Saturday, October 29, 2011

HALLOWEEN!! The best.

I am the happiest girl. :D

And that's saying something, because I have a headache on top of being sick. But last night was our infamous Halloween party and it didn't disappoint. A bunch of people came over earlier to help set up, but as usual (and as it should be) the boys ended up setting up while the girls got into our My Little Pony costumes. I know we already did this at BlizzCon, but it was really fun to have another group of ponies together, this time including Twilight Sparkle, Big Macintosh and Apple Bloom (as well as our Pinkie Pie, Spike and Apple Jack).

Oh, speaking of Apple Jack - Ariana SURPRISED US AND SHOWED UP AT OUR PARTY. So, a few weeks ago we made the Facebook invite for the party and added Ariana on principle since she was a large part of last year's epic Mammoth Caves party. She obviously lives in LA now but we gave her a lot of crap about making a trip up for it; we spent a good week or two collectively trying to peer pressure her into doing it. She brushed us off and eventually we gave up trying (it is a long way to travel for a party I guess).

But then last night (man the timing was perfect) Liz and Eia and I headed out to the store to buy some more party snacks and drink mixers and in the mean time, Ariana showed up at our house (sufficiently surprising Justin). Then when we got back, I had a nose blowing emergency and ran upstairs, leaving Eia and Liz to have their own discovering-of-Ariana experience. The funniest part is, before coming back downstairs, I had tweeted "Mammoth Caves Halloween Party COMMENCE!"

I walked in the living room and took in all the awesome lights and decorations (the boys did a great job), then wandered into the dining room where everyone else was standing. I saw the boys finishing up with the table cloths and then I saw all the girls huddled in the corner and then I did this sort of double take because even though after BlizzCon I am pretty used to seeing Ariana in her Apple Jack costume, I suddenly realized she was IN MY DINING ROOM and not in LA where I thought she was and I definitely let out an expletive or two when I put it all together. Her mom's birthday was also this week, so it made the trip easy for her to justify taking. I was so happy. I can't believe she kept that a secret from all of us. Incredible.

There was lots of hugging and jumping around and incredulous-ness and then it was a REAL Mammoth Caves Party. The whole night was so fun and perfect. Our old roommate Tyler who moved to San Francisco whom we all adored happened to be in town as well so he came to the party too, which was just the icing on the cake. We had so many great people there, and good music to dance to and jello in the shape of a brain to eat and spoons to balance on our noses... every ache and pain in my head and sinus region is totally worth it because last night was so great.

Halloween is already my favorite holiday, but when you're surrounded by that many amazing friends (and my little brother came too!) it just makes you realized what a great place you're at in life. I'm really glad I have managed to find the best of both worlds -- good friends and amazing times here at home, and indescribable and life-changing experiences and people all over the world.

I'm kind of partied out though, even though it's only the 29th. The rest of my Halloween weekend might consist of watching movies like Halloweentown and Hocus Pocus on my couch.

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kira902k said...

Ahh! :) You have to stop blogging about your parties - you're making it one of my life's goals to party with you now. Ahahaa. It sounds like it was so much fun.
Your costumes were adorable and ridiculous. You guys are five years old. xD <3

but thank you for this post, cause im about to leave my houes to go to the montreal Rocky Horror Picture Show event thing downtown, but I was really not in the mood - im kind of partied out from last night too. But now you got me all excited, jsut be reading about the fun you had. :)

you should go trick or treating monday. yes yes.

Danielle said...

Haha, that last part sounds like me! Watching movies at home! I'm not a big partier. And plus now that i'm in college, I don't really have close friends here and no one in my suite is a partier (im not either) so it doesn't matter I guess!

Shy Girl said...

I just watched Hallowwentown for the first time ever! Also, sinc I started college I'm don't really have anyone to hang out with since I'm not much of a partier (at least not college type parties). I wish I could have been at your party since I love Fluttershy and totally would have been her! Plus since you watch MLP now, have you ever thought of going back and watching the old shows from like the 80's?

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BlogMaster said...

Hi Kristina, I hope your NaNoWriMo is going great and you once again emerge triumphant!

I just wanted say thank you for the answers you gave me a month ago and wanted to let you know that the blog post is now up if you have the need to read it through.

Keep being you and don't let you inner critic or slacker hinder your progress, like I allowed to happen.

Hannah said...

I hope your novel is going well!

Anonymous said...

What about rainbow dash???

Ariana said...


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