Monday, December 21, 2009

The Bucket.

"I'd rather dance with you
than talk with you,
so why don't we just move into the other room.
There's space for us to shake,
and 'hey, I like this tune'."
-Kings of Convenience, "I'd Rather Dance With You".

I had a really, really nice day on Saturday.

I woke up in the morning and had the house pretty much to myself for most of the morning. Then I went to the post office and there were 6-7 cards waiting for me in my PO Box, which was fun. People have been asking me what sorts of things I might want to be sent, which is kind of a hard thing to answer to complete strangers, but I do really like things I can hang on my walls, or notebooks (I LOVE notebooks or journals) and books are always welcomed. Or Harry Potter/Doctor Who/Lost/Dr. Seuss/Disney things. :)

Anyway, that was a tangent. Back to my day.

Brittany got to my house around1:45, and then we set off together for Rebekah's wedding. It was about a forty minute drive up there, and then (out of my sheer stupidity) I told Brittany to turn left off the freeway rather than right and we ended up lost in a terrifyingly foggy valley for a good twenty minutes, before my faulty phone-GPS took us right back to where we started and we finally found the hall the reception was being held at.

Rebakah looked beautiful and the reception was really fun. We were only able to stay for about an hour, but a bunch of other girls we know (people who Rebekah met at various wizard rock events here in the NW) were there as well so we all sat at a table together and enjoyed all the yummy desserts they had set out for the guests. That was actually really funny, because about a week or so ago I got this really bizarre question on formspring asking me to rate various pastries on a scale of 1-6 -- and I had no idea why but I did it anyway -- turns out it was Rebekah, secretly asking advice for her wedding desserts. The Internet is nerdy. :)

The best parts of the wedding were that the cake had a Bride Pikachu and Groom Pikachu on top (BEST EVER) and then they took pictures of all the guests with silly props like star shaped sunglasses and fake mustaches. I like creative, funny stuff like that. It was a great wedding.

Then we had to dash out unfortunately, because Brittany needed to make it home for a Christmas party she and her husband were throwing, and on the way home, she dropped me off in Lynnwood at a restaurant where I was meeting my parents and a bunch of family friends for a 50th birthday party sort of get-together (the party was for my parents' friend Carol). I had such a good time there. I am really fortunate, I think, to have a family I can have fun with like this.

They have two kids in their late twenties that I get along with pretty well, and Aaron (the boy) and his girlfriend Krista sat me down and told me that when they were bored one night, they watched every single one of my videos. I was pretty embarrassed (I forget that real people I know in my life might be watching; it's weird!) but they assured me that they thought I was funny and loved the videos.

Then everyone started to get a little crazy (because we had the party room in the back of the restaurant to ourselves) and this place sold mixed drinks called "The Bucket" that came in a literally bucket with a handle and a shovel. Aaron bought me one in honor of the trip to Mexico our families are taking in a few months, and well, I'll let you go ahead and assume what happens when a girl of my size has a bucket. My parents were driving me home, thankfully. :D

Before we left the restaurant, there were two twin girls who were about 19 (Carol's nieces)
that had been sitting on the opposite side of the room from me all night. One of them (the more outgoing on I suppose) came up to me and said, "Ummm. How do you know our aunt Carol?" I shrugged and said something about being long time family friends and her jaw just dropped. She said "My sister and I watch your videos and are big fans of yours and we had no idea we were connected to you in any way. And we've been sitting in the same room as you all night and that's kind of a big deal." Then I got all blushy of course, because I always do when this happens to me in public, and I chatted with her for a few more minutes, but mostly I am telling this story because I was so amazed at how small the world is and the frequency with which I seem to be getting recognized lately. It's really, really strange. But fun. :)

That night I went home, Eia and I watched "The Grinch" (the one with Taylor Momsen in it - I LOVE HER) and then early the next morning, I went to do that Zombie shoot with Night Zero that I mentioned before. That was a lot of fun. I posted a picture of me in my zombie makeup on Dailybooth and everyone was saying I seem like I am a zombie more often than I'm not a zombie. I think a lot of people were under the impression that I just do myself up in makeup like this for fun, but I assure you, I had a professional doing my makeup and it was for a purpose. Haha.

Today I am going Christmas shopping with my little brother! I really don't spend enough time with that kid, so I am very happy we are able to do this. We'll probably go out for lunch, too.

Also, I think I got my birthday wrong in my last post. My birthday is on Sunday. The 27th. xD By then I will be in LA! This winter break has been so good to me so far. I am really happy.


Elizabeth... said...

My Birthday is the same as yours *highfive* and that wedding cake is actually fantastic!
I'm glad your life is so awesome once again after your summer blip.

Leslie Rowen said...

Kings of Convenience! :D Gold stars for putting that in your blog!

DoomAngelKitty said...

I adore that Wedding cake. I was watching Pokemon ten minutes ago. I have to ask for a similiar birthday cake or wedding cake like that.

For my 4th Birthday, I had Bananas in Pajamas - B2 - birthday cake. Then for my 7th birthday, I had a fairy birthday cake. T.T

KaraDawlish said...

Dude... I got recognized at school today by some senior boy. My friends were like cracking up. Lmao, I love the internet<3

seurat2 said...

So glad that things continue to go so well in Kristina world. Kings of Convenience are frun, and I love that Feist made a surprise appearance with them at their NY show a while ago. Taylor Momsen was completely unrecognizable to me when I first saw Gossip Girl, but when I realized it the same girl I was happy since she was so adorable in the film. Hope awesome continues to follow you wherever you go through Christmas and your birthday.

to_thine_own_self said...

Loveee that cake.
Loveee that picture of you as a zombie.
Loveee the fact that you seem so happy lately =D

Ravenclaw2313 said...

My wedding doesn't have even the ghost of a groom yet but now it DOES have a Pikachu bride and groom. That's fantastic! Love hearing wonderful things from your end. Where is your PO Box posted becuase as a notebook and journal junkie myself I love sending those on.

hakeber said...

Yay! I'm so glad everyone had fun! We had a blast making those cake toppers, too :)

Darc the Flipendo Girl said...

The wedding cake is fabby!
Hmm... 'The Bucket'... somehow that doesn't sound such a clever idea ... =D

Aquaflame1 said...

REMEMBER KRISTINA . all my posts comment and rate with "*"'s okay aND everypost u will be mentioned dont make naate hate me even more...........

kira902k said...

Sounds like an awesome few days. If I ever saw you, I hope I'd be brave enough to say hi!
I still haven't gotten around to sending you something in the mail, but I shall!


nicoleeeyyynyquil09 said...

wow your zombie make-up looks so awesome. :)

oh and I was going to send something disney to your p.o. box but I asked what/who your favorite character (on formspring) was and never got a reply.. :(

Catherine said...

Taylor Momsen looks so different in the Grinch (besides the Who nose.)

Mackenzie Paradzik said...

Haha. I love how I actually know what your talking about when you were rating the pastries from 1-6. Shows I stalk you a little to much x)

Hope you have an awesome time in LA, if you don't blog before then! :D

thatnerdholly said...

I've watched Lumos Flies about 3 times now, and I LOVE it because it's so much more entertaining than the original. My brother pointed out (and I totally agree) that you look like the girl from Superbad and Zombieland. That's a good thing!

Katzie said...

That cake was the most awesome cake ever seen! Have a nice winter break!

HeyLukey said...

Hey Kristina
Long time reader occasional poster

i just felt i had to mention that the song u posted at the start of ur blog was the song that has been stuck in my head and been my musical obsession for a few weeks now i love it and seeing there made me think YES! KRISTINA IS A WINNER!!
oh and i gotta try one of those bucket drinks :P

Merry Christmas!!

Luke x

alexis julian. said...

Rebekah and I are friends too! haha I was out of town on the day of her wedding unfortunately, but I was sorry to have missed it. AND now I'm even sorrier to know I could have been at the same wedding as ~the famous Kristina Horner! haha

Marcus said...

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