Monday, April 2, 2012

BEDA 1: Emerald City Comic Con wrap up.

Well. It only occurred to me today, on April 2nd, that I have already missed the first day of BEDA (Blog Every Day in April) should I so choose to participate this year.

BEDA, you're one of those things I know I really don't have time for, but despite that, I find it so hard to quit you. So I guess I'm gonna try it. Or whatever. We'll see.

This weekend was absolutely incredible. I'll probably just sort of glaze over everything because I am way too exhausted (and a little hungover) to really delve into extreme detail. Essentially, this weekend was Emerald City Comic Con. It was my second ECCC, but definitely far surpassed last year's in every imaginable way.

Friday was the most laid-back day; we went to a panel on web series and then spent the remainder of the day poking around the vendor room, buying enough art to almost completely decorate our new house. Then Liz, Ariana, David and I went out to dinner before heading over to the Hard Rock Café for Kracklefest. Adam Warrock (a nerd hip hop rapper) was great as usual, I had the pleasure of finally seeing Marian Call perform live, and Kirby Krackle rocked the place down. I got to jump up onstage to sing "Comic Shop" with them, making it the first official time we've performed it together. I know I really shouldn't be singing right now, but it was the first time I have performed live since VidCon last summer, and it was just one song. So it felt good.

The only downside of the whole day was that at the concert, there was this couple that wedged their way completely in front of David and I and then wouldn't stop making out with each other. At one point the girl was even licking the guy's face. We tried to combat the awkward by inappropriately moshing with only them during not entirely mosh-worthy songs. It didn't help.

Saturday started early. We went to Wil Wheaton's 90 Minute Awesome Hour (contradictory, I know. He's just that awesome). We wandered around a bit after, looked at costumes, got our photos taken at the Night Zero booth, then went to another web series panel. A bunch of us bought dice sets (a few of our friends were picking out their very first ones!) and as it grew later, we decided to call it an early night. My voice was already kind of going, and we wanted to be rested and fresh for our Job Hunters panel the next day. So we went out to dinner at Azteca and headed home - before I think would traditionally be considered "cool" for the Saturday night of a con. Which is fine, because Eia, Ariana and I just snuggled and watched Buffy at home. :)

Sunday was seriously one of the best days I've had in a long time. We started the morning with the Summer Glau panel (she's adorable and so genuinely sweet!), which fed directly into the Adam Baldwin panel. He's so hilarious. One of the highlights of the panel, also, was when my dad went up to ask him a question in the Jayne hat I got him for Christmas. I had a pretty proud nerd daughter moment then. Anyway! Next was the Phelps twins (Fred and George Weasley) panel, which I was only able to catch about 15 minute of, because we had to race over to room 2AB to prepare for the Job Hunters panel. I only started getting nervous about 5 minutes before we went on, which is pretty standard for me, haha.

It went so well, though! Myself and the other three producers spoke a bit about the show, but then we jumped right into showing episode 1 to the crowd. People seemed really receptive to it! They laughed in the right places, and I got a lot of incredibly sweet @replies on twitter about it over the course of the rest of the day. The Q&A went really well after, as well. It was such a rush, suddenly being in front of a crowd talking about it after keeping it under wraps for so many months. It makes me super stoked for Wednesday, on the official release date!

After our panel we hung out at the con a bit longer, getting more pictures taken at the Night Zero booth and taking in the last of the con. It ended at 5pm, so everyone headed over to my house for the post con party we decided to throw. It was no hotel party, but it came pretty close. I spent a lot of this weekend sort of overwhelmed by how much I have grown to love all these people I've spent the last few months working on Job Hunters with. Even though we were being silly and drinking and dancing, I couldn't help but stop and sort of revel in how much hard work we've done together and how awesome it feels to celebrate that with each other.

I have so many other things to talk about, but I will save them for tomorrow!


Kirsten Erin said...

That sounds amazing! I'm glad you had so much fun at the the ComicCon and that the showcasing of JobHunters went so well. Can't wait to see it premier on Wednesday. I'm sure it'll be amazing.

Izzy Hilliard said...

Sounds like you have an awesome time. I am so stoked for Wednesday! x

AmyK7 said...

ECCC seems so cool! Looks like you did so many fun things. I'm quite envious of you, haha. And awh, that was adorable about your Dad. I don't even know how I would have reacted if I had been in that situation you were in with the couple right in front of you. Oh my god. I'm really glad the Job Hunters premiere went so well!Congratulations to you and your friends :) I'm so excited to finally see it :D.

kira902k said...

:D Sounds like so much fun.