Thursday, June 17, 2010

Washer Toss (and important life changing things).

This is the first post from the OtHeR SiDe!

Things have been busy since I graduated. Friday was my actual graduation ceremony, which was held in the atrium of my school's architecture building. It was so casual - I mean, that's what I get for only going to my departmental convocation and not the big student body graduation - I never even wore a cap and gown. But I'm okay with that.

We all dressed up, ate cake and drank wine, and listened to some of the CHID professors give speeches. Then they called up the 55 of us graduating from my department in some nondescript order, we got these little certificates and a CHID pint glass, shook hands with all of the professors from the department (though everyone was hugging the ones who'd made an impact in their time at UW - for me that was only 3 people) and then they read these little blurbs we'd written about ourselves a few weeks back. I don't know why, but I was so, so nervous as I waited in line to have them call my name, because I couldn't remember what I'd written about myself. I mean, I should have known I could trust myself to not embarrass myself in front of the few hundred people sitting in the audience, and that if I'd been given the task to sit down and pen something that would be read aloud while I stood helplessly on a stage, I wouldn't let myself down. But I was sweating. But I went up there, fingers crossed secretly behind my back, and one of my favorite professors Terry (a guy who looks like a black haired Sawyer from Lost) read from a sheet that I was a transfer student, enjoyed CHID because it let me be who I wanted to be, loved to travel and wanted to some day write young adult fiction, and was starting out my post-collegiate life touring with my band. Not bad, Kristina. Not bad.

And that was it.

I had my parents and my brother there, which was all I needed. It was a nice time. That night I went out to the bar with my friends, which was necessary. I had a really, really great night, and actually made a few new friends while I was out. My roommate Justin has this friend Millie he always talks about, and even though we've lived together for nearly 2 years, I'd never actually met the elusive Millie. But she came out with us and she was a lovely (real) person.
The only downside to meeting her is that it quashed my theory that Justin actually just has a lot of imaginary female friends he pretends to hang out with. Kind of disappointing actually; it was hilarious to imagine he was just sitting in his car for a few hours when he was "meeting Millie for lunch" or something. Haha. I'm a terrible person.

The next morning I went to the eye doctor, got some sweet new glasses, and then headed back to my parents' house for the graduation party they were throwing for me. I had such a good time at the party. It was a really nice mix of family, friends from high school, friends from the present, and people from my dad's work. My mom outdid herself (like usual) with a bunch of amazing food, people gave me presents (awesoooome) and my parents brought out this super funny game called "Washer Toss". The funny part is not the game itself - it's pretty much like horseshoes, only safer. The funny part is that it's called washer toss, and the point of the game is essentially that you're tossing washers at a goal on the opposite side. Cheap entertainment.

So anyway, we played that for most of the day. I was terrible when I was playing with my friends, but later on in the day after they'd all gone home and it was me and my dad against my uncle Dale and our family friend Carrie, I was doing pretty awesome. I doubt my friends will ever believe me.

I was really grateful that day for how many wonderful people I have in my life. I had relatives there from another state, people from my dad's work who really only know me through the things he's told them about me, and friends from high school I haven't seen in ages. Brittany was there too, which meant a lot to me. I'm proud to have finished college (and I got above a 3.0 too, so impressed with myself!) but I think I'm more proud to have such amazing friends and family.

Since then I've been trying to strike a balance between enjoying my now permanent state of "summer break" and also scrambling to get ready for tour. This means all day games days with friends on Sunday, three different trips to Target for various trip/packing items, spending hours rolling tshirts, and multiple movie parties in my brand new footie pajamas.

Also, I am trying to finish Avatar: The Last Airbender before I leave for tour because the movie comes out on July 2nd, which is during my time on the road. I only have the 92 minute series finale left and I am a little emotional about it.
I'm not really the type of person just to love something because it's popular or because my friends love it - I actually, legitimately have a really strong emotional attachment to this show and these characters. It's like, a complete fluke of nature that this show was aired on Nickelodeon and targeted toward kids -I've seen actual animé written for adults that have less substance than Avatar. I love it.

So as I am typing this I just got a phone call from Mike Lombardo, and upon answering I hear, (in a distinctly female voice) "KRISTIN HORNER!"
It was of course Hayley Hoover (who just can't let the malt liquor video go) asking me to do a hugely inconvenient, annoying, ridiculous favor for her. Typical. (I'm totally kidding).
Before she hung up she said (and I quote): "Tell your blog readers how I am great."

I have agreed to partake in way too many projects between now and when I leave for tour, which is a little concerning, but I guess I'm never the type to just take a week off. I can sleep when I'm dead. And hopefully these projects should be leading to some really awesome videos to post before tour, when it's possible I may be kind of MIA for a few weeks.

So things are good. Kristinaland is rich and thriving.

Last google search: Ke$ha outfits (OoooOooOoo why was I searching this? xD)
Chipotle burritos: 12


Christina said...

Congrats on graduating. Also good luck with your upcoming projects and tour. I will hopefully be at the Dallas stop.

lex said...

Everybody's touring this summer! I feel inadequate (although the fact that I'm releasing music is probably progress .. and will hopefully eventually lead to a tour) I'm totally jealous of you being so busy all the time, I'd rather go to bed at the end of the day feeling like I'd accomplished something more than just watching a few more episodes of Lost or reading another book :) x

Kristina said...

I miss reading books though! Everyone wants what they can't have. xoxo

mylifehasbackgroundmusic said...

Aww.. I'm so glad you're FINISHED! Feels like nothing else, eh? I'm jealous. :D
Oh cheap entertainment is the name of the game at ANY of my family's get togethers.
I completely understand the emotional attachment to shows like that. My friends always laugh at me for crying during show finales or after an awesome movie ends. :P
And who's that Hayley Hooker you was talkin' about? She seems pretty chill. haha
Thanks for the blog update!

alimarie_11 said...

Congrats Kristina!

I hope my college experiance can be as awesome, you've given me hope!

to_thine_own_self said...

Congratulations on everything, Kristina! You deserve everything good that comes your way. I know that's kind of a corny thing to say...but it's true, though. And that's rare that it's true. Usually you just say something like that to someone to have something to say, but I meant it when I said it to you =]

Good luck with everything this summer!

Oh, and P.S. I'm really, really trying to be able to make it to you guys' Morgantown show! I'd love to come...I just don't know if I'll have a way to get there that day...

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on graduating!

I just finished Avatar: The Last Airbender myself last night and I loved it so much <3

shannancy said...

You know what makes me smile? Happy friends ^_^

So many many congratulations on all the wonderful things happening in your life! I wish you every success and oodles of happiness.


ps. I promise I won't forget about the drink I promised you.

Al said...

Congratulations on graduating! I know what you mean about Avatar, it's such a great show and somehow it ended up on Nickelodeon. Have a great summer, I can't wait for roflcoptour!

Manuel said...


I discovered Avatar through the movie trailer because in Germany Nickelodeon isn't that big and the german translation sucks. I love the english original(so emotional!) and can't wait to watch the movie!

I wish i could visit your tour. Next year world-wide, please. ;)

JetsChick said...

I totally understand what you mean about the emotional attatchment to Avatar. I started watching that show when the first episode aired and have been watching it ever since. It is my absolute favorite show. I cried and felt very empty for a couple days after I saw the final episode(s).

I'm pretty nervous about the movie though. I expect the bending to look amazing, but I'm afraid they will butcher the story and the characters that I am in love with...oh well. I guess we'll see.

Enjoy the finale, it's great. :)(and congrats on your graduation)

Anna said...

Congratulations on graduation! Now, when are you going to announce this awesome job opportunity you teased earlier?

Also, I can't decide if I'm going to your show in Atlanta. I really want to go, but it's at 5:30 in Decatur, which means I'll either have to take the day off work or brave a lot of traffic to get there. Oh, decisions...

RhianonLives said...

I never knew what on earth happened between you and Brittani, or why she quit the band... Did you two have a fight of some sort?

Anonymous said...

Dude, my dad just built a washer toss game for my family a couple weeks ago!

I really hope it becomes trendy to play amongst large summer gatherings of family/friends. It's so lame that it's fun. :)

Cat said...

Have fun with tour! Hope you stop in Atlanta instead of South Carolina!!!!!!!

Madeleine said...

Congratulations on Graduating! (How many times have you heard that since Friday??)
Avatar is wonderful. I'm on my second time through watching it.
I'll be at your Atlanta show! Can't wait!

Bitten Usagi said...

Congrats on graduating!! I still can't decide if I'm excited or scared to death about graduating, lol.

Can't wait to see you on tour in Colorado! So excited for it!hod

partyweetow said...

You still haven't told us what your sweet new job is!

I graduate from college in a year, and I'm already kinda nervous. A world where I'm not in school seems too scary! xD

Anonymous said...

Did you know that Jason Isaacs (aka Lucius Malfoy) also does the voice of Admiral Zhao on Avatar? I just found that out and my mind was blown.

And congratulations on finishing school.

Katie said...

Kristinaland? I thought the correct term was K-town!


Also, did I miss the story behind your tag/labels?

That bloggers blog said...

congratulations on graduating

alylurker said...

Congratz on graduating!!!
Honestly, Avatar the last airbender is probably my second favorite thing after Harry Potter. (excluding family, friends, etc you get the drill xD) But seriously, I miss it so much. My web design final was actually done on it and I'm presenting tuesday in front of twenty other highschoolers and I could not be more excited!
I can't wait to see you on tour :D

Emily said...

CONGRATULATIONS on graduating! I totally know what you mean about getting emotionally invested in characters and stories. I went to see Tory Story 3 at midnight tonight (wasn't planning to, actually. at 11pm, I told my sister I wished we were going...and then we went), and I cried. I grew up on Toy Story. I was invested. :]

S and O said...

Reading your post's I noticed you were a wee bit of a Harry Potter fan.
I think you'll like this:

joanna said...

congratulations!! graduating is so exciting.
I had my convocation for the University of Guelph in Canada this past wednesday and its crazy how nervous i was for just 10 seconds of walking across the stage and shaking some hands. In the end though it was so exciting, i had a permanent smile on my face the rest of the day.
anyways congratulations again! and I'm sure you'll have a blast this summer. Lots of plans and projects is definitely better than no projects at all.
In Omnia Paratus!

Helen said...

Just so you know, I hate most mainstream celebrities. So, when I had to write a day in the life of my favourite celebrity in French, I was stuck. So, I decided on one person who has entertained me since I got into Wrock by the letter 'S'.

Penny Lane said...

CONGRATS on graduating!!!!! wish i could go to the concert, but there arent any in my immediate area...i'll just the ton of video im sure will get put up on youtube afterwards. CONGRATS AGAIN!!! <3

禎峰 said...

Where did you purchase this product?.............................................................

Anonymous said...

You are flattering me..............................................................

kira902k said...

I do hope you're planning on doing a Ke-dollarsign-ha parody video. =D

And yay, congrats again on graduating, and I'm so so excited to see you in Poughkeepsie, at the end of your tour.
Woo. Good luck with the projects.


carla said...

AVATAR. i've fallen so hard for this show so fast it makes my head spin. i don't usually like anime and i'd kind of given up on this generation's (for lack of a better word...) nickelodeon altogether. but after spending a whole day in bed with a friend watching DVR'd episodes and pillow bending at each other, i'd say i'm obsessed.

yay for graduating with over-3.0's! :D

Sammich said...

Avatar: the Last Airbender is BRILLIANT. I watched it for years when it was still on the air and could never figure out why it wasn't more popular, because it's such a great show. And I cried like a little girl during the finale, so watch out! Hope the movie isn't a trainwreck :)

Congrats on graduating!!!

Bobina said...

Congratulations, Kristina! And good luck with all your projects and tour and such. :)

Avatar is serious business. I watched the whole series while it was on, then got my best friend obsessed and we spent all last summer re-watching it. (This summer I'm stuck on Lost... half-way done with season 2!) I'm going to college this fall and I show no shame, I will laugh at Haru's soul patch ALL DAY LONG. The movie looks really intense though, I just hope they keep all the essential elements (pun noted, not intended) of the show in it!

Katzie said...

The blog label about the Cabbage Guy deserves a comment xD

Anonymous said...

Congrats on graduating, however belated that comment maybe. =]

Anywho, Avatar is completely awesome! I used to (obsessively) watch it when it first aired on Nick but only ever got through the first two seasons before we got rid of cable. And totally forgot about it until you mentioned on twitter that you were watching it on Netflix. To which I finished the series... I cried. ='[

I agree, it's an amazing series.