Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Sad day, but cat is funny.

I hadn't actually planned on blogging today, but I had to share this with you. I am really not one to reblog stuff, or especially to just lose it over an animated .gif, but I had this conversation at work today:

Coral (my assistant manager whom I adore and have worked with for the last 3 years, and whose last day is today): "Do you ever read the recommended items on Google reader?"
Me: "Nope. Are they any good?"
Coral: "Sometimes. But then sometimes you get this. 'The 12 funniest animated cat .gifs'. Ugh."
Me: "Let me see that."

And we proceed to roll our eyes and scoff at 11 really stupid animated .gifs.... until I see THIS one:

Hahhah. I'm sorry, but I could watch this ALL DAY.

He's just lying there and taking it. xD That is the most apathetic cat I have ever seen.

In other news, I am really sad about Coral leaving. She's been about 75% of the reason why I (usually) love my job, and looking back over the last 3 years, I'm starting to get a little sentimental thinking that we're not going to get to do that dumb stuff at work anymore. From that time we were so slow at work that we watched full episodes of Pushing Daisies for two weeks, to the time we covered every blank surface in the box office with green floral contact paper, to all the stupid pranks we played on other coworkers, to the time she and our other manager Jenn took me out for drinks after work because I was finally 21... I'm just going to really miss that stuff. I HATE CHANGE.

In the spirit of all of this, I am writing this at work. xD

EDIT: I had to share this. Someone in the comments told me that the cat .gif above was recently featured on Digg, and the title of the post said "Cat Gets Run Over By Car - GRAPHIC! Not for the squeamish."

.. I honestly didn't think that .gif could get any funnier, but it totally just did.

Chipotle burritos: 5


Paloma said...

Hahaha xD

I reckon you should rethink the "I hate change" thing. Somehow, all the changes in your life have brought you were you are right now, no matter how hard they may have seemed at the moment. Cheer up!

I hope that you and Coral keep in touch, you seem to be really good friends! Especially because of the pranks. <3

Paloma said...


Michaela said...

That cat is pretty big, lol. I know how sad it can be to lose a co-worker/friend. But like Paloma said above me, hopefully you guys will be able to keep in touch. Glad things are going well for you!

Rebekah said...

Oh my gosh, Kristina. Please like this gif:


Emily said...

Change sucks. :[ I'm sorry you have to go through this.

That cat, on the other hand, is hilarious.

Julia said...

HAHAHA! That cat thing is awesome. I opened up your blog while I was video chatting my friend on skype and we were laughing together. But instead of reading what you wrote right away I just watched the gif over and over. I told my friend "he's just lying there and taking it" and then when I read what you wrote, it felt like you were reading my mind. Only you obviously wrote that first...

Sorry about losing your coworker :( At least you have some really awesome memories from when you did get to work with her!

Sammich said...

HAHA, I saw that the gif other day and felt the EXACT same way about it! For some reason I found it so hilarious... especially because on Digg it was titled as "Cat Gets Run Over By Car - GRAPHIC! Not for the squeamish."

mjkv said...

What kind of camera you using roght now, and do you use sonny vegas for pro or regular version ?

Katie said...

LMAO that is amazing! Sorry I can't sympathize with you losing your co-worker but I must go back to watching the lazy kitty.


Emily said...

I agree. Quite possibly one of the more humorous cat .gif's that I have seen in a while.

In other news, I am incredibly jealous of your job. It sounds like a blast! I'm sorry that you're losing your coworker, but I'm sure you will still find ways to have fun and enjoy your work with your other coworkers. =]

Christina said...

I know what you mean. My boss keeps talking about looking for another job and I don't want to see her go. The cat thing was so hilarious. I have never seen a cat just sit there and take something like that.

KaleidoscopeEyes said...

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Anonymous said...

Although it sucks that person is leaving, don't look at the change as a bad thing. Be happy for her and now she can pass the torch. Make everyone working there glad that you are there and bring the happy that she did for you!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

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