Saturday, December 19, 2009

Winter break funtimes.

"Baby Jesus got some gold
What all infants prefer
I bet he got the present face
With francencence and myhrr
Christmas and his birthday
Are both on the 25th
It must have sucked to have to open
Combination gifts"
-Garfunkel and Oates, "Present Face"

I haven't blogged in over a week. I feel slightly guilty about this, but I had finals going on, and then I was relishing in not having finals/anything pressing or important to do, and THEN I was busy with the Project for Awesome, so blogging just took the backseat for a little while.

I had a really strange dream last night. I dreamt that I went back in time (I think it was with Eia, but looking back, it could have been a stock dream-best-friend). I remember walking around in our normal clothes and a street vendor guy asking what was wrong with us and offering to BUY US regular (period appropriate) clothes. And then I went to a book store and was looking for cool old books to buy and bring back to the present, and I found a copy of "Treasure Island" so I tried to buy that, but when I opened my wallet, all that was inside were Euros, which I couldn't use to pay for the book because they weren't even going to be INVENTED until 1999.

Anyway. The Project for Awesome was hugely successful and fun this year. I was proud of the goofy video Liz and I made, and then Kayley and I had a a really good time running the livestream for about three and a half hours on Thursday. Luke was having a blast holding down the fort on spamming the twitter feed, and I am happy to say that #P4A was a trending topic there on twitter for nearly the full two days.

We seriously bulldozed through videos, commenting and getting them up on the most discussed page. And we had a Skype broadcast chat going where a number of people helping out with the project got to know each other on a much deeper, much more inappropriate (and vulgar?) level. Haha.

I've been really enjoying my winter break. School was stressing me out and getting me down, and being done for a little while feels so, so good. Yesterday I cleaned and organized my room, and I've been playing guitar now and then (my New Year's resolution is going to be learning to play seriously. Not that I am not already doing that, but I like to make my resolutions direct and ambitious).

I can't remember what my resolution was last year. That's actually a little disappointing. I am going to pretend that I can't remember what it was because I already accomplished it. Yep. Going with that.

Later today Brittany and I are going to our friend Rebekah's wedding. I am looking forward to this for a number of reasons. 1. I haven't see Brittany probably since May. 2. Rebekah always comes to our wizard rock shows (that's how I know her) and it's nice to finally be able to go to something of hers, to sort of give back. 3. Weddings are fun and I get to dress up.

Tomorrow I am getting up early to go do a zombie shoot for Night Zero, which is going to be a blast I think. I've helped out with production a few times in the last year but I haven't actually been a model for them since last October. It will be fun to get all bloodied up again, and they're shooting for the cover! I'll be sure to let you know when those pictures are online.

Then Monday I am going Christmas shopping with my brother, and then it's pretty much the home stretch until Christmas! Things are exciting and fun around here in Kristina world, basically. I am happy, and Liz is currently getting us tickets to the Muse show that's happening on April 2nd in Seattle and things couldn't be better. Except maybe if Luke lived closer to me. :D

AND, my birthday is in exactly one week. When did THAT happen?


Lindsey said...

Good luck with guitar! I'm in the same just-learning type of situation. The Mountain Goats tabs are usually pretty manageable for playing around with and learning chords.
Wow, your birthday is on or around Christmas? I hear that can be rather bothersome in the gift department. Although if it were me, I'd pretend that all the sales and decorations and general hullaballoo around Christmas is the whole world getting ready to celebrate my birthday :)

Keshara said...

Learning to play guitar better is also one of my resolutions. I've been playing on and off for six years, but never really had a passion for it until just recently. Good luck!
And have a happy birthday and and merry Christmas!

Kaedtiann said...

I love that your dream was historically accurate. xD

And hooray for no school, Project for Awesome win, and general funtimes! Thanks for hosting some of P4A, by the way. The whole thing was amazing.

I, also, want to work on playing guitar. I tend to be incredibly unmotivated, but maybe this year...

Muse again! That's awesome! Ooh, they play in Vancouver the day before, that could be fun... I wonder when Spring Break is. Hmmm. :D

nicoleeeyyynyquil09 said...

Yay for being happy! :)

Your project for awesome video was really well awesome lol.

Oh and please let us know as soon as the new All Caps cd is out :)

Have a good one.

Andrew said...

Project for awesome was amazing I am proud to say that one of the nights I did not sleep to help spamwow everything.

to_thine_own_self said...
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to_thine_own_self said...

Glad you're happy lately, Kristina =]
#p4a was so fun.
I twittered and commented and rated (and commented loads more) my little fingers off. XD
It's great that we were the TOP TT for awhile. Yay nerdfighters and youtube!

P.S. I wish my dreams were as detailed as yours. Usually I just remember flashes of them and they're mostly nonsensical.

Mackenzie Paradzik said...

Dude, my birthday is 3 days after yours. Awesome. :D Sounds like life in Kristina world is pretty great right now! I'm glad, because happy Kristina = Awesome Kristina. Not that you're not always awesome but it's just more awesome when you're happy... You know? Have a great winter break! :)

tigressflowers said...

Wait wait wait... are you saying that your birthday is December 26th?

Are you saying that it's possible that I share the same birthday as one of my favorite internet people?

I think my minds been blown.

Mary Clare Dowd said...

I only just subscribed to your youtube channel recently but I really love it. Have a good birthday, Christmas, and New Years! :)
P.S. I am seeing Muse in Chicago in March! SO EXCITED! NO TIME FOR PERSONAL PRONOUNS!

Meira said...

I have a better dream than that.
Yes, this is creepy, but whatever.
I had a dream when you were a werewolf. There was something to do with Remus Lupin and Kayley was there to. I can't even remember the whole dream, but it was like watching an epic movie.

Goodness, I've got to stop watching YouTube and reading HP fanfiction right before I go to bed...

But great job on p4a!!! It was so amazing to watch YouTube's most discussed page get taken over.

Anonymous said...

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Olivia said...

Glad you're enjoying your break!

I loved your P4A video and watching you and Kayley on livestream. It was a lot of fun.

Also I just saw your zombie dailybooth picture! Wow. That makeup is amazing! So freaking cool.

kira902k said...

Happy almost-birthday! Project for Awesome was really fun, and you and Kayley were great hosts. :)

Also, I love when you dress up as a zombie. You always make it so detailed and amazing. I'm excited to see these pictures. xD