Friday, November 13, 2009

Omegle procrastination and writing failure.

My first four Omegle conversations:

You: Hey
Stranger: james?
You: No, everyone says I look like him.
You: This is his son, Harry.
Stranger: i love you harry
You: ....Draco?
Stranger: ahahah
Stranger: why are you with ginny
You: She's hawt, man.
You: But hey. If you're.. available..
You: I could ditch the Weasley.
Stranger: yes
Stranger: kill the spare
Your conversational partner has disconnected.

Stranger: hey
You: hey
Stranger: wassup?
You: Nothing much, just studying for Potions.
Stranger: potions..
You: Yeah, with Snape?
Stranger: ah
You: Freaking hard class.
Stranger: lol ok
You: Did you test out or something?
Stranger: test out?
Stranger: so whos snape?
You: OH did you not get a letter? Embarrassing.
Your conversational partner has disconnected.

Stranger: hi, how are you?
You: I used to feel so alive
You: but... now I feel like I only can survive.
Stranger: kewl, yah same.
You: some people call me a zombie.
You: maybe they're right.
Stranger: Here is my tinypic album, {link here} do you think i'm hot? :)
Your conversational partner has disconnected.

And this last one goes out to Bre Bishop:

You: Do you like harry potter?
You: My mom says I look like harry potter.
Stranger: Harry Potter is amusing enough.
You: I have harry potter's email address.
Stranger: Oh wow.
You: I think Ron's stupid.
You: For Christmas, my mom got me a harry potter lego set.
You: Do you have a harry potter lego set?
Stranger: I do not have a harry potter lego set.
You: You should ask for one for Christmas.
Stranger: I'm a bit too old for a harry potter lego set.
You: Do you want Harry Potter's email address?
You: I can share it with you.
Stranger: I'm curious what it is.
You: I'm just kidding Harry Potter isn't real.
You have disconnected.

So... this is what I have been doing in the 2 hours I gave myself between my classes to work on my nanowrimo novel. That and talking to Emma about juicy girltalk. Not very productive.

Sigh. Tonight is going to be writing night for me for sure. If you're so inclined, you should leave me encouraging (or threatening) reasons I should start up writing again in the comments. I need reinforcements at this point, because stopping writing for a week and trying to start back up has been the hardest thing I have ever tried to do during nanowrimo. I am not happy with myself.

Wordcount: 7,846


Emzi said...

Got to love the first one! That is good shit!

Jaime said...

I don't know what Omegle is, but it seems amusing.

The Vagabond said...

That first person is awesome. Too bad they disconnected. I felt a connection.

I am definitely not the person to threaten you into writing seeing as I didn't attempt NaNo this year. I can kind of relate though because I'm trying to write a children's book for my 9 month old niece. It's a Christmas story so I've been trying to listen to Christmas music for the last hour to try and get inspired. The story is all done. I just need to draw pictures. That could be interesting...

Good luck on Nano!

The Vagabond said...

PS. Santa Don't Judge Me just started playing. : )

helloitsedwin said...

ahaha omegle funniest thing, spent like a whole week on it, dont give up on your novel you seem like an amazing writer!!

Korianne said...

You: For Christmas, my mom got me a harry potter lego set.
You: Do you have a harry potter lego set?
Stranger: I do not have a harry potter lego set.
You: You should ask for one for Christmas.

Best. Thing. Ever.

Glad you put Omegle to good use, Kristina!

Joella said...

I love Omegle. It's awesome. =]

I, too, am in the boat of not having written in a week. Since I've gotten home from Wrockstock, I've written about 1700 words. Not good. I wish you the best of luck! :)

Shauna Taylor said...

Kristina, I always knew you were secretly a slasher. That first comment made my night....

As for reasons to get back on the NaNo track.... You'll have thousands upon thousands of followers very upset that you didn't even break 20K? I mean, who else are we supposed to look up to? Haha.

becca87 said...

I love Omegle. It cracks me up every time =]

Wrockstock put me ridiculously behind for NaNoWriMo as well, but I'm over it haha. I look at it this way: Wrockstock is probably the best excuse anyone could have for being roughly 16,000 words behind...even if it is 16,000 words. Yikes. I need to work on that.

You can do it! Just keep in mind you're not the only one who's attempting to catch up after the best weekend of our lives.

Ariel said...

That was very amusing. Omegle weirds me out quite a bit, though, so I don't do it too often.
Write, write, write!
Maybe if you run out of ideas you can ask someone on Omegle for assistance.

Kate said...

omg omegle is so odd.
You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
Stranger: hi 24/m/virgin/no life sup
You have disconnected.

Cate said...

LOL. Especially the first one. I wish I would find that awesome person myself :P

beangirl1389 said...

Its ok that you're behind on Nano. I didn't go to Wrockstock and I'm about the same word count as you. Also, if I was on Omegle and I was talking with you I'd definatley not disconnect.

thatnerdholly said...

There are some hilarious Harry Potter/Omegle chats on here They're a bit rude, but funny.
Read Philip Pullman's pep talk on the NaNoWriMo site. It helped me, and now I'm at 18,806!

Larangutang said...

That was amazing lol. I really need to do that when I procrastinate too. But you're not allowed to procrastinate anymore! WRITE! (Says the person with hardly any words written.)Good luck! If you have anything that works to get back into the swing of things please share. :]

to_thine_own_self said...

Thanks a lot, Kristina. I was an omegle virgin before, but when I saw your tweets, I had to find out what it was.
Now I'm behind on NanoWriMo because I'm on there.

eibbore said...

I too procrastinated the last hour away with omegle. My best one. You: Adam/Kristina Stranger: No Harry Stranger: Harry Potter You: What brings you to omegle Stranger: death eaters

Kristina you must write or... or... you will lose all of your magic powers.

AND you'll never become a zombie.

theoryoferin said...

You should definitely work on your NaNo Novel because John Green is currently ahead of you. I mean, John Green is pretty freaking awesome, don't get me wrong... But you can't let a boy win... Can you?


Good luck shrinking the word deficit.

Ajayrious said...

You need to start writing because i am currently whipping your ass and it was supposed to be the other way around.

Word Count: 19563

P.s. is it bad that ive written the end of my novel already but not even half of the middle?

Jessie Quinn said...

First, next time someone asks me what I'm studying for/what class I'm taking, I'm so saying potions.

Second, I agree with theoryoferin:"I mean, John Green is pretty freaking awesome, don't get me wrong... But you can't let a boy win... Can you?" CAN YOU?

Also, go to and try out the Write-Or-Die program. It's nowhere near as scary as it sounds and it's really helps you to stay on task while writing. I've been using it and it is probably the reason I haven't given up already.

Good luck!

JustMargaret said...

Just...start. I mean, once you get started, I'm sure it'll all come back. :) Good luck!

mark said...

don't think of being a certain number of words behind, just readjust your daily word count total. Maureen Johnson wrote a good blog post about that.(go read the one titled "NANOWRIMO DAY EIGHT: BY THE NUMBERS")

That other girl said...

I feel you should shut up and start WRRITING cause if you don't I will eat your brain, now thats threatning motivation

Martin K. Smith said...

I @replied you on twitter about this too, but I ended up spending far too much time on omegle earlier due to your tweets.

Thankfully (I guess) I didn't have anything else I should have been doing.

Ravenclaw2313 said...

Go Kristina Go! You can write those words! Put cookies or cake on the other end. That might help. Your story is going to be awesome!

Emily said...

Omegle is slowly becoming one of my favorite websites ... ever.

xoxoadorkable said...

Bre's video is the best video evar!!1!

Next to "I Eat Mugglecast Gangirls for Breakfast" of course.


Redcabbageispurple said...

I think the end of the second one was by far the best part.

Georgina Moire said...

I thought I would join in on the procrastination so I went on Omegle. I would like to thank you Kristina for this form of procrastination because it lead to me talking to a person who gave me a great idea for my NaNoWriMo story and I have written another 2,000 words! :)

KatOfDiamonds said...

This makes me want to go on Omegle nao....NO-must attempt sleep!

BenCracknell said...

Kristina, the only reason I found out about NaNoWriMo was becuase I watch fiveawesomegirls, and in a couple of videos, you and Hayley talk about it. I decided to participate this year, in hopes that I could have a sense of the whole YouTube community and I could do it together. Now, everytime I look at my Buddy Status, I see Hayley with 11,000 odd words and you with 7,000, I feel as though I'm being let down.

Please, for insperation and a sense of togetherness, please start writing.

Oh, and I love your Omegle chats, half the time I pretend to be you to see what people say. Now I know that you go on it, I'll stop. How embarrassing it would be if I stumbled upon you. x

VicMorrowsGhost said...

I've had a couple of chats but everyone is dull or not a nerdfighter. :(

Brett said...

Awh dude I feel your pain about the stopping. I stopped writing, having fallen behind with uni and blah blah blaj other reasons. Now I feel dooooooomed. I keep reading the westerbalasiers' and MJ's blogs for inspiration. But i just get consumed by reading the blogs.

Katyisgoing said...

It hilarious how much that honestly entertained me.

bookwormdaisy said...

Lol! That was hilarious. "Do you think I'm hot?" "NO! SHUT UP! I'LL EAT YOUR BRAIN!" Priceless.

And as for NaNoWriMo... if you start writing NOW, you will find out that your Hogwarts acceptance letter got delayed and you are officially going as soon as NaNoWriMo is over. You better get writing. NOW.

You're welcome. I have connections. xD

Katzie said...

To keep writing NaNo, just tell yourself you will eat a great lot of chocolate once you reach the wordcount you're after :)

Katy J said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Katy J said...

Harry Potter isn't real?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?


Go get yer writing done Kristina. Or I'll send the mob after you if you have not penned 15,000 words by dawn!
(how's that for encouragement? I tried.)

P.S: I visited that website after reading your post, and I was in need of Chris Hansen.

Keely Jade said...

Kristinaaa, will there be any way to read your novel when it's finished? I wanna read it. xD

And there are a bunch of creepers on Omegle. Glad to know you're one of them. (:

Raaaiai said...

Ahahah I had a Harry Potter related one as well.

You: Hey Hermione
Stranger: HARRY
You: Did you get that potions essay written for me yet?
Stranger: almost.
You: Good. Also, Grubblyplank assigned us a picture of a bowtruckle, but I have to go to Occlumency, so I need you to do that also.
You: Thanks
Your conversational partner has disconnected.

J O D I E said...

Hey, Kristina. Do some writing. Or fail at life, epicly. Kay ? :D

Joanna said...

LMAO! :D I hope I get connected with you some day xD

Melody said...

My best friend and I just literally spent three and a half hours on Omegle doing Harry Potter spam. It was fantastic.

billowycapeofdoom said...

You can do it! I have to do pretty much the same thing because I haven't written much this week, or really just in general. :P
But I have faith that you will succeed. ^^

Kaitlyn w/ a K said...

Bahahaha. You're so clever.

I used to be terrified of Omegle, but you've just opened me up to a whole new world of possibilities.

P.S. My captcha code is "tronions." I feel like there's an amusing definition in there somewhere...

kira902k said...

"Oh, you didn't get a letter? Embarrassing."
Hahaha, that's great. I'm going to say that to anyone I speak to that hasn't read/seen harry potter. :P

also, draco/harry, yes! That made me so happy.
I was on Omegle searching for you. I met SO many other people that asked for you and whataboutadam as well. Haha!


KimbraSaysRawr said...

If you don't work on your novel, I'll kill Harry Potter.
Just kidding!
But seriously, work on your novel.
Or Gremlins will get you.

Melody said...

Stranger: preeesscious
Stranger: yesss
Stranger: kill the hobbitses
You: Yes, yes, my precious. We will kill the hobbitses.
Stranger: yesss
Stranger: then we kill smeagol
You: NO
Stranger: yesss
Stranger: smeagol WEAK!
Stranger: GOLLUM STRONG!!!!
Stranger: *gollum runs off cliff*
Stranger: *smeagol dead*
Stranger: what now bitch?

Your conversational partner has disconnected.

to_thine_own_self said...

I know I've already commented this post before, but I just wanted you to know that I'm on to you, Kristina. Yep.
I figured out your plan.
You tweet and blog about omegle so that all of your followers and readers get addicted to it. Then you hurry and write, hoping to catch up to everybody on NaNoWriMo while they're talking to strangers during the hours that they should be writing.
Mmhmm. Can't fool me, Miss Horner!


Andrew said...

O.o Omegle is surprisingly entertaining.. I have encountered quite the interesting characters on it some not as entertaining as yours though

Katie said...

LOL that is so awesome. Beats novel writing, for sure! ;P

frenchhornlove said...

Hey Kristina, I don't usually comment on your blogs, but I wanted to :D Good luck on NaNoWriMo!~ I wish I was talented enough to participate, but I can't write to save my life D: But I've honestly considered starting next year :) You're so inspirational~ Again, GOOD LUCK!

Anna said...

KRISTINA i am so mad at you. b/c of your tweets about omegle i spent literally like 5 hours on there the other night just messing with people (except for those who identified themselves as nerdfighers... we did our nerdfighter speak and then moved on!) anyway, THANKS A LOT <3.