Monday, January 2, 2012

Hello, 2012.

Well, we're only 3 days into 2012, but the year has already been good to me.

To recap, 2011 ended in the best way possible - with countless parties. I had my 24th birthday party on Tuesday, which included a trip to Sky High, the warehouse full of trampolines and foam here in Seattle, plus an evening of dancing and drinking in footy pajamas back at my place.

Friday, Forest had another one of his famous "secret parties", which ended up being a complex version of Mafia involving camera feeds and robots and being trapped in the Matrix.

Saturday was the official New Year's Eve party at Tara and Alexander's apartment, with confetti, fondue, a hilarious drink menu and a wall with our tweets from the night being projected onto it. My favorite part of the evening was when six of us decided to go on an adventure to the sauna on the second floor, making ourselves stay there until someone from the party saw our rescue tweets on the wall -- at the same moment Freddie was apparently showing everyone something on YouTube so NOBODY was paying attention to the tweet wall. Our "HELP WE'RE TRAPPED IN THE SAUNA" tweets went unnoticed for who knows how long - we came back to the party later sweaty and feeling like we'd just gotten ourselves into some sort of horrible Jumanji type game, haha.

Ringing in 2012 was a sort of cleansing experience for me. Not only did I get to leave a lot of old baggage back in 2011, but it felt incredibly right to be celebrating the new year with these amazing people who've showed me over the past six months that Seattle really is my home. I am not going to deny that texting with some of my LA friends over the course of the night didn't feel good, though. I'm glad I can have the best of both worlds, still. I'm so fortunate to have friends all over the world. :)

2012 has been as such: Sunday Justin and I played WoW and watched the Twilight Zone marathon all day. I know I should have jumped right into my new list of responsibilities for 2012, but I really just felt like I deserved one more day of "holiday vacation", and what better way to spend it, really? Then on Monday, the day was completely Job Hunters. I met with Liz, Forest and Tara to work out some business stuff and set some dates for final casting, set building, etc. Then we went to this awesome meetup for people involved in the Seattle web series community, which was even better than we could have expected. Everyone is so welcoming and nice and fun - we really couldn't ask to be joining into a better group of people.

I have more work to do today (as with every day for the rest of my life, probably) so I am going to leave you with an incredibly nerdy conversation I had with Justin yesterday that made me laugh.

I cleaned up a lot of junk in my WoW character's bank. You know dreadnettle, light leather, horcruxes, the usual.
Me: How many horcruxes?
Justin: Well, my character has killed over 5000 people. But it's not my horcrux, I was just holding it for a friend.
Me: I was only checking to see how many more are still out there. Sounds like we have a lot of work to do.
Justin: I wish that were the case. If we had to destroy horcruxes, I would have my wand and be out the door in a heartbeat.
Justin: My issue is, I don't embody the archetypal literary hero because they must first refuse the call to adventure, but be thrust into it. I would jump into adventure at the drop of a hat.
Me: That just means something would go terribly, terribly wrong before you succeed... to aid plot conflict.
Justin: You mean like that part of the movie where everything is at its worst? Those parts make me sad.
Me: Yeah, that has to be your life though. Good story-telling requires it.
Justin: Thanks. :(

Then in deciding what to track this year at the bottom of my blog, I made the mistake of... asking for help.

Me: What should I track on my blog this year? Last year was flights.. the year before was Chipotle burritos.
Justin: hmm. burrito flights???
Me: Sigh. Why do I even ask you things.

Any suggestions for things to track this year? I was thinking of listing the book I'm currently reading, but it's not a particularly creative or exciting idea, plus it might be embarrassing if I get really busy and am reading the same book for months.. haha. Let me know your ideas in the comments, and also, tell me how you spent your first day of 2012!


DJ said...

I spent my first day watching the Twilight Zone marathon with my Mom and kids. It's a tradition we have every year when possible. It's relaxing, entertaining, and full of family.

And I think you should track how many unicorn conversations you have.

Shira A said...

I spent New Year's in the best way possible - with my friends. Happy New Year, Kristina! I'm glad to leave 2011 behind too.

Anonymous said...

Aw glad you had a good birthday and New Year. The sauna thing was hilarious. When you mentioned Forest, I had to really think about who he was because I've actually just started thinking of him as 'Forndog'. Maybe you should track something to do with MLP? Then you'd be really passionate about it xD I don't know, flights was a good one :/

Miss Sak said...

What about tracking parties? Or a specific kind such as the footie pajamas?

Kathy S said...

Maybe the number of YouTube videos you've posted.

Stefan said...

you should track the # of high fives you have given / received. what else could be more important? And easy to rack up a large number. Internet / Youtube / Skype high fives count.

Thanks for being one of my favorite entertainers, appletina!

Lauren said...

Maybe you should track the last thing you watched on TV, whether it be five minutes of a movie, a MLP episode, or a game show while at the dentist's :)

Jackie M said...

Maybe you can track the television series you are currently watching, and the episode you are on. Or how many conventions you've been to. Or how many times you've left the state. Or how tweets/texts you've sent. Hopefully this year keeps going well!

kteelee said...

You should track the number of ponies/unicorns people give you :P

I spent my first day taking my brother to the airport, bumming around the house, and playing board games with my parents.

ipwnu said...

Glad your New Year was fun! I spent mine with my family playing Taboo. Maybe you should track why today is awesome? Back to fiveawesomegirls you know? :D Hope you have a lovely week.

Curious George said...

You could track the last game you played maybe? Whether it's magic, WoW, or even a board game like quelf!

Sarah said...

If you don't want to track reading, would writing be better? Writing/editing, that is. Maybe the number of pages written and your favorite quote from them? I figure it's added motivation for getting a lot of writing work done? I started keeping track of my writing on my blog, and it really helps during the non-Nano months. I plan on cracking down on my writing this year, so it's something I'd be interested in seeing from you. =)

anna said...

At the end of all my blog posts I put a link to the last YouTube video I watched. It's a way to keep track of some of my favorite videos and I like sharing with others so maybe they can find new channels!

AmyK7 said...

Maybe you could track trips away from home? Or maybe just your 'favourite thing' at the moment. You always seem to have a new favourite thing. Haha. New Years was spent refreshing twitter and animal, I know. It was fine, though. 2012 is a whole new year, I'm looking forward to it all :).

KYO said...

I spent my first day of the year doing laundry and watching the first two Lord of the Rings movies back to back. So... exciting...

Izzy Hilliard said...

I spent New Year's with my family- it was brilliant and great!
I think the flights you've taken is still interesting AND relevant but I suppose you could track how many times you've said Harry Potter or WoW in that day.

Anonymous said...

Track how many times you say "Hellooo Youtube!"

I don't remember what I did New Year's day. But according to my browser history, I ordered books for next semester...

BTW-You asked in one of your videos how people 'discovered' you. Well, your Dread review for answerly showed up in the sidebars of a boring vid on RPGs, so I thought I'd give the girl who'd played Dread a shot.

Worth it.
I've spent far too much time going through your and Hayley G. Hoover's back catalogues on youtube.

You've actually got me thinking of trying NaNoWriMo next Fall.

Word Verification 'mullypha'. Seems right.

elig said...

Maybe you track how many new people you've met not at conventions (cause then you'd have no way to count accurately)? That might be fun.

The Teacup Monster said...

I spent the night of New Years day with my best friend. And you could count novels read, just an idea.

Litheran said...

I'd say you have two choices for stuff to keep score on. Either you could record something personal like dates; or something trivial but interesting Ala flights. The key is making sure you pick something you know will reliably happen over the course of the year.

kira902k said...

Ah those parties sound ridiculous and fun. I think I'm going to start a list of cool things to do at parties based on things you say on this blog. Hahah.

My New Years and my 2012 have been AMAZING so far. A bunch of my internet friends were here, in Montreal, for New Years Eve so we had a great party together (nothing fancy like twitter walls, but sing-alongs and games, for sure!).
And on the 2nd of January, I went off to NYC to meet up with most of the rest of my internet friends and see Darren on Broadway. It was seriously one of the best weeks of my life. :) This year is gonna be good.


Mary Clare said...

I really hope you read these comments because I discovered these adorable unicorn figurines and I immediately thought of you. I would send you one myself in fan mail but I'm super broke, so I'm just telling you. :) Enjoy! They are soo cute! I'm putting this in a youtube comment just in case.

Jackie Hall said...

I spent my first day of 2012 at the hospital. My dad was very ill and then passed on the 6th. Not such a great 2012 for me so far.

The Teacup Monster said...

Is there something wrong with my computer? I am serious. Sometimes things go wrong on this computer. In all the time I've been reading this blog Kristina has never gone more than a week without posting. I am not complaining, I'm seriously curious if I'm having computer troubles.