Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Kristina Finklestein.

So I got my new phone (The HTC Hero with Google), and I have been playing around with it a lot. It is sooooo, so much better than the Samsung Rant I had before. I met the girl who I was getting the phone from (Kaylee) and her boyfriend Andy up at the mall near my house and had a lot of fun with them! It's always nice to meet someone who watches my videos and to find out they're totally normal cool people. Not that I think any of you are weirdos, but I think you know what I mean. We had Chipotle, we chatted, and then we walked all around looking for a Sprint store, but all the mall had was a Sprint kiosk with a really weird guy working who thought he was super cool when he actually was kind of an idiot. We had a laugh over that.

Anyway, it's all set up, I love it for the most part, and the new phone led to some hilarious anecdotes with my mother (who says I don't mention her in my blog enough, so here Mom, this entry is for you!).

My Mom called me last night and informed me that since she still pays my phone bill (I am so grateful of this) it is REQUIRED that I call and text her frequently. We'd never really texted each other before in my life, so this was a whole new concept for me. Text messaging my mother. Weird.

I turned on my phone and went to send her a message, and realized I needed to probably tone down the internet-lingo a little (due to the time I used a ":D" on my mom's facebook profile and she sent back a message asking me what "colon D" meant. Haha).

So I sent her this message:

"Oh my god, it's a text message from your daughter!"

To which I got a reply a few minutes later that said:

"It's OMG, honey, but thank you. LOVE MOM."

I couldn't stop laughing so I decided to test her a littler further. I replied with:


She passed, again! Her reply was:

"It's not that funny. And get off the floor."

And then she replied again:

"I'm OK at texting! I do it all the time with my BFFLS."

Oh man. I guess my mom's a tech wizard now, or something.

Yesterday at work it was a pretty slow Tuesday, and for the last few hours it was just my manager and I working. The phone literally didn't ring for about an hour, so she and I discussed "The End of Time" parts 1 + 2 extensively. Pretty hard to have any complaints about your job when you get paid to sit and talk about Doctor Who.

A few days ago at work I was running Will Call before the show, and one of the patrons had the last name "Finklestein". I told my manager that I thought it was the most fantastic name I'd ever heard. She looked at me skeptically and said "You say that, but would you really want to be Kristina Finklestein?"

I paused, thinking about it very seriously. Finally I said "yes".

I could totally rock "Kristina Finklestein"! I mean, is that really much worse than "Horner"? At least "Finklestein" is funny. "Horner" is just awkward and I've been working it for 22 years now.

Unfortunately, I was born with "Horner", and Luke probably wouldn't like it if I started calling all the male Finklesteins in the phone book, so I seem to have missed my opportunity with this. I guess I'll just have to name a character in one of my novels "_____ Finklestein". Maybe NaNoWriMo 2010.

In OTHER news, I have a lot of errands to run today, so I suppose this entry will end now.

Off to my human sexuality class!

Edit: I'm counting Chipotle burritos this year too! I need to know!

Chipotle burritos: 2


Emily said...

Ohhhh Finklestein. What a good name! There's a boy at my school with the last name... wait for it...


Just say it out loud and tell me that you don't laugh (:

Katie said...

I have a friend who's last name is "Finkenaur," how does that compare? I can't ever say just her first name when I talk to or about her. :P

My boyfriend wants to get the HTC Hero soon so it's good to hear you think highly of it! I have Verizon though and am in love with the Samsung Rogue...trying to work my dad to give it to me for my birthday. It's nothing compared to Sprint's super high tech smartphones, but the Rogue holds its own against Verizon's messaging phones.

Also, my mom and dad never fail to surprise me with their knowledge of current lingo in their text messages. It's hilarious!

Anonymous said...

This kind of sound like a German name.
We have all kind of Estonian names like: Tamm, Sooäär, Heinamaa... and so on.

My mom always text's to me. She does'nt know how to yous smile's. :D
But I like getting text messages from her.

ImJustDevin said...

Funny. Unlike all these other blog commenters, I know no one with a strange last name. ):

to_thine_own_self said...

Aww. Your mother/daughter texting convo was cute =]

Katzie said...

Your mum is so much better than mine (and me, really) at texting and internet language. I almost always use correct spellings and stuff... Or inside jokes only a selected number of people understand and even less think are actually funny.
Finklestein, isn't that a guy in the Nightmare before Christmas?

Mush said...

I have a Hero but its in the shop cos the external speaker stopped working. I'm using a samsung tocco in the meantime and it makes me sad. I want my Hero back, with its awesome Twitter app and chess and checkers and its lovely smooth touch screen and its cute little android fella that turns up instead of a smiley face when I type :-)

seurat2 said...

i met Bernie Finklestein once, he is/was a big name in the business end of Canadian pop and folk music. I'm glad the phone is cool, and that the people who had it before are awesome.

KatOfDiamonds said...

I have known a Finklestein family since grade school ... I know I rock! ;o)

partyweetow said...

When my sister and I were teaching our mom how to save pictures onto her hard drive, I said, "You can either right click and press 'save file as' or else open the folder you want to save it to and drag and drop it there." She goes, "What's a dragon drop?" Haha. Oh mothers. ^_^

CRUNKRacoon said...

I've been trying to teach my mother to text for MONTHS now, and she still doesn't understand. *sigh*
Wanna hear a proper awkward surname? Hernandez. Try going around with a surname that just screams I'M TOTALLY A HISPANIC/LATINO AND I EAT TAMALES FOR LUNCH!
You know, which is TRUE, but that's besides the point....

alimarie_11 said...

thats so cute about your mom texting, and you could definitely work Finklestein..!

Emily said...

Hahaha, your mom is so cool. I'll bet she has tons of fun with her BFFLS! :P
Finklestein is definitely pretty much the best name ever. Seriously a missed opportunity there.

Kathy said...

You are seriously one of my favorite people on the internet, you always make me smile!
And my school has an abundance of weird last "Cusionberry."
No joke.

Kate Weber said...

Haha. Texting parents for the first time is great. I remember the first time my mom said LOL. I about died of laughter.

Edwin Lewis said...

aha, my last name like grandfathers grandfathers last name was finkelstein when he moved from Russia to Britain, but then they changed it to Lewis (:

LadySidi said...

lol Your Mom sounds awesome! :D

DoomAngelKitty said...

You'r mother is awesome as. I laughed the fact that she came up with witty answers. -smiles-

I wish I get a better phone. Mine is just whacked. For example, this morning I wanted to check the time when I woke up. I tried on pressing the button to put the back light of the front screen (I have a flip phone), it didn't work. So I had to take the battery out (when I flipped my phone, it was "turned off") and put it back it. It was so annoying. I had this phone for five years now. -sigh- Another 5 months till I get a new one.

Deanna said...

Your mom sounds awesome.

I've been texting my mom for a while and I still have to spell everything out.

gaby said...

I caught my mom watching a whatthebuck video the other day, it was quite surreal, she still had a hard time turning the computer on just a while ago.

and recently she started sending emails but she still thinks it's like messenger or something because she only sends mails that say "hello" or "are you there?" bless her.

BTW the coolest name I've ever heard is Fyfe Dangerfield. :D

marchhatter said...

I tottally lol'd at the get off the floor text

Word Verification: cihust

I believe it would be a verb for hustling and puffing as your run to save someone.
"I was cihusting as I tried to save my life partner from the crazy christian fundamentalists."

appletrain said...

bahaha it's the funniest texting my parents because my mom likes to use excessive U's and chatspeak like that.. "R U coming home now" no nonsense like. and my dad texts from his blackberry in chatspeak and mission impossible messages.. things like "I am @ Oxford Ed St, will take bus, shall we meet XY Beep 4 a bite? I need coffee :)" which means he's at oxford RD station, and somehow, cafe nero turned into XY beep? sure, why not. usually he doesn't use punctuation either, you should see the texts about flight details XD

nwtinman said...

Hey T, I have a name for you, he is ***** ShOepiSser, now thats a good last name. Kristina Shoepisser!

giascreen said...

Hi, I know this has nothing to do with your blog post but I just wanted to thank you, because all your videos really make excited to start college next year, I hope I have half as much fun and become half as smart as you are.

Another State of Mind said...

reading the conversation you had with your mom over text made me laugh :)

I thought I would let you know that I adore you and Luke's band ALL CAPS and I actually reviewed it on my blog (my blog is all about good music).

Paloma said...

I know someone called Buenrostro (goodface) and she is grunting all the time lol.

My mom's cell is so old you can't distinguish the numbers and letters anymore. So... XD

♥mousey♥ said...

I like your blog, it is interesting, take a look at mine if you want and maybe return my gesture and follow my blog??
I'm writting a story so that is pretty much what it is for...that would be nice, thanks!

Dom said...

My mum thought lol meant 'lots of love'... I felt pretty bad.

tiffinniebites said...

Finklestein is the doctor from Nightmare Before Christmas....