Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Last blog post as a college student.

This is my last blog entry as a college student.

Unless something goes terribly wrong between now and when grades are posted, everything written on here from now until the end of time will be written by a college grad. That feels kind of nice to think about.

That said, though, my roommate PJ and I are going absolutely insane about this final exam we have today. We have very, very different modes of studying. I keep rewriting my notes over and over, condensing them down as much as I can each time. I turned 11 pages into 7, and then turned those 7 into 5 last night. Now I have 5 pages of actual notes I can't compress anymore, and about 6 1/2 hours left to study them.

PJ's method is to constantly complain to me about how stupid this class is, and cheer every time she sees me not studying. I think her plan is to draw cats on the final. Luckily for her, she's a neurobio major with a fantastic GPA who doesn't really need this class to pass. I do.

Though, she's so frazzled that this morning when she was making her coffee and eggs, she poured her sweet and low on the eggs rather than in her mug. That was pretty hilarious.

Also, it doesn't help that yesterday was totally sunny t-shirt weather, and I'm looking out the window right now and it's just absolutely pouring outside. If that rain doesn't let up by the time we have to walk to school for our test, I'm going to be very, very upset.

A few hours have passed since I started typing this, and it has stopped raining. That is a good sign. I've perused my notes a bit more, but in my half-studying, I remembered a conversation I had with my friend Justin last night and wanted to share it with you:

Him: So I was looking at these vaporizers, which humidify the -
Me: Wait, so this isn't about a gun that turns people into vapor?
Him: …no.
Me: This story just got way less exciting.

I was trying to find ways to procrastinate studying this morning so I started playing little games with google search. I wanted to see how quickly different people came up when searching for their names.

For instance... You have to type in "Kristina H" for my full name to come up at all, but once you have "Kristina H", I am the 4th most searched Kristina H on Google.

I tried Luke Conard next.. You have to get to "Luke Co", and then he's the fourth one listed.

Next I went for Lauren Fairweather. I got to "Lauren F" and she was the 10th person listed.

For Alan Lastufka I had to type "Alan Las" but then he was 1, 5 and 10.

I tried Alex Carpenter and had to type "Alex Car" before he showed up as 9th.

I thought maybe this was because he has such a common name, but then I tried Alex Day, and he was the first person listed after typing "Alex D".

Jason Munday was 2nd after typing in "Jason Mun"

Hayley Hoover was 6th after just typing "Hayley H".

The most surprising one, I thought, was that Kayley Hyde was the 2nd person listed after just typing in "Kayley". I guess she wins. :)

So, I don't really know what this tells me. Maybe it's just an indication that my friends and I dominate Google searches, but I'm inclined to believe I should probably just get back to studying because this doesn't mean anything. It was just fun to play around with.

Now I have 4 1/2 more hours until my exam, and I am a nervous wreck, but I can't believe how soon it will all be over. This time tomorrow homework will only be a distant memory.

Wish me luck!

Last google search: "chid uw" (I can never remember what the website for my department is xD)
Chipotle burritos: 12


partyweetow said...

Good luck, Kristina!

Katie said...

I am also writing exams (grade 11 though) and I have Bio tomorrow... which I really should be studying for.

Krazy_4_Kelly said...

Wow, Kayley's awesome! And at least that seems like a productive waste of study time which is much better than an unproductive waste of study time...? I have no idea, my brain is fried from summer school and work.

Good luck on your exam! Only a few more hours until it becomes socially unacceptable for you to be unemployed and drink excessively. Wow, done attempting jokes when I am so insanely tired...Bottom line: Congratulations and I think I can speak for all of us blog readers when I say that we are all very proud of you and all you have achieved =)

Kayla Carcone said...

WOOP WOOP WOOP. Kristina, you can do this! I have finals for the next 3 days (Thursday, Friday, and Monday) then I'm done with school--for this year--too!

Just think.
Afterwards... You and PJ can party like there's no tomorrow.

shecaptain said...

I had my last college final today too! Yay for graduating college! *dances*

Anonymous said...

Good luck to you! :)

seurat2 said...

My method of study has always included copying my notes several times over and memorizing by writing them repeatedly. If you condensed yours with that method, well, I would pass as a result. Hopefully you will too. Good luck!

Kayley said...

I'm obviously the second most important Kayley on the internet...who is number one? Bitch is going down.

I mean. Good luck on your final! I think you're taking it right now. xx

aubriane said...

I usually don't come out of the woodwork to leave a comment; however -
Reading "vaporizer" on this blog was a surprise, but should not have come as unexpected considering that you live in Seattle and not Utah(where I live).
Tell him to get a Volcano. They're the shit.

Keshara said...

good luck :]

Kai said...

also love the vaporizer conversation :)

Jordiekins said...


I knew what the non-abbreviated title was, but for some reason, I thought it was CHIN.

Congrats on finishing everything!


Sammie said...

That's exciting!! Congrats! Also, thanks for giving me a new game to play on google. haha. Props to you!

kira902k said...

<3! I know you're already done college, so congratulations! That's incredible!

HAve a great tour, and I'm excited to see you in Poughkeepsie!


accioweasley said...

You're finished! WOOOOO!
Hope it wasn't stressful (but, prolly was :P)

Noahsark said...


carla said...

exciting! breathe the free air, my friend! :D

Rachel said...

I just searched for people like that, a few days ago. I also found:
John G makes John Green the 9th most searched person.
Hank G makes Hank Green the 6th most searched person.
Alan Las makes Alan Lastufka the 1st most searched person.
Maure gets Maureen Johnson to spot number 5!
David Le makes David Levithan number 9.
italkt makes you number 1.
nerd makes nerdfighters number 6, but number three was nerdy pickup lines.

Anthea said...

Out of curiosity, I just googled my first name to see if I came up. Instead, I found a hotel. I think I need to go here on my next vacation! XD

Penny Lane said...

GOOD LUCK! hope it went well. :)

Anonymous said...


Jerry Cooke said...

I believe I'm first on google, but only when you type Jerry Cooke *goes to check other permutations*

PJ's method sounds like mine, which might explain why I did so badly in my exams, lol.

Anonymous said...

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Helen said...

Wow! I always knew you rocked!

And my friend thought you were about 16-18...

Anonymous said...
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Daniel said...

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EmilieK said...

Hey then I'm not the only weirdo (sorry for that, but you have to agree with me) playing that game. Well now I feel way better :P I should probably write things like "good luck" aso, but since this is an old blogpost, that would make no sense. So I'm just gonna say congratulations instead ;) Thanks for being so amazing !