month anyway.. why not throw in one more crazy road trip?

I have a packing list open on my computer, which has the standard last minute things I can't actually pack until I am done using them (phone charger, shampoo, etc.) but also on that list are things like "find small cooler for road snacks" and "do Liz's chains fit on my tires?" and "get cigarette lighter to standard outlet plug adapter because working on nanowrimo novels in the car is absolutely necessary". Basically, I'm a little nervous. I've never done a drive this ambitious before. I am sure I will be doing frequent twitter updates of our status while we're driving. If I stop twittering - you'll know something has gone wrong.

My biggest concern is that something will go wrong and we'll get to Wrockstock late on Friday. I am WAY too excited to get there and see people to be getting in late. I will not tolerate late.

Today was a day full of me getting ready to go. Packing, finishing a paper that's due tomorrow for my Consumerism class, trying to get ahead in Nanowrimo words but failing as I have only written about 500 today, and giving up entirely to go downstairs and just bond with my roommates. This is the first time that I have really liked and actually hung out with all five of the people living in the house (people move in and out all the time). There was always at least one person who didn't get along with the rest of us or just did their own thing, but I have been having loads of fun with everyone here lately. We interrogated Paul the new guy for a good hour or so in the dining room, drilling him on his love life and past experiences. PJ and I are both very open people, so we're trying to encourage everyone else in the house to speak as candidly about their issues as we do. xD

The only things standing between me and being at Wrockstock, now, are one night's sleep, printing out a paper, turning that paper in, sticking this month's rent up on the fridge, posting a video, packing up the car, and LEAVING. Oh, and, you know... 2000 or so miles.

I'm a little nervous about Nanowrimo, I'll be honest.

But I am much too excited about seeing all my friends, particularly Lauren and Luke, to worry too much about it. I'll win this year. I always do.

Wordcount: 7,027


disasterpastor45 said...

2167 / 60 mph = 36:07
I sure wouldn't stand for that.
800 miles a day was all I could do across Texas by myself each day. You've got extra drivers, but seriously that is way too much ground to cover with no time to spare.

becca87 said...

Woooo road trips! Wrockstock CANNOT get here soon enough. I don't leave until Friday morning, and I haven't even started to think about packing. Yikes. At least you have people to make the drive with, so you're not by yourself! I drove to LeakyCon, and while Detroit to Boston isn't as far as Seattle to St. Louis, it was still an epic road trip. Even though half of it was by myself, before I picked the roomies up.

Have a safe trip! See you in a few days!!

Emily said...

Oh geez! That is a LONG way to drive. Good luck!

I'm sure with your friends the road trip will end up being amazing! =]

Katie said...

I'm sure you'll be fine. Stay safe and good luck! :)

jenny said...

Have a safe drive! Watch out for deer out here in the midwest.. they are thick this time of year.
Wish I was going to wrockstock!

Shauna Taylor said...

I've done the drive from CT to Florida before. Rough, very rough. But you get into this groove and it's not so bad anymore. Good luck!!!

lalalaamichelle said...

If you ever get bored of that fantastically awesome snake header, here's one I made:


(It's at least worth looking at, trust me.)

Lauren said...

You also can't be late because we're the first set of Wrockstock!!

I can't wait to see youuuuu. And I'm kind of excited to see the Fiesta.

Ravenclaw2313 said...

Wrockstock! Wrockstock! Wrockstock! Don't let the drive worry you. My entire extended family lives in NorCal and we make the Iowa to NorCal drive at least once a year. We usually drive straight through, which I don't know if you're doing. It can be a lot of fun. Play games and have sing alongs. You can learn a lot about people on a long road trip. Can't wait for Friday!!!

Jaime said...

Your word count is far better than mine. As of last night I did not even have the daily requirement of 1'667 words written.

I hope you have fun at Wrockstock. I'm sure the drive won't be so bad, and your friends are coming, and you're driving an awesome car that you KNOW can handle it.

Madeline said...

Good luck, good luck, good luck!! I know you can do it!! I'm super bummed that I can't go to Wrockstock, so please tell us ALLLLLL about it!! :)

seurat2 said...

I love Eisley, and actually found out just yesterday that I missed seeing them playing here live just over a week and a half ago because they were opening for another band and weren't advertised much as a result. Fail, I would have gone for sure. Good luck with that drive, change drivers often and stay safe. And if you stop for chipoltle, make sure to record that for your total.

Emily said...

I SO wish I was going to Wrockstock! I almost made it this year!
Oh well. Next year, right?
Have a VERY SAFE drive, Kristina! And have fun!

Without the Ralph. said...
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Lauren Field said...

You can do it Kristina! Positive thoughts! Think positive, happy thoughts.

Okay, then you might start flying...

/peter pan reference

I should be working on my NaNo, but instead I'm reading your blog....


Kate said...

ok. so. we (so far) have basically the same music tastes. or at least i really like all of the songs that you have had stuck in your head over the past few blog entries.
also. good luck with the whole driving thing. what helps me on long trips (the college i go to is 5 hours away from my parent's house) are audiobooks. for real. :) and playlists specifically made for road trips. though i'm sure you have those.
but. anyways. have fun at Wrockstock.

susannah said...

I love Eisley!
And I love you!

haha. This is the first time I've ever commented on any of the 5AG's blogs, and I awkwardly ran out of things to say xD

The Vagabond said...

My car broke down on the way to Oklahoma City from Lubbock for a Wizard Wrock concert a few weeks ago. Luckily we were still in Lubbock when it happened and were able to get it towed (for free!) and take my roommate's car instead. Unluckily, we were going to go to the zoo on the way to said concert, but didn't get to do that. Basically my car started smoking underneath the hood. Like, a lot. That was pretty scary and I thought my car was on fire. It had overheated and when we stopped I noticed that, along with the smoke, it was also bleeding green... not good.

I'm sure you won't have that problem though. It would, however, be a good idea to check your radiator fluid before you leave. You know, just in case. Not to freak you out or anything.

Have a good trip!

Chrystie said...

Last november I drove all the way from idaho to north Carolina in 3 days! it was insane. Don't worry about the drive, it won't be as bad as you think. I just realized that you've already left. haha. I bet you'll make all kinds of great memories just on the way there :) Can't wait to hear about it and see the videos!

Savannah said...

Yeep, that's a lot of miles. Road trips are always exciting, though, and hopefully it'll go fast!

Totally worth any trouble once you get to Wrockstock. I wish I could go. But we can't all win shiny Ford Fiestas and all the free gas we want. Have fun with it these last few weeks. :D

Wyatthaplo said...

Good Luck with the drive! Hope the three of you have lots of fun. I shall see you at Wrockstock!! :D

Elisabeth said...

Just like a journey of a thousand miles, a journey of 2167 miles also starts with a single step.

You'll be fine. It will be fun! :)

Lotte said...

Good luck with the trip and be safe! And also, HAVE FUN! :D

Ariel said...

I'm very jealous. I love road trips, and I haven't been to WrockStock.

kira902k said...

Have fun at wrockstock, and enjoy the road trip! I'm excited for you!


Aly said...

You keep posting random lyrics of songs that I like. It's insanely awesome! :D
I think I can partially blame your road trip for the characters in my novel going on a random twelve-hour road trip to get PRETZELS. I've completely lost control of them! xD

Sorlom said...

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