Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Things I do instead of blogging.

As usual, I've fallen back into being terrible about blogging. Though, to be fair, I have been focusing my efforts on similar and equally advantageous hobbies.

Things I've been doing instead of blogging:

1. Being photo crazy. I was so inspired by the 2010 photo album I made a few months ago that I went on this rampage where I organized all of my pictures from the last 3 years and picked out the best ones from 2009, 2008 and 2007. Working backwards, I have already made a photo album for 2009 and 2008 is all ready to be put together.
I can't feel too guilty about spending my time on this rather than blogging, because it's the same sort of memory-saving activity, not to mention one I'll really appreciate in the future.

2. Learning to use my Canon 60D. I've had this puppy sitting in my room for a while now, but I hadn't really had much of a chance to take it out and really get my feet wet with it. There is so much to learn, switching from a Sony HandyCam to a DSLR camera. Finally I made plans with my friend Justin (who's a total camera nut and going to school for photography) to go to our local Seattle Zoo where he could teach me some basic functions of the camera while taking pictures of the adorable animals. It was a total blast.

I still have a long, long way to go until I'll consider myself a "pro" at this camera, but I'm very excited to keep honing my skills. Especially with video, though I enjoyed using it for pictures as well.

3. Catching up on TV shows. I'm now officially caught up to live TV with "The Big Bang Theory" and I'm almost finished with "Glee". Just have the season finale left. Also, I finally took the advice of what felt like EVERYBODY ON THE INTERNET and started watching the new "My Little Pony" series called "Friendship is Magic". I'm only 10 episodes in, but I can't believe how entertaining it is. It reminds me a lot of the "Powerpuff Girls", and even though it's sort of wrapped in a pink frilly bow (which deters a lot of people, I understand), it's such a smart show. I like it a lot.

To be honest, that's kind of the majority of how I've spent my last week or two. It's been so nice just being home for a change; I wasn't in any rush to fill up my schedule with plans. This weekend I am going camping with my family though (just for one night) -- because then, I have to hurry home for my friends Tara and Alexander's wedding! I am so excited about it! We've ALL been looking forward to this event for so long, it's really hard to believe it's already here.

While it's on my mind, I wanted to thank you guys for the sweet comments you left on my Buffy video. It was so exciting to finally post it, and I definitely saw more than a few comments from people saying they were blog readers who'd been hearing about the video for ages. You guys are always so supportive, and it means a ton to me. I know I allude to this all the time, but you're definitely my favorite fans. Don't tell everyone else. ;)

Well, time for the season finale of Glee. I think I'm gonna munch on these Triscuit Thin Crisps and Japanese candy and call it a day, blogging-wise.

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owlinalarkworld said...

Ahhh, the Glee finale.
I am certainly excited.
But I think I spoiled it for myself, since I live in NZ and was a little too curious on the internet :(
I thought the filming of the video was great. As I am not a member of the Buffy cult I didn't completely understand the words. :)

Rex said...

The video was quite amazing!
Personally I perfer to use a film camera, although admittedly I've never used anything other than my digital and my dad's old 35 mm, I love the sounds and feel of the traditional camera.

Kathy S said...

Don't feel bad about doing things other than just gives you more things to blog about!

Molly said...
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Molly said...


Aly said...

Yay! You're back on the blogsphere! :) Have fun camping! And I've kinda listened to your buffy song a million times by now xD

nicolexoxo said...

she said it here, guys!!! we're her favorite fans!! i'm putting this on record, can't take it back!!!

Victoria said...

i love all your blogs. :)you're quite talented, Kristina! your videos and your music. you're just (as the NerdFighters would say) AWESOME! God bless you!

Amy said...

Great job on the Buffy video! Glad to have you back blogging- I understand how it can get put on the back burner very easily. Have fun camping!

Chris said...

I just discovered the Big Bang Theory via a friend referral (I know, I'm out of the loop). It is SO GOOD!

P.S. I really like your blog. You're a really relatable person. :D

kira902k said...

I find it so hilariously amusing that you legitimately like My Little Pony. I would understand if it was like a funny joke on tour or something, but you're actually spending the time to watch the show now. You're so WEIRD.

and the bat picture is kiiind of epic. I want a DSLR so badly. ahh.

Lauren said...

Less frequent posts are always so jam-packed with awesomeness that I forgive you automatically :P
I love love loved the Buffy video and all the behind the scenes clips.

jon said...

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Eve S. D'ropper said...

Procrastinators Unite! ...tomorrow. Never do today that which you can put off until tomorrow. ;) You're awesome whether you're blogging or doing any of these other awesome things! Rock it, Kristina! :D

~Eve S. D'ropper (p.s. contest at my blog! multiple chocolate prizes! check it out!

Mufa said...

I've been starting to feel old lately too. Just a couple months ago I was in the bathroom at a restaurant. There were two girls, I would say about 10 years old, looking at themselves in the huge mirror.
I noticed right away one little girl was wearing a Care Bear T-shirt from the show that aired in the 1908s. I loved that show as a kid, and just kind of marveled at how the younger kids like it too.
One girl said to the other, "I really like your shirt, where did you get it?"
"Hot Topic," the other girl replied, "you know the store that sells all the vintage stuff."
I was shocked. My childhood heros, yes Rainbow Brite among them, are vintage now.
I'm 30, and I'm vintage....