Monday, October 17, 2011

Pink pink pink.

Geez. How has it already been a week since I last blogged. Time sure flies when it's not BEDA.

So, yesterday I dyed my hair pink. It's funny because first I was going to dye it for my Pinkie Pie Costume. Then I found this awesome wig so I decided not to. Then I started wishing I could dye it anyway, just for fun, for a little while, to say I had. Manic Panic dye isn't supposed to last very long (a month tops) so, on a whim Saturday, I bought their regular pink dye and went for it.

Liz helped me do it, and after the whole process, my hair was BARELY tinged pink. There were a few streaks where it was obvious, but overall the dye hadn't really taken. I was bummed.

Sunday I went back and bought Manic Panic's "hot hot pink", which is a bit more fuchsia. I did it again, this time leaving the dye on longer as well.

Oh my god.

My hair is PINK. Like really pink. And I think it looks awesome, but a lot of people have started warning me (despite everyone else's complaints that Manic Panic fades super quickly) that it also can sometimes stain hair and leave a tinge... for a very long time.

Soooo... we'll see. I like it right now; I think it's fun, it'll make the videos I post during the pink dye stage a little more exciting looking, and everyone should play around with dyeing their hair at least once. But now I have my fingers crossed that it fades and washes out normally (like half the people out there say it does) instead of leaving me slightly pink for months and months (like the other half insist it does). I can't really afford to have pink hair THAT long due to other obligations in my life, but I'll sort it out as the time comes. I'm sure there are other options for getting it out if I need to.

Right now I am just going to enjoy it. :D

I thought I'd give an update on further World of Warcraft DJing. Last night I played a bit with Liz and Justin, and these are the songs that came up:

-While questing, and since Liz is kind of new to WoW, she kept asking us to clarify which quest we were on so she could make sure she was tracking it on her screen. One of the quests was called "Bear Necessities", so obviously I played the song of the same name from Jungle Book.

-Liz plays a hunter which has the ability to tame beasts to become her new companion. Justin was explaining to her how to do it, reminding her she needs to make sure to "tame it, not kill the beast". Naturally, on came "Kill the Beast!" from Beauty and the Beast.

-When we were back in Azure Watch (turning in completed quests), we discovered that Liz and I both have the problem of accepting new ones without actually reading what they are. Earlier Liz accepted one that turned her into a female blood elf (as a disguise) for some specific quest and me and Justin both made fun of her for looking silly for 15 minutes. Later, the joke was on me when we BOTH accidentally accepted the quest (again) but my character was turned into a male blood elf. Fittingly, I played Shania Twain's "Man, I Feel Like a Woman".

Flights taken: 24


Jessie said...

I've never really wanted to dye my hair. Or if I did, I've forgotten about it. I'm too afraid to dye it for fear that I won't get my precious ginger color back. It'll be fun to see your videos coming up with your newly pink colored hair!

Scumbag Sam said...

WoW Dj'ing... sounds like a good time to me! I think I'll try it - and I have a habit of accepting quests I know nothing about. I don't read I just hit OK. Well, what's a night elf to do when she's trying to level up?! :P

The Teacup Monster said...

I did the race for the cure on Saturday and I got a bright pink wig for free! I am going to get a pink streak in my hair, but I don't know if I could see myself dyeing all of my hair pink, I'll stick with a wig for now. I am not dyeing my hair for my costume cuz my hair needs to be platinum blonde for Luna Lovegood. I think the DJing is halarious, I'm going to start doing that with my ipod for just regular life. Thanks for the DJing inspiration!

Em said...

If necessary, color oops is magic.

Lex said...

I would love to see this pink hair.

kira902k said...

Haha. Ah, I wish I had the time (or rather the will to give up some of my time) for WoW. It sounds so fun.

And yeah, I guess you've heard it before, but I do know a few blonde people who died their hair bright red for a halloween costume with what was supposed to be semi-permanent dye, but then were stuck with reddish/strawberry hair. =S I hope that doesn't happen to you. But yeah, idk if you'll ever get the exact same natural highlights and stuff back.
But still, I think it's great that you dyed your hair. Like you said, everyone should do it once. I've been dying my hair crazy colours and/or ginger since grade 7. xD

owlinalarkworld said...

Colourful hair is a wonderful thing.
I recently did my tips blue. Have to wait till school is finished till I can redo it.
Enjoy the pinkness! Sounds great.

kittygurl212 said...

I liked that picture you tweeted with your hair. I dyed my hair purple once when I was sixteen, and it faded to pink and stayed for a really long time! Since then, I've been dying it black in college, and I plan to do it again fairly soon.

Good luck with your Pinky Pie costume! Fun Fun Fun Fun FUN!!!!

Alloquy said...

Any pink left over can easily be covered up with some foils that match your natural colour, don't worry about it. =]

Corinne Florentino said...

I dyed my hair back in july and I loved it! Although the box said temporary, it hasn't completely come all the way out. There is defiantly a line between my natural hair and my once dyed hair.However mine is barely noticeable because I didn't dye it that much different. I think your pink looks AWESOME. And you can always dye it back!

TonksftMemories said...

I once dyed my hair what was meant to be a temporary red which turned into a much-longer-than-expected pink.

It was pretty fun. My school didn't love it, but it was a dull, faded pink for the longest period of time which was fun without being way too noticeable.

Plus, it made cosplaying as Tonks easier, so that's always a plus :)

Hilary said...

I totally approve of dying your hair for fun. I've done that numerous times over the years (especially when I'm in need of a change), just never as a ridiculous shade as bright pink. I love it, every time.

Cath said...

Dailybooth a picture of the hair?
Can't wait to see it!
Also, love the idea of a pinkie pie costume. If we did Halloween here in Belgium, I'd also love to dress up as Pinkie but with the fake glasses and nose like in the Party Of One episode!

Mitzi said...

My natural hair colour is a little darker than yours, and when I used the fuschia Manic Panic, it did leave my hair salmon coloured for a few extra months. One way to fix this is to get a clarifying shampoo to use, or go to a salon and ask if they can clarify your hair. That is one surefire way to remove almost all the pink from your hair. After that, as it grows out, there will still be a tiny pink tint to where it had been dyed, but it won't be very noticeable at all.

Danielle said...

BAHAHA! You're WoW descriptions and Djing are so funny! It sounds so fun!!! Also, about your hair, if it stains, you can always dye it your natural color, or get highlights to cover it up! :)

Amy said...

A few months ago we dyed some strips of my 3 year old twin daughters hair purple. It was pretty fun and they loved it. Luckily it came out after not too long. Someday I'll do something fun like that! I'm looking forward to seeing it more in a video!

Pepe Cadena said...

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