Thursday, April 5, 2012

BEDA 3: Job Hunters release day!

Haha, whoops. Missed a day. The funny thing is, I totally opened up blogger yesterday and STARTED writing something up, but then clicked away -- and in the excitement and bustle of the day, I never went back to it. So here's what I started typing yesterday, Wednesday:

"Well, today is exciting.

I am sitting in my living room with other Job Hunters producers on either side of me, Chipotle in my tummy, and 200+ comments on the first episode of the web series.

So far people seem to really like it! I mean, there are the few standard "this iz jus a Hnuger Games ripoff" and the "u guyz can't act" comments, but honestly, for the first episode of a brand new show, we seem to be doing REALLY WELL.

The best part for me personally is to see how excited and proud the rest of our team is. Everyone's posting facebook comments and twitter statuses all over the place full of exclamation points and smiley faces, and it's making me feel all warm and fuzzy inside, because it wasn't that long ago that this project only mentally belonged to four people. Now there are so many people who take ownership over it, and it's the best feeling."

Now it's Thursday morning, and I'm super tired because Eia and I stayed up until 5AM talking like a couple of dummies (this of course being after we were over at our friend's house until after 3 hanging out and watching Adventure Time). I don't have a lot more to say, except that yesterday was awesome, I'm glad people seem to like our web series so far, and it's actually incredible how behind I feel in life right now.

I am completely out of the swing of making regular videos so it just feels a lot harder making them each week, I haven't even started on my Answerly video for tomorrow, and knowing that I'm going to have to start packing to MOVE soon (and that the whole process is right around the corner) is vaguely terrifying.

It's just a busy time right now. I know everything will sort itself out. I'm just feeling very fortunate that it's all positive stuff going on right now. That's a style of busy I can get behind.

Oh, and also, I tried the Cheesy Dorito Gordita Crunch from Taco Bell last night. So, like I said, good things all around. More tomorrow, when I'll hopefully feel like my brain is on straight again.


Izzy Hilliard said...

Just to let you know- like so many others I love, love your web series. I thought it was amazing.
I can't wait to see how Avery fairs in the safe house!

nelamonster said...

I think you did a really good job on Job Hunters! I started watching and I went... "OoOoOoO THE QUALITY". Intertwining scenes from the safe house and the arena is still a little bit confusing to me.
How often will there be new episodes?

AmyK7 said...

I'm really happy for you, and I'm so glad you and your friends decided to do this. I loved the first episode! I was refreshing the page waiting for it to appear in my sub box. Seriously, it's so great and I'm really looking forward to the next episode! Congratulations to you, Kristina :) You seem to be crazy busy, but I'm glad you are managing to blog along with everything else! I hope everything with moving goes well for you. Haha, you've got so much going on, you're such a responsible adult. :D


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The Teacup Monster said...

I noticed that the negative comments you mentioned use thinks like 'iz' instead of is. I think that is probably because most of the people who dislike Job Hunters are a little stupid. Not all, but I don't really see how someone can hate job hunters. When I describe it to people they say "so pretty much just like the Hunger Games?" and I get frustrated. I'm so glad that you made Job Hunters and I love it. Keep doing what you're doing, because it sure is awesome!