Monday, September 20, 2010

Everything is your favorite thing.

I've been bad about blogging. I didn't mean to be; after BEDA this year I definitely told myself, "Self? You really enjoyed blogging every day in August. Because of that, you should carry that over to the rest of the year and BLOG MORE IN GENERAL."

But you know we rarely listen to ourselves lecturing ourselves.

Our last day in the Bahamas was amazing. After sleeping in, we went to this little cafe where I had a delicious panini and then it was time to meet up with our guide for the snorkeling trip we'd signed up for.

Immediately upon arriving at the meetup spot, the three of us knew we were in for a hilarious afternoon, because we were the only ones signed up that weren't on a honeymoon. So Liz, Eia, and a whole slew of happy couples boarded our catamaran and set off in the sun in the direction of some fantastic coral reefs.

It was a little scary right away, the snorkeling. We put our masks and flippers on, and I remember standing at the edge of the boat thinking, 'I can't believe I paid money for something this scary." I'm kind of a water wimp, you know, the kind who likes to ease her way in, one toe at a time. So the prospect of just jumping into the ocean from a boat with god-knows-what beneath we was very, very terrifying.

For about 3 seconds.

The second I got in the water and felt how warm it was, I relaxed considerably. It took me a little while to adjust to using the snorkel and the mask, but once I did, I flippered my way around taking in the colorful fish, the amazing reef below me, and the faces of my friends in their masks.

Eia had bought an underwater camera so we had a ton of fun playing around with it, posing for shots underwater and diving down to try and touch a fish. I remember seeing a rainbow fish, and a fish that looked like Dori from Finding Nemo, and everyone claims they saw a huge Barracuda but I couldn't see it no matter how hard I tried.

I'm so glad we tried snorkeling. It was amazing and I can't wait to do it again.

The rest of our trip was a blur of making "Atlantis Pals" - which was essentially build a bear - and going to the nightclub called Aura that was finally open on our last night in the Bahamas. We also found some time to go swimming in the ocean near our hotel, which was about a thousand shades of awesome. I cant even convey to you how amazing it was being up to my shoulders in salt water and having it be so clear I can see my feet way down below in the sand.

Since I've been home I've been plenty busy. First I watched the Season 5 finale of Buffy (which was heartbreaking and extremely intense, and I haven't had time to watch any of Season 6 yet so I am going crazy --- ahhh Spike's FACE when he found out ahhh) and went to my friend David's wedding.

Our friend Corey (a girl we met through Harry Potter stuff who lives in Florida) didn't have a place to stay so we offered to let her come hang with us until her flight home, and then found out it was her BIRTHDAY. So we took her out to Red Robin, had them sing to her, stuck her in a hurricane simulator, shared cake and ice cream, and then took her to see "The Full Monty" at the theatre I used to work at.

The Full Monty was amazing. We had such a blast. It was only the Friends and Family preview so we got to sit in the "family room" with my old coworkers (it's a glass enclosed room meant for crying babies but often used by us for partying) and eat snacks and things during the show. The point of the show is that a bunch of average joe middle aged guys who've been laid off decide to try to make it as strippers to show their wives they aren't just deadbeats - and at the end of the show, they ACTUALLY get naked. I mean, you see down to a thong and then the lights flare out so you can' actually see anything when they "go all the way!", but I can guarantee the whole theatre was laughing their heads off. It was so much fun.

Now I've been keeping busy with upcoming ALL CAPS stuff (leaving for LA tomorrow to go down and finish our new album with Luke) and ZAXY stuff (we had a sleepover the other night where we demo'd the new game Vindictus, watched Zombieland, and spent hours pouring over costume sites to figure out what we should be for Halloween).

Life has been good on my end, even if I haven't had the time (or the will) to write it all down.

Someone said something to me the other day that really stuck with me, and I wanted to share it here. They said, "everything is your favorite thing", and that they loved that about me.

I had to think about it for a little while, but it's kind of true. I feel like I am always logging onto twitter, Youtube, or blogspot to tell you guys about what I've been up to and how this new thing is "SO AWESOME" or "MY FAVORITE THING EVER". I had to consider whether this was a bad thing, like I am lowering the worth of these words by overusing them, but I don't think so. I think it's okay if everything is my favorite thing. It makes life more exciting.

Questions for today's comments section:
1. Guess what I decided to dress up as for Halloween. Hints - multiple girls can dress up like this and go as a set. Also, it's nerdy.
2. Have you started thinking about what you want to be? Am I crazy for thinking a month in advance?

Last google search: hot girl costumes
Chipotle burritos: 20


heyaitsemma said...

Your life.....sounds so great! :L I'm glad all is going well for you!
As for the questions...I have no idea! I'm rather terrible at guessing things.
I'm probably not going to be dressing up for halloween this year...I might be going on holiday! :D
Emma x

Freya said...

Wow, Sounds like your having a lot of fun!
I would guess for the Halloween thing either something from Buffy or Harry Potter but it's a hard one.
I would love to make a bold guess and end up getting it right but nothing comes to mind.

Love your blog,
Freya :)

Caroline said...

I really have no idea what you are going to be for halloween, but I do think you should tell us... or at least give us some ideas for what we should be! I'm always scrambling to find something cute & pop culture-y/nerdy to be and would love to hear some of your ideas!

(And no, you're not crazy for thinking about it this early XD)

allysonkate said...

Hahah "hot girl costumes." That could be dangerous. Also, I think it is just perfectly fine that everything is your favorite thing. I find myself saying this about people. Many people have told me I use the words "best friend" about so many people. I just love them all so much! :D

Joey said...

I'm gonna take a cue off of Never been kissed and say you are going as DNA helix or something?

And I live in a place where we don't celebrate Halloween so... blech!

Have fun!

Jill said...

Oh gosh I don't know what you're going to be. I'm going to guess maybe girls from Harry Potter, Slayers, or maybe Little Sisters from Bioshock? Nooo clue. For me though, I'm going as Helga G. Pataki! Sister's working on the costume for me right now :) Also going as a Captain Hammer fangirl to the Dr. Horrible screening the night before Halloween.

Allison said...

I haven't done anything for halloween in years, but I always think of costume ideas just in case. I thought about buying a Justin Bieber t-shirt and going as a girl with Bieber Fever.

Arden said...

I'm going to guess you'll be a Power Puff Girl for Halloween. And you're not crazy in planing ahead this early, I already know that I want to be a zombie fairy princess.

Foxy Roxy said...

Please oh please tell me it's Sailor Moon. Its cute and nerdy at the same time...and I think I would die :)
I haven't decided what I want to be yet...but I was teased at work that I should go as the Pillsbury Dough Boy. NOT because I'm fat but because I was literally covered in dough...which was not my fault! Hmm...good story, I should blog about that.

Foxy Roxy said...
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Lindsey said...

1. I'm just going to go with my first instinct on this one and guess that you're going as a Power Puff Girl. Yeah, I don't even know.

2. A couple weeks ago I tumbl'd upon a picture of Donna in Fires of Pompeii. If I can find someone willing to make that dress, I'm going as her, dyed hair and all :)

Unrelated: I have a present for you! If you find yourself in Downtown Disney while visiting Luke, I'd be happy to meet up and hand it to you. Save the trouble of shipping.

Paloma said...

1. No idea.
2. Amy Pond. Or maybe Misty.

Zombieland is awesome. Twinkies <3

Alissa said...

I want to say a Sailor Scout... Sailor Moon? No, you aren't crazy... today I acidentally dressed just like Belle from Beauty and the Beast... now all I need is an apron and hair-ribbon! ;) I've been thinking about Halloween all day.

nerdgirl1990 said...

1. I saw a photo of three girls dressed up as Daleks on Tumblr today, so I reckon that's what you're going as.
2. Nah, I don't like Hallowe'en. I prefer the day before - my birthday! :D

Sabrina said...

a sailor scout? that would be kind of cool to go with a group of girls

Jack said...

I can't guess what you're going as, there's lots of possibilities but I'm gonna need more information before I hazard a guess. Feel like dropping another hint next post? (hopefully that will be SOON because I missed you)

No you are *not* crazy for planning this early! I've had my costume planned since the end of august. I'm going as Link, and it's going to be awesome because I actually have nerdy friends who will understand it instead of asking if I'm Peter pan.

Krazy_4_Kelly said...

I am very curious as to what you decided to be since I'm bad at hints. However, I believe I am going as Buffybot xD my friend is going to be the Gentlemen as well so it'll be Buffy themed nerdiness. I'm excited :D

Also, I think everything being your favorite is good. I've added a lot of things to my list of favorites recently and I've never been happier and I attribute a lot of the happiness to developing new, nerdy interests.

elfarmy17 said...

Zombieland is hilarious. My dad and I laughed so hard almost the entire time.
One of my best guy-friends says everything is his favorite thing all the time as well. I think I have maybe 5 emails from him with links saying "OMG THIS IS THE BEST THING EVER." I'm the same way.

The first guess that came to mind was Power Puff Girls (Powder? Power?). But I'm sure I'm probably wrong. You've never mentioned them in all the time I've been following your Internet Presence.

Last year, I didn't know what I was going to be until 5 minutes before we left for trick or treating. Basically, I pick some dress-up clothes I enjoy wearing, and then come up with a name for it. I can't be bothered to buy things for my costume anymore. Not that I ever did, but still. The only time I've bought costume stuff (that wasn't for school) was for the Half Blood Prince release party. I won a prize in the Hermione category of the costume contest, and my sister won "Other" as Hedwig. It was awesome.

notaclareintheworld said...

I guess Sailor Moon!

herfordship said...

You know what would be a great costume idea? (and what I'm guessing you're going as, but I'm probably way, way, way off)...Get a whole group of girls, apply each with a nametag with 'Katharine' on it, and....geddit,geddit,geddit???

Haha. Just a thought...

Erin said...

Are you dressing up as teenage mutant ninja turtles? :D
(XD some of my nerdy girl friends did that last year)

Veronica said...

I'm a terrible guesser. XD

But my friends and I migh dress up as characters from Winnie The Pooh. XD I get to be Piglet if we do. =3

bookmouse99 said...

Question 1) No clue. Can't wait to find out

Question 2) Not at all. I am going to be Medusa for Halloween this year. I figured this out in July when my coworkers and I were getting ready for an 80's themed pub crawl and we braided my hair into tons of little braids to crimp it. My friend Julia figured out she was going to be Beyonce from Single Ladies for Halloween last year in like may. It took her a few months to convince her 2 guy friends to go as her backup dancers though....

Kai said...

I guess . . . something from Buffy? haha, I'm awful at guessing!

But NO, it is not to early! In fact, I just went to a costume party and my friend and I went as faeries. From NEOPETS. I was Jhudora and she was Illusen :)

Lauren said...

NO, NOT CRAZY AT ALL! I've already decided on being a Girl Scout...because I have the vest, and it gives me an excuse to break out the box of Samoas I've been saving in the back of my freezer. I really have no idea what your costume is, although I'm sure once you reveal it, I'll find I've overlooked something obvious :\

Britty said...

So I'm guessing you are going as....hmmmmm One of the girls from the Lantern Corps. Wait, you aren't into super hero stuff are you? Well it's still nerdy and a really great idea in my opinion.

I myself am in the process of making a TARDIS dress. I saw some ADORABLE dresses depicting the TARDIS and i fell in love. So no, it's not to early to be thinking about it. I am!

kira902k said...

I haven't actually read this blog yet, just the questions at the end, but you're so being a Sailor Scout.
I'm right. I know it. :P

(I'm going to read this tomorrow, when it's not late, and I don't have school in the morning)

Tass said...

I have to admit I have no idea what you're planning on dressing up as. Some sort of playing card? A dice? Ummm... no clue.
BUT, I can tell you you're not crazy for planning ahead. My friends and I decided a little over a week ago that we're going as the 7 dwarves (I get to be Dopey!!) Of course this was right after watching Snow White.
I'm so glad you've come back to your blog!!! I've missed your updates.

accioweasley said...

Kristina, funny enough, I started watching Buffy this summer :)

I hadn't read your blog in a while, because we just started school and all, and my schedule is packed, but I looked today, and just, ach. I freaked out. I'm so glad you're watching Buffy :)

I rarely cry; maybe every couple months or so when things get piled up, but when I saw the Body, I cried and was mourning for about a day, and then 2 days later I saw The Gift, which made me cry even MORE. So, you're awesome.

Spike or Angel?


apples_and_pancakes said...

Hot girl costumes? Are you going to do the lingerie Mean Girls animal thing?
Umm.. you could dress like a Sailor Scout. That could be a set and something nerdy that you might do, though I don't remember you ever mentioning watching Sailor Moon.
I was going to say that I haven't thought my costume because I'm not going to any parties, but I just remembered that... I have a better chance at getting invited to a party this year. If I have time, maybe I can knit a black kimono and go as a shinigami.

Conger's said...

I always try to think of Halloween costumes way early but I can never decide.

The first thing that came to mind for what you are going to be was Sailor Moon- which is awesome.

Ardnaxela said...

Hmm, a Sailor Scout? That's my guess.

Molly said...

Oh don't worry, I started thinking about Halloween early too.
I'm being a nerd also by being all Stargatey and going as a minor female system lord. XD

appletrain said...

ermmmm. tetris pieces? oh wait you said girls.. sailor moon crew? veela?
i don't really dress up for halloween. i think of some pun or witty whatever the night before and do that. once, i dressed in an oversized grey sweater and grey sweats and i carried around a spray bottle and called myself a raincloud. and once, i cut out a construction paper leaf and taped it on my nose, so it hung over my mouth and i blew it occasionally... because i was a leafblower! I'M SO COOL.

Daphne said...

oh oh oh! Are you going to dress up as a Kyoshi warrior?!?! That would be really awesome, I was thinking of doing that.
I've been thinking about costumes as well, so I don't think you're crazy :)

Leah said...

Me and my friend are going as Buffy and Faith :)

Niki. said...

1. Uhhh... Power Puff Girl?
2. Uhhh... no clue, =D.

.xoxo said...

Your friend David's wedding was also my best friend's cousin's wedding! Such a small world! My friend's cousin is the bride though.