Friday, January 22, 2010

My new (creeper) friend Sirak.

Okay. The funniest thing happened to me.

So in high school, I had this friend named Brady, and he and I shared a birthday. Every year on December 27th we'd send each other dorky text messages saying "It's our birthday!" and whatnot, and it was just a thing we did. But since I graduated, he and I haven't really kept in contact and therefor, the birthday texts stopped.

Except this year! This last December when I was down in LA, I was looking at my phone and I decided to send Brady a birthday text, even though it had been years since we'd even spoken. He responded kind of strangely, but I assumed he'd just lost my number and was surprised I was texting him.

Me: Happy birthday Brady! Hope you're doing something awesome!
Brady: who r u?
Me: It's Kristina! It's our birthday!
Brady: o. where r u?
Me: I'm in LA visiting my boyfriend.
Brady: have a nice birthday. how long u there?
Me: A week or so.
Brady: where do u live?
Me: I only moved to Seattle? Not too far from you.
Brady: o. we should hang out.
Me: Uh, maybe!

And then he just KEPT texting me. I had no idea why he suddenly wanted to hang out after not talking for three years, and I was pretty sure he knew where I lived since he works with Eia sometimes.. it was just weird. And then he texted me a few more times in the next two weeks, and I started to get so annoyed with him, that I just stopped replying. Until today.

Brady: I don't want u to hate me.
Me: I don't get it. Why would I hate you?
Brady: I have 2 tell u sumthin but I am afraid u'll be mad @ me.
Me: ??
Brady: I am not who u think I am. My name is Sirak & the first time u txt me, u wished me a happy birthday, & it was your birthday 2.
Brady: u were so nice, I didn't want 2 ruin ur birthday so I played along. i'm sorry.
Brady: Sorry, I feel so bad tellin u this, Kristy.

Needless to say, I didn't reply to him anymore at this point. But I am not really mad or creeped out - I think it's hilarious! Some guy didn't want to ruin my birthday so he pretended to be my friend for me. Hahahhaa. The fact that he kept pretending to be my friend for nearly a month afterwards is a little weirdtastic, but I can't really fault him for that either. I didn't reply very much, or tell him anything personal. And he came clean eventually. xD

So I dunno. Creepy, or kind of nice?
Probably just creepy. But still really, really funny. Oh Sirak. You probably don't have any friends. Poor guy, thought some girl who just magically appeared in his phone was going to be his new best friend or something.

Anyway, that was definitely among the most bizarre things that have ever happened to me. I got all those texts while I was with my family at Applebee's tonight for my brother's birthday, and I was reading them the messages as I was getting them. We were all cracking up.

That's my brother with all the Pokémon themed balloons I got him! I also got him a copy of Paper Towns (with the more boy-friendly cover) and this threadless shirt.

Now I am going to watch a movie with roomate!Justin because we're lame and spend many a Friday night on our living room couch.

Chipotle burritos: 2


to_thine_own_self said...

Aww...that's cute in a hilariously creepy way.

P.S. I like the necklace you're wearing in that picture with your brother =]

jrg1990 said...

Except for that being the creepiest thing I think I've ever heard, it is also one of the sweetest. Not wanting to spoil your birthday was so nice of him! Given AFTER your birthday he should really have stopped... but like you say: you can't really fault him because ultimately YOU made the first contact.

i ALMOST want to say poor Sirak...and yet I know he's a weird creeper dude. So...

Emily said...

Bahaha, that's amazing. Super hilarious and also kind of creepy. But in a nice way. Hahaha.

Cat said...

hahaha! cute that he didn't want to ruin your bday, but weird that he kept messaging after that. overall, hilarious.

Elizabeth... said...

Until this year I've never known anyone with our Birthday. This year I found out that you were born on Dec 27th and so are two other girls in my Art class at Uni. This is an odd turn of events but amazing too. That guy sounds nice, if a bit odd. The t-shirt you got your brother? Genius!

Marsha R said...

Oh my god, the EXACT SAME THING happened to me! Well, kinda. I went to visit some friends in Banff and one of my friends Anthony gave me his number, but I messed up the sequence and ended up texting this random guy for an entire week and he texted me back all the time. Then one day he said that he got arrested for public nudity... And I was still stupid enough to think it was anthony.

Eventually, Anthony was at a bar WITH me and then I got a text from "anthony" so the jig was up. I laughed so hard.

Kristina said...

"I am not who you think I am," sounds much weirder than it actually is. Oh, Sirak. :D

appletrain said...

hahahahahaha his excuse is hilarious but the monthlong texting was definitely creepy. i really like that cover of paper towns, i wish it had been the original. threadless ftw and ps you're adorable!

partyweetow said...

If he had tried to get together with you, then I think he'd qualify as creepy. Since he didn't, though, I don't think it's too creepy. Though it did go on for like a month after... Okay, maybe he's kinda creepy.

When I changed my phone number a few years ago, I would get a lot of calls for someone named Danny, who I assumed was the person who had the number before me. A couple months ago, my phone rang, a guy asked for Danny, I said this isn't his number anymore, and so the guy started talking to me. Like, asking me how old I am, where I live, what I'm doing tonight, etc. and then asked if I wanted to meet up with him. :\ THAT guy, he's definitely creepy.

Ariel said...

I don't even know what to make of Sirak. Like, it might have been nice at first, but the fact that he continued it is just a bit weird.

Sirak is a cool name, though. Wouldn't be a bad one to sneak into a NaNoWriMo novel.

LadySidi said...

Wow... Cutely creepy! XD

Bice picture, :)

Anonymous said...

Woah. So sweet yet kinda creepy? Haha - that made me laugh out loud and startle the kids I am baby sitting =D <3

Ravenclaw2313 said...

I still can't decide if it's sweet or creepy. I like that he didn't want to ruin your birthday but it was a bit creepy later. Glad life is going well.

kira902k said...

Haha that is hilarious and terrifying. I am amused. :)


Anonymous said...


i must say that i love the fact that you use proper english and grammar when texting even when the people you're texting aren't :D

Katzie said...

Poor guy. I feel sorry for him. And you, I mean, it's got to be a bit sad to find out you weren't reaching who you thought you'd reach.

Denise said...

lol. awww.

apples_and_pancakes said...

It seems as though only one other commenter thinks the "I didn't want to ruin your birthday" thing is an excuse and a really bad one. Maybe he just wrote that in case you were going to reply with "well, why the hell did you text me back, you freak?" Now you know that he only replied for your benefit.

Katie said...

Hah, I get texts from strangers way too often. Usually they seem like they're from middle schoolers...bad grammar, spelling, made up abbreviations, etc. When I'm bored I humor them and respond back

Katie said...

...continued...I don't know why I hit post.

I humor them if I'm bored and ignore them if I'm just not in the mood. It can be for a fun time though if you play along right!

Jaime said...

That's pretty freaking hilarious.

Anonymous said...

That's... kind of creepy, and kind of awesome. I love Sirak.

ItsOnlyMe said...

awhhh thats sweet, but a bit weird he kept pretending for ages!

dom said...

i just wanted you to know, that on this horrible day i am having, i decided to read up on your blog, and i literally was laughing so hard at this story for soo long!thank you for making me laugh during my awful mood :)