Friday, December 11, 2009

Fiesta Weekend: Part 3

"Pizza in the morning
Pizza in the evening
Pizza at suppertime..."
-the Bagel-bites commercial that's stuck in my head

I haven't had any time for blogging this week because fall quarter is almost over, and I've been swamped with wrapping up school stuff, writing papers, and now studying for my final exams which are happening next week.

In order to take a break from all the hectic stuff, I have been watching a lot of movies this week. I have already watched Finding Nemo, the 6th Harry Potter movie, and Monster's Inc. Rewatching Monster's Inc. last night solidified it as my favorite Pixar film. I had forgotten how much I liked it, though something at the back of my mind had always told me it was my favorite.

I promised Fiesta Movement Part 3, so let me just wrap that up really quickly:
The last day of the fiestamovement activities included waking up way earlier than I would have liked to, eating a superfast breakfast, and boarding a bus to the Staples Center for the LA Auto Show. Once we got there we were treated to an amazing sandwich bar and were left to our own devices for awhile. Luke and I took a walk around downtown LA, and then raced back for the big fancy Ford press conference.

There were cameras everywhere, so many press people and reporters, and a big huge floor with seven or eight of the Fiestas covered in silk sheets, and then they did the official announcement of the car and all 100 of us agents ran out and on three, we whipped the silks off and cameras were flashing and music was playing and it was all very, very exciting.

Then a bunch of us ran backstage and some people from some website or tv show or whatever were asking us loads of questions and we were all really pumped on adrenaline so everyone was jumping in front of the camera to answer them… looking back, it was really funny. All we did was pull sheets off cars. But they MADE it a really glamorous/exhilarating event.

We hung out for another hour or so; the Ford Taurus people gave us free promotional bags that I was excited to get at the time but will probably never use, and then Luke and my friend Dartanion and I decided that the Ford floor in the middle of a huge official Auto Show with business executives and cameramen walking around was the perfect place to film a slow motion rap video, so we did that for awhile in front of a particularly pretty yellow Fiesta. That was a highlight of my day.

Then Alex and Jason came to pick up Luke and I, so I said my goodbyes to whichever agents I managed to see on my walk from the Ford section of the show to the door. I did see Jenny, my mission control contact, and I got a little weepy knowing I wasn't going to need to email her a few times a week anymore with questions about everything under the sun. She told me I could still email her if I missed her, so I told her I would send her emails every morning asking what I should wear that day, where I should go for lunch, etc.

Aww. I am really going to miss the Fiesta Movement. It was such a big part of my life for so long.

Anyway, when we got back to the house, we decided to film a music video with the other guys for one of the new ALL CAPS songs. It was tons of fun, and it can't go on YouTube until we get the okay from Alan, but it will be up soonish.

It sucked leaving LA. I hated leaving LA. Mostly I hated saying goodbye to Luke (I don't know why I do this to myself) but also, I just had loads of fun on that trip and wasn't ready to let the whole experience go.

But now I'm home, and as I said before, it's finals week. The formspring addiction has died down a little bit, but I do have a few funny screencaps I'd like to share with you all.

First I took a day long sabbatical because I had a paper to write, and Eia told everyone that in order to get me to come back to question-answering, they had to spam my page with various nonsensical words. This is what my inbox looked like for awhile thanks to her:

And then LUKE decided it would be funny to create a puppet formspring account for me, where he answered questions as if it were me answering questions. Though why anyone believed him, I can't be sure. Would I say something like this???

I really like that guy.

Okay. Back to doing absolutely nothing tonight, before two grueling days of Kristina's Extreme Study Weekend. Finals are on Monday. Sad face.


Anonymous said...

I'm sad that you had to leave LA too, even though I don't know you and have never set foot in America. But it sounds like you had such a good time!
Thanks for reminding me to spam you with formspring questions :P Although I hope you disregard them for a while to focus on your finals :) Good luck for those, you'll do great!

to_thine_own_self said...

Yay for another Kristina blog!
Even if your quote at the beginning makes me really crave either some Bagel-bites or just regular pizza in general. XD
Also, that fake formspring Luke did was sooo funny. I'm so glad I got to catch the whole thing live and my question was the last one he answered.
At first, I did believe it was you. Then after like two questions I was completely sure it wasn't. Ahaha.
And the Little Mermaid background cracked me up.

Katie said...

Darn you and making me crave pizza. I'm swamped with finals and papers too, good luck on all of yours! And your LA trip sounded like a blast. :)

That other girl said...

filming a rap vid in a room full a men in suites sounds fun i hope they let you post it soon

Katie said...

I asked him that question! LOL. I totally wanted to see what he would say about himself. :D He proved comical.

I'm really excited for the New ALL CAPS album! You guys make amazing music. Yay for a music video that you guys are in together! In real life! =)

Andrew said...

ugh, homework the downfall of entertainment and a social life O.o

Jeannette said...

When pizza's on a bagel, you can eat pizza anytime!

Okay, now it's stuck in my head, too.

Good luck with finals!

Emily said...

Haha, I knew it wasn't you after like three or four questions. It was hilariously ridiculous. XD

Katzie said...

I love reading your blog!
...Yeah, that was about my brain capacaty (spelled in a very different way) today.

carla said...

that song gets stuck in my head at least twice a month, and that is le fact. annoying, because i've never tried them and i don't think i'd enjoy it if i did.

dartanion is pretty much the coolest name ever.

lol i remember thinking you either got a lobotomy between the ohheykristina and italktosnakes formsprings or it was a fake. hahahahaaaa...ha

partyweetow said...

Sounds like you had a really fun time! I'm looking forward to both music videos. Will they be on your YouTube page?

kira902k said...

That sounds so awesome. I'm excited for that ALL CAPS video, and I'd rather like to see your slow motion rap video in front of the yellow fiesta. :P
Good luck with finals!


Weston said...

I posted a question on formspring but can't figure out how to go to other pages! GAH

And really, pizza bagels?

Pizza hotpockets are mos def the way to go

Anonymous said...

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