Saturday, February 4, 2012

Obligatory 'I Suck at Blogging' blog.

I have been absolutely awful about blogging so far this year. (We hear variations of this sentence a lot on this blog, don't we?)

One of the things I decided to really work on in 2012 is saying 'no'. I know, it sounds like a pretty negative thing to work on at first glance, but that's just it. Saying 'no' isn't always about being negative. It's about being realistic.

It would be awesome to just be able to say yes to everything. Yes, I will meet you for lunch! Yes, I will make video-snippets for your new video series! Yes, I will check out your channel! Yes, I will reply to every single email I receive! Yes, I will skype with you for the next hour! Yes, I will write a book! Yes, I will produce, act in and write this web series! Yes, I will go to your meetup! Yes, I will clean my room! Yes, I will stay caught up on all the new TV! Yes, I will say happy birthday to your cousin who's a fan I've never met! Yes, I will read that book you sent me! Yes, I will start going to the gym! Yes, I will promote your cause! Yes, I will do a giveaway for your product in my videos! Yes, I will go to your party! Yes, I will attend that convention! Yes, yes, yes!

Unfortunately, someone who says yes to all those things (and the hundreds more yesses people want from us on a daily basis) would, without a doubt, start to go absolutely crazy before long. One thing I've really had to just accept in life recently is that you can't do everything. You can't.

I like saying yes to everyone. I like helping people, I like being there for my friends and I like being in involved in new things. But sometimes it's just physically impossible. And finding that limit can sometimes be a lot harder than one would think.

So I tried it. I said 'no' to a video project I was offered in early January. It was scary, and I almost caved and did the project anyway - but, once I said no, I was overcome by how easy it was. So not only did I start saying no to other people, I started to find a few ways to downsize a little on the current responsibilities I already arbitrarily have for myself. Even the basic act of keeping up with social media is exhausting. Having multiple YouTube channels, Twitter accounts, Facebook, Tumblr etc etc etc. It's so much! There are ways to consolidate!

Don't be mistaken - this is not about saying no to EVERYTHING. That is bad. That is not what anyone should do. Learning to say 'no' doesn't mean holing up in your room and becoming a hermit; doing only leisurely things whenever you want. I'm talking about balancing your yesses with your nos, making sure you're focusing on the things that really matter to you and not letting your time get tied up in too many projects/responsibilities/commitments/etc.

Look at it this way. If you say yes to enough people, eventually you'll find you're only helping them make THEIR stuff happen. Nobody's going to check up on you and make sure you're working on your own stuff, too. And when you're super busy... there's no one to answer to when it comes to your own stuff. So that's often the first to go.

What it comes down to is, you have to balance. Allow yourself time for YOU.
While still helping others when you can.

So. I told myself, it's not a big deal if I don't post more than one YouTube video in a week. I absolutely adore blogging, but it's been tougher lately, trying to figure out how to do regular updates when I'm working on so many things I can't actually fully divulge on. So my blog got to take a back seat as well. I realized even scheduling weekly live shows was too much, so I put them on hiatus. Answering questions on Tumblr? Those can wait. Right now it's web series.

Clearing out my schedule in these small ways has really given me the extra time (and sanity) I've needed to throw myself into Job Hunters. I don't think I've been this dedicated to a single project with a group of people since high school theatre. It's a pretty amazing thing.

I am bursting at the seams wanting to tell you guys every little detail about it, but it's also kind of fun to have it so under wraps. Everything else in my life is so public - my music, my trips, my thoughts and ideas, even past relationships - I'm so used to sharing everything with you. This is exciting, new territory for me. I can't wait to just surprise everyone with the final product.

We've been doing pre-production all month - my main responsibilities have been coordinating with our costumer and makeup artist (costume shopping is SO FUN) as well as final script revision and whatnot. Today we had a set building work party, but my friend Molly and I were sent on prop scouting. I wont pretend we didn't get a little distracted at a giant thrift store though. I may or may not have purchased a Lizzie McGuire cookie jar. Um.

So, yeah.
Hey, loyal blog readers. I hope you've been doing well. I want to thank you guys for sticking around even when I'm not giving you much in the way of 'entertainment'. YouTube videos in general have such quick turn-around time, but trying to pull off a production of this magnitude... I've really felt like I've gone into hiding, and it's strange for me.

I just hope no one minds a little bit of radio silence while I continue to work silently over here on the biggest project of my life, so far. :)


TwitchLazuli said...

Good luck with Job Hunters! It sounds like an awesome project and I do not blame you for wanting to focus on that for a while - we'll miss you!

Anonymous said...

I like me addressed as a 'loyal blog reader' :D I feel like someone else has blogged about this, I'm getting a bit of deja vu here. I'm gonna have to check this out. I'm so excited about Job Hunters. The livestream was amazing and I'm sure it's going to be awesome.

Back To The Fuchsia said...

It's just cool that you blog at all, no matter when it is you that you do :) love your blog so much


Kate Atkinson said...

Totally understand, Kristina - we're used to you being crazy busy!

We'll still be here when things have calmed down a little. In the meantime, go for it!!!


Phyllis said...

When you hang out with your friends do you consider it some sort of entertainment? I mean entertainment in the way of a media kind? Probably not. I don't really think of youtubers as entertainers, but more as friends. People who I find interesting who I keep up with because enjoy hearing what they have to say. Obviously in many ways following someone on the internet is in no way a friendship. But there is something there that is not just wanting to be entertain, but simply relating to someone. Observing another human. I don't know.

kira902k said...

This is all great. :) I'm happy for you! And I am very very very excited to see how Job Hunters turns out. It'll be cool to have everything revealed to us.

I just typed out a whole story, but then i deleted it, cause I realized that i talk a little too much about myself in your comment sections. xD which just negates the whole point of comment sections. lolol.

anyhoodles. Good luck with Job Hunters and any other projects you are saying yes to! :D


Sabrina said...

This post reminded me of that movie "yes man".....

Also, good luck with job hunters!!! I can't wait to see the finished product! It must be sooo exciting for you!!!!

Kathy Schneider said...

Good luck with Job Hunters. I can't wait to see it! Do what you love :)

Alexis said...

You're such a Hufflepuff. :P

AmyK7 said...

I'm genuinely so happy for you, working on Job Hunters! Saying no to things, even to things you would like to be doing, is not a bad thing. It's definitely good to have balance and just do what really needs to be done sometimes. Oh, and I actually have really enjoyed your videos (from both channels) over the past month or so, so you shouldn't be concerned about needing to upload more often. (Quality over quantity anyway!) I can't wait til you do get to share more of Job Hunters with us, and I know that it will be great. :)

Zazeezoo said...

It will totally be worth it Kristina! I hope you get a little relaxation in the mix as well!

The Teacup Monster said...

I am super excited about Job Hunters and I know everyone else is too! I can understand where you're coming from with the whole "saying no" and "taking a step back" thing. I'm going to quote Ron Weasley, " That girl really needs to sort out her priorities."
When I feel like I have too much going on I think about something else, something I want to think about,. Like the Hunger Games movie and how I'm hoping it's not as awful as the Eragon movie or the Percy Jackson movie.