Tuesday, April 17, 2012

BEDA 4: The Art of Moving.

Wow. So much for doing "Blog Every Day in April". I'm not even ashamed; the time went by so quickly. Just... wow.

So, I had the beginning of a post all typed up from awhile ago, and it started like this:

The time between signing a lease on a new house and actually moving into it is the stupidest time I've ever experienced. I can't think of a better word to describe it than "stupid".

I spent this morning looking at furniture on Ikea's website, and then I started going through my things to try and get rid of stuff, but doing that just makes me want to start packing. And I'm not moving for 3 weeks... so beginning packing now means I'd just be sitting here with all my stuff in boxes for no reason for the next 20 days.

SO I HAVE TO JUST WAIT. I hate waiting.

Now it is April 17 and I am just over a week out from moving. I would say I have about 30% of my stuff sitting in boxes, and the rest is just waiting to be packed up so I can transfer it over to the new house. Saturday we (meaning the girls; Justin tends to get left out of this particular aspect of moving) took a group trip to Ikea to buy room and kitchen items, while getting ideas for how we want to decorate the living room. It was super fun in an incredibly over-excited way - we kept running from section to section saying "Guys! OMG! Look!" and "Do we need this?" and "I really think we need this!"

Our front door is lime green so it kind of went without saying that our kitchen will match accordingly. I've never even realized how many lime-green accessories there are out there until we really started looking for them. We bought green hot pads and utensils and a rug and mixing bowls. We also pondered over a giant lime-green pantry, but that's something we're still making our mind up on.

My room is going to be a combination of blacks and cranberry, with teal blue accents. I bought a new lamp, and a ornate black mirror and a throw pillow and a trashcan. The most exciting part of this whole moving process is also getting to decorate a bathroom, so I headed over to Bed Bath and Beyond last night and decided on a silvery shower curtain with a sequined design on it. The towels, trashcan and rug are all aquamarine blue.

I can't wait until I can move all my stuff over and start taking pictures to show you guys the new place and all my decorating ideas and whatnot, but alas. One more week. ONE MORE WEEK.

Impatience levels are high here at Mammoth Caves.

Tomorrow we're posting Episode 2 of Job Hunters, which will be a fun and exciting distraction from my own inability to wait for things. We're also filming this weekend, which I am so stoked about. It's been a few weeks since any of us have been on set (Emerald City Comic Con, Easter and Greek Easter really threw a wrench in our production schedule) so everyone is itching to get back into character, to see everyone again, and to crank out some more of the remaining episodes.

Let's see, in other Kristina News from April I also started watching Game of Thrones and the Walking Dead - both of which are awesome. We're only about 5 episodes into GoT, but with the Walking Dead I managed to marathon into early Season 2 last weekend with a bunch of friends. It got to the point where I was having nonstop post-apocalyptic zombie dreams, but given the nature of TWD, the dreams never actually included zombies. Only the high-intensity off-time with the other survivors, scavenging for food and trying to figure out "what's next".

So, yeah. I am completely failing at BEDA this year, which is a total first for me. But I haven't moved houses in over three years and I forgot how much time it takes up and how much you have on your mind constantly -- things like writing blog posts get pushed to the very back.

I'll be around again sometime soon. I always am.

If anyone has any good packing/moving tips they'd like to share, please do so in the comments!


Izzy Hilliard said...

That is so exciting. Have fun finding more lime green things. Maybe you should get a lime green tea cosy?

Eva said...

I'm moving too at the moment, so I can relate to almost everything you've described. I never thought that I'd be this excited about buying new towels or kitchen utensils, but it's so much fun to make everything match! It's stressful and thrilling at the same time. Good luck! ;)

austgore said...

it behooves you to not walk the crooked path of veda to experience a smooth moving segue O.o

Kacie Galyon said...

Decorating is always my favorite part of moving too and I am so excited to see pics when it's all up. I'm insanely jealous of your new adventures! Congrats!

kira902k said...

Moving into a new house with friends sounds so exciting!
Honestly, I'm just excited to get to a dorm room somewhere. Most people in Canada (well, Montreal at least) stay at home and attend university nearby, but I am trying so hard to escape. I'm not sick of Montreal, I just need to live alone.

Black/cranberry/teal sounds beautiful. I'm excited for pictures! :D

VicMorrowsGhost said...

When I moved into my last house with friends I had the exact same experience but replace "let's accessorise the kitchen" with let's get one of every video game console.

la de lentes said...

I don't have any packing/ moving tips... Just wanted to say Hi and congratulations on moving to a new place. Now that you mention it, I think we are all excited to see pictures of your new place. And lime green is a pretty cool color for a pantry! Just do it!

Calamity Punk said...

I like to pack a day-pack, with pjs, toiletries, snacks, phone charger, first aid kit, a roll of toilet paper, n spare clothes in it so that if, at the end of the day u r sooo tired n just wanna crash, u don't have to dig through 40 boxes to find ur toothbrush, or if someone cuts themselves while moving u can patch them up quickly.

also, first thing u do is put ur bed together n put sheets on it, so that when ur ready to sleep u don't look at the mattress leaning up against the wall surrounded by boxes and bags and cry.

take pics of any damages on the walls before u move in so taht if the landlord asks if it happened as u were bringing ur stuff in u have proof that they didn't :)

so exciting! i've moved faaar too often, usually with just me and one other person. good luck :D

Stephxieh said...

The advice on doing your mattress first is probably the best advice you will get, because when we were moving I did have a full on exhausted meltdown because the bed was still all wrapped up and in another room entirely!

Do the beds first!

kendall said...

The only advice I have is obvious but don't pack your clothes from your closet into boxes. Just put a trashbag over the stacks of hangers that way you can immediately hang them up in your new closet rather than unpacking and re-hanging. Good luck moving! Can't wait to see it when it's all decorated!

You're just so funny sometimes said...

Moving every three years? Sounds like military life. My advice to you is to LABEL EVERYTHING and keep your boxes organized. You don't want to be searching through a box of books for a shirt you really need.

partyweetow said...

Who all is moving with you to the new house? You live with Liz and Justin and... some other people? Are they all going with?

AmyK7 said...

Hahah, I am soo excited for you; even more so after reading reading that blog post. Moving into a house with good friends sounds really, really great. I can't wait for pictures! Job Hunters was awesome btw, I'm really looking forward to more episodes :D.